Throughout this site, you will see linked episode numbers (#12). They will bring you back here, to that particular episode. This gives you the title, with a quick description to remind you of which episode is being discussed. Titles with "SCRIPT" after them will bring you to a comparison of that episode's script versus its aired version.

Season:  One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight


First Season

1.   I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha      SCRIPT

         Darrin and Samantha meet and get married.

2.   Be It Ever So Mortgaged

         The newlyweds go house hunting.

3.   Mother Meets What’s-His-Name

         Darrin meets Endora.

4.   It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog

         Samantha turns a client into a dog.

5.   Help, Help, Don’t Save Me

         Darrin thinks Samantha uses witchcraft to help him.

6.   Little Pitchers Have Big Fears      SCRIPT

         Samantha helps a boy overcome an overprotective mother.

7.   The Witches Are Out

         Samantha teaches a client about witches.

8.   The Girl Reporter

         A teen age reporter flips over Darrin.

9.   Witch or Wife      SCRIPT

         Endora and Samantha are off to Paris.

10.   Just One Happy Family      SCRIPT

         Darrin meets Samantha's father, Maurice.

11.   It Takes One to Know One      SCRIPT

         Endora tests Darrin's fidelity.

12.   …And Something Makes Three

         Larry thinks it is Samantha, not Louise, who is pregnant.

13.   Love Is Blind      SCRIPT

         Samantha plays matchmaker for Kermit and Gertrude.

14.   Samantha Meets the Folks

         Darrin's parents come to visit for the first time.

15.   A Vision of Sugar Plums

         Samantha teaches an orphan the real meaning of Christmas.

16.   It’s Magic      SCRIPT

         Samantha finds an entertainer for the hospital benefit.

17.   A Is For Aardvark      ProtoSCRIPT      SCRIPT

         Darrin has a taste of being able to do magic.

18.   The Cat’s Meow      SCRIPT

         The head of a cosmetics firm pursues Darrin, but he's chasing her cat because he thinks it is Samantha.

19.   A Nice Dinner Party      SCRIPT

         Endora meets Frank and Phyllis Stephens, and Phyllis gets a sick headache when she fears her marriage is over.

20.   Your Witch Is Showing      SCRIPT

         Samantha deals with Darrin's aggressive new assistant.

21.   Ling Ling      SCRIPT

         Samantha provides a model for an ad campaign.

22.   Eye of the Beholder      SCRIPT

         Darrin wonders just how old Samantha really is.

23.   Red Light, Green Light      SCRIPT

         Samantha helps to get a new stop light for Morning Glory Circle.

24.   Which Witch Is Which?      SCRIPT

         Endora impersonates Samantha and dates Darrin's friend.

25.   Pleasure O’Reilly

         The Stephens' have a new neighbor, Pleasure O'Reilly.

26.   Driving Is the Only Way To Fly      SCRIPT

         Samantha takes driving lessons.

27.   There’s No Witch Like an Old Witch

         Aunt Clara suffers from power failure and becomes a baby sitter.

28.   Open the Door Witchcraft      SCRIPT

         The Stephens' get an electric garage door opener and it causes conflict.

29.   Abner Kadabra

         Gladys believes that she is the one with magical powers after she catches Samantha using witchcraft.

30.   George, the Warlock      SCRIPT

         Endora enlists warlock George to break up Samantha's marriage.

31.   That Was My Wife

         The Tates suspect Darrin is having an affair when Samantha sports a dark wig.

32.   Illegal Separation

         Samantha reunites the Kravitzes after they have a fight.

33.   A Change of Face      SCRIPT

         Endora and Samantha redo Darrin's face while he sleeps.

34.   Remember the Main      SCRIPT

         Samantha and Darrin get involved in a political campaign.

35.   Eat at Mario’s      SCRIPT

         Endora and Samantha make their favorite restaurant a success.

36.   Cousin Edgar      SCRIPT

         Cousin Edgar makes life miserable for Darrin.



Second Season

37.   Alias Darrin Stephens      SCRIPT

         Aunt Clara turns Darrin into a chimp. Samantha learns she is pregnant.

38.   A Very Special Delivery      SCRIPT

         Endora gives Darrin the symptoms of pregnancy.

39.   We’re In for a Bad Spell      SCRIPT

         Darrin's pal Adam Newlarkin has inherited an ancient curse.

40.   My Grandson, The Warlock      SCRIPT

         Maurice makes off with the Tate's baby thinking it is his grandson.

41.   The Joker is a Card      SCRIPT

         Uncle Arthur cons Darrin into thinking he can do magic.

42.   Take Two Aspirin and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk

         Samantha gets the rare, square green spot disease from a black Peruvian rose.

43.   Trick-or-Treat      SCRIPT

         Endora gets mad at Darrin and turns him into a werewolf.

44.   The Very Informal Dress      SCRIPT

         Aunt Clara conjures up new clothes for Darrin and Samantha.

45.   ...And Then I Wrote      SCRIPT

         Samantha writes a play about the Civil War.

46.   Junior Executive      SCRIPT

         Endora turns Darrin into a ten-year old boy.

47.   Aunt Clara’s Old Flame      SCRIPT

         Aunt Clara's old boyfriend, Hedley, whose powers are also gone, pays a visit.

48.   A Strange Little Visitor

         Samantha baby sits for a young warlock, Merle.

49.   My Boss the Teddy Bear      SCRIPT

         Darrin thinks Endora has changed Larry into a teddy bear.

50.   Speak the Truth      SCRIPT

         Endora gives Darrin a "truth" statue as a gift.

51.   A Vision of Sugar Plums

         A remake of # 15.

52.   The Magic Cabin      ProtoSCRIPT

         Samantha fixes up Larry's old cabin before Larry sells it to a young couple.

53.   Maid to Order      SCRIPT

         Samantha has a new maid, the bumbling Naomi.

54.   And Then There Were Three      SCRIPT

         Tabitha is born.

55.   My Baby the Tycoon

         The Kravitzes give Tabitha stock, which suddenly increases in value.

56.   Samantha Meets the Folks

         A remake of # 14.

57.   Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue

         Samantha, protecting Darrin, makes him deck the contender, then the champ.

58.   The Dancing Bear      SCRIPT

         Darrin's parents bring Tabitha a toy bear, identical to one Endora brought.

59.   Double Tate      SCRIPT

         Endora gives Darrin three wishes.

60.   Samantha, the Dressmaker      SCRIPT

         Samantha makes a dress for a party.

61.   The Horse’s Mouth

         Samantha changes an escaped horse into a person.

62.   Baby’s First Paragraph      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Tabitha talk in front of Gladys.

63.   The Leprechaun

         Samantha assists a leprechaun in getting back his pot of gold.

64.   Double Split      SCRIPT

         Samantha and Louise mend a riff between Darrin and Larry.

65.   Disappearing Samantha      SCRIPT

         A witch hunter, Osgood Rightmeyer, makes Samantha disappear.

66.   Follow That Witch, Part 1

         Detective Charlie Leach finds out that Samantha is a witch.

67.   Follow That Witch, Part 2

         Samantha puts Charlie Leach in his place in the conclusion to this story.

68.   A Bum Rap

         A bum cons Samantha into believing that he is Uncle Albert.

69.   Divided, He Falls      SCRIPT

         Endora splits Darrin in two: work side and fun side.

70.   Man’s Best Friend

         Samantha is pestered by Rodney, for whom she used to baby sit.

71.   The Catnapper      SCRIPT

         Charlie Leach comes back and kidnaps a client, Toni Devlin.

72.   What Every Young Man Should Know      SCRIPT

         Darrin and Samantha go back in time to before they were married.

73.   The Girl with the Golden Nose      SCRIPT

         Samantha has to convince Darrin that he is succeeding on his own.

74.   Prodigy

         Samantha helps Gladys's nephew succeed as a violinist.



Third Season

75.   Nobody’s Perfect      SCRIPT
            Note: First color episode.

         Samantha finds that Tabitha is a witch.

76.   The Moment of Truth

         Darrin finds out about Tabitha's powers.

77.   Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things      SCRIPT

         Tabitha's powers are tested by the witches committee.

78.   Accidental Twins

         Aunt Clara turns the Tate's son into twins.

79.   A Most Unusual Wood Nymph      SCRIPT

         Samantha travels back in time to remove a curse on Darrin's family. Note: The first appearance of Darrin the Bold.

80.   Endora Moves In for a Spell      SCRIPT

         Endora and Uncle Arthur have it out over Tabitha, and who lives where.

81.   Twitch or Treat      SCRIPT

         Endora throws a Halloween party for witches at the Stephens house.

82.   Dangerous Diaper Dan      SCRIPT

         Diaper Dan bugs the Stephens house for a rival ad agency.

83.   The Short Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara

         Aunt Clara disrupts the power to the East Coast.

84.   I’d Rather Twitch Than Fight      SCRIPT

         Samantha gives away Darrin's favorite jacket.

85.   Oedipus Hex      SCRIPT

         Endora's spell makes Darrin and anyone who eats her popcorn lazy.

86.   Sam’s Spooky Chair      SCRIPT

         Samantha buys a hexed chair.

87.   My Friend Ben

         Aunt Clara tries to conjure up an electrician, but gets Ben Franklin.

88.   Samantha for the Defense

         Samantha defends Franklin on theft charges in the conclusion to this story.

89.   A Gazebo Never Forgets

         Samantha applies for a loan to remodel the gazebo.

90.   Soap Box Derby

         Samantha helps Johnny Mills in the Soap Box Derby.

91.   Sam in the Moon      SCRIPT

         Darrin struggles over whether or not Samantha has ever been to the moon.

92.   HoHo the Clown      SCRIPT

         Endora makes HoHo the Clown pay attention to Tabitha.

93.   Super Car      SCRIPT

         Endora zaps a fancy new car for Darrin.

94.   The Corn is as High as a Guernsey’s Eye

         Samantha thinks Aunt Clara has turned herself into a cow.

95.   The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara      SCRIPT

         Aunt Clara is on trial for losing her powers.

96.   Three Wishes      SCRIPT

         Endora gives Darrin three wishes, which he does not use.

97.   I Remember You…Sometimes      SCRIPT

         Darrin tries to improve his memory, but Endora turns him into a bore.

98.   Art for Sam’s Sake      SCRIPT

         Samantha tries painting, and Endora turns it into a masterpiece.

99.   Charlie Harper, Winner      SCRIPT

         Darrin encounters his old school chum, the perfect Charlie Harper.

100.   Aunt Clara’s Victoria Victory

         Aunt Clara zaps up Queen Victoria by mistake.

101.   The Crone of Cawdor      SCRIPT

         An old hag attempting to return to her youth tries to lure Darrin by impersonating a beautiful, young client.

102.   No More Mr. Nice Guy      SCRIPT

         Endora put a spell on Darrin that makes everyone dislike him.

103.   It’s Wishcraft      SCRIPT

         Tabitha begins using "wishcraft."

104.   How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help

         Darrin is convinced that a client is Endora.

105.   Bewitched, Bothered, and Infuriated

         Aunt Clara's old newspaper makes Darrin think Larry will get hurt.

106.   Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live

         Samantha reverses a spell to turn a man back into a frog.

107.   There’s Gold in Them Thar Pills      SCRIPT

             Dr. Bombay gives Darrin pills that cure colds, but have side effects that prevent McMann and Tate from marketing them.



Fourth Season

108.   Long Live the Queen      SCRIPT

         Samantha is crowned Queen of the Witches.

109.   Toys in Babeland

         Endora brings a toy soldier to life to replace her as a baby sitter.

110.   Business, Italian Style      SCRIPT

         Darrin has to learn Italian and Endora tries to help.

111.   Double, Double, Toil and Trouble      SCRIPT

         Serena takes Samantha's place in Endora's plan to wreck the marriage.

112.   Cheap, Cheap      SCRIPT

         Endora casts a spell on Darrin that makes him a real cheapskate.

113.   No Zip in My Zap      SCRIPT

         Samantha loses her powers because she doesn't use them enough.

114.   Birdies, Bogeys, and Baxter      SCRIPT

         Darrin plays golf with a hot-shot golfer to get his account.

115.   The Safe and Sane Halloween      SCRIPT

         Tabitha brings Halloween characters to life.

116.   Out of Synch, Out of Mind

         Aunt Clara's spell accidentally throws Samantha's voice out of sync.

117.   That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife

         Louise sees Samantha at home when she is supposed to be in Chicago.

118.   Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds      SCRIPT

         Endora loses her powers, and Aunt Clara gets them.

119.   Samantha’s Thanksgiving to Remember

         Aunt Clara's botched spell sends the Stephens' back to old Salem.

120.   Solid Gold Mother-in-Law      SCRIPT

         A client falls for Endora as she plays the perfect mother-in-law.

121.   My, What Big Ears You Have      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Darrin's ears grow every time he tells a fib.

122.   I Get Your Nanny, You Get My Goat      SCRIPT

         The new witch-maid's ex employer takes her leaving out on Darrin.

123.   Humbug Not Spoken Here

         Samantha teaches a Scrooge-type client what Christmas is all about.

124.   Samantha’s da Vinci Dilemma

         Aunt Clara wants a painter, and conjures up Leonardo da Vinci.

125.   Once in a Vial      SCRIPT

         Endora sics Rollo and his love potion on Samantha, but it backfires.

126.   Snob in the Grass      SCRIPT

         Sheila Sommers attempts to embarrass Samantha, but makes a fool of herself again.

127.   If They Never Met      SCRIPT

         Samantha learns what would happen if she and Darrin never met.

128.   Hippie, Hippie, Hooray

         Serena gets arrested at a protest, and the Tates think it was Samantha.

129.   A Prince of a Guy      SCRIPT

         Tabitha zaps up Prince Charming.

130.   McTavish

         McTavish, an old ghost, is ruining Ocky's castle tour business.

131.   How Green Was My Grass

         The Stephens' end up with artificial grass, and Darrin isn't so sure it was a mistake.

132.   To Twitch or Not to Twitch

         Darrin and Samantha argue over her use of witchcraft.

133.   Playmates

         Phyllis and Samantha take Tabitha visiting with the mortal child, Michael.

134.   Tabatha’s Cranky Spell      SCRIPT

         Samantha impersonates Uncle Willie's ghost to save a client.

135.   I Confess

         Darrin wants to tell the world that Samantha is a witch.

136.   A Majority of Two

         Aunt Clara makes friends with a Japanese businessman.

137.   Samantha’s Secret Saucer
   Note:  Aunt Clara’s (Marion Lorne) last appearance.

         Aunt Clara zaps up a real flying saucer by mistake.

138.   The No-Harm Charm

         Uncle Arthur convinces Darrin that his charm will protect him.

139.   Man of the Year      SCRIPT

         Darrin is named advertising's Man of the Year.

140.   Splitsville

         Samantha gets the Kravitzes back together after they split.



Fifth Season

141.   Samantha’s Wedding Present      SCRIPT

         Endora shrinks Darrin to doll size.

142.   Samantha Goes South for a Spell

         Samantha gets zapped to the old south by a jealous witch.

143.   Samantha on the Keyboard      SCRIPT

         Samantha learns to play the piano – mortal style.

144.   Darrin Gone! and Forgotten?      SCRIPT

         Darrin is zapped away, so Samantha can marry Juke.

145.   It’s So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House      SCRIPT

        Darrin accidentally takes Serena on a second honeymoon, while Samantha is meeting with the Witches Council.

146.   Mirror, Mirror on the Wall      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Darrin self-centered.

147.   Samantha’s French Pastry

         Uncle Arthur zaps up Napoleon instead of dessert.

148.   Is it Magic or Imagination?

         Samantha's slogan is selected by a large company.

149.   Samantha Fights City Hall

         Samantha fights to save a park in the neighborhood.

150.   Samantha Loses Her Voice

         Uncle Arthur messes up a voice switch spell.

151.   I Don’t Want to be a Toad

         Phyllis enrolls Tabitha in nursery school.

152.   Weep No More, My Willow

         Samantha's weeping willow is dying and she calls Dr. Bombay to save it.

153.   Instant Courtesy      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Darrin into the perfect gentleman.

154.   Samantha’s Super Maid      SCRIPT

         Samantha gets a maid at the insistence of Darrin's mother, Phyllis.

155.   Serena Strikes Again, Part 1

         Serena turns a client into a monkey.

156.   Serena Strikes Again, Part 2

         Samantha straightens out the mess Serena caused in the conclusion to this story.

157.   One Touch of Midas      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Darrin wealthy by means of a hexed doll.

158.   Samantha, the Bard      SCRIPT

         Samantha finds herself talking in rhyme.

159.   Samantha, the Sculptress      SCRIPT

         Samantha tries her hand at sculpting.

160.   Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?

         Serena changes Phyllis into a cat.

161.   Marriage, Witches’ Style

         Serena decides that she wants to marry a mortal like Samantha did.

162.   Going Ape      SCRIPT

         Samantha turns a chimp into a man to find where he belongs.

163.   Tabitha’s Weekend      SCRIPT

         Tabitha goes to spend the weekend with Darrin's parents.

164.   The Battle of Burning Oak      SCRIPT

         Samantha uncovers the dirt on the snooty club's members.

165.   Samantha’s Power Failure      SCRIPT

         The Witches Council revokes Samantha's powers.

166.   Samantha Twitches for UNICEF      SCRIPT

         Samantha ensures that a millionaire makes good on his pledge to UNICEF.

167.   Daddy Does His Thing      SCRIPT

         Maurice gives Darrin a magic lighter.

168.   Samantha’s Good News      SCRIPT

         Samantha announces that she is going to have another baby.

169.   Samantha’s Shopping Spree      SCRIPT

         Samantha's shopping trip turns into a disaster.

170.   Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City      SCRIPT
   Note:  Dick York’s final episode as Darrin Stephens.

         Darrin has to learn to speak Spanish. Endora messes things up.



Sixth Season

171.   Samantha and the Beanstalk      SCRIPT
   Note:  Dick Sargent’s first appearance as Darrin Stephens.

         Tabitha zaps Jack out of the beanstalk story.

172.   Samantha’s Yoo-Hoo Maid      SCRIPT

         Endora sends Samantha a witch maid named Esmeralda.

173.   Samantha’s Caesar Salad      SCRIPT

         Esmeralda zaps up Julius Caesar instead of a salad.

174.   Samantha’s Curious Cravings      SCRIPT

         Samantha develops an unusual craving for food.

175.   And Something Makes Four      SCRIPT

         Adam is born.

176.   Naming Samantha’s New Baby      SCRIPT

         Maurice is upset because the new baby is not to be named after him.

177.   To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat      SCRIPT

         Endora changes Darrin into a hag witch.

178.   A Bunny For Tabitha      SCRIPT

         Uncle Arthur provides the entertainment at Tabitha's birthday party.

179.   Samantha’s Secret Spell

         Samantha provides a spell to protect Darrin from Endora.

180.   Daddy Comes for a Visit, part 1      SCRIPT

         Darrin refuses to use a gift that Maurice gave him.

181.   Darrin, the Warlock, part 2      SCRIPT

         Darrin rejects the warlock powers associated with Maurice's gift in the conclusion to this story.

182.   Samantha’s Double Mother Trouble

         Esmeralda zaps up Mother Goose by mistake.

183.   You’re So Agreeable      SCRIPT

         Endora puts a spell on Darrin to make him agree with everything.

184.   Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays

         Esmeralda zaps up Santa, then can't get him home.

185.   Samantha’s Better Halves      SCRIPT

         Endora splits Darrin into two: a fun side and a work side.

186.   Samantha’s Lost Weekend

         Samantha goes on an eating binge after drinking milk that Esmeralda zapped up for Tabitha.

187.   The Phrase is Familiar      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Darrin speak in cliches.

188.   Samantha’s Secret Is Discovered      SCRIPT

         Phyllis finds out about Samantha's powers.

189.   Tabitha’s Very Own Samantha

         Tabitha zaps up her very own Samantha.

190.   Super Arthur

         Uncle Arthur is sick and losing his powers.

191.   What Makes Darrin Run      SCRIPT

         Endora puts a spell on Darrin to make him overly ambitious.

192.   Serena Stops the Show

         Serena needs singers for the Cosmos Cotillion.

193.   Just a Kid Again

         Tabitha zaps a store clerk into a ten-year old boy.

194.   The Generation Zap      SCRIPT

         Endora makes a client's daughter fall for Darrin.

195.   Okay, Who’s the Wise Witch?      SCRIPT

         A vapor lock seals everyone in the house.

196.   A Chance on Love

         A client falls for Samantha thinking she is Serena.

197.   If the Shoe Pinches      SCRIPT

         Endora sics a leprechaun on Darrin.

198.   Mona, Sammy      SCRIPT

         Darrin paints a portrait of Louise with help from Samantha.

199.   Turn on the Old Charm      SCRIPT

         Samantha gives Darrin the amulet Maurice used on Endora.

200.   Make Love, Not Hate

         Esmeralda wants a man, and Samantha enlists Dr. Bombay's help.



Seventh Season

201.   To Go or Not To Go, That is the Question, part 1      SCRIPT

         Samantha has to go to Salem to a witches convention.

202.   Salem, Here We Come, part 2

         Samantha is allowed to take Darrin to Salem in the conclusion to this story.

203.   The Salem Saga, part 1      SCRIPT

         A possessed bed warmer gets Darrin and Samantha in trouble.

204.   Samantha’s Hot Bed Warmer, part 2      SCRIPT

         Samantha enlists Serena to remove the spell on the bed warmer.

205.   Darrin on a Pedestal

         Serena zaps Darrin into a statue, so she can meet a fisherman.

206.   Paul Revere Rides Again

         Esmeralda zaps up Paul Revere.

207.   Samantha’s Bad Day in Salem      SCRIPT

         Samantha has problems with Waldo, a childhood love.

208.   Samantha’s Old Salem Trip      SCRIPT

         Esmeralda accidentally zaps Samantha back to old Salem.

209.   Samantha’s Pet Warlock      SCRIPT

         Ashley, a former boyfriend, visits Samantha.

210.   Samantha’s Old Man      SCRIPT

         Endora changes Darrin into an old man.

211.   The Corsican Cousins      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Samantha feel everything Serena does.

212.   Samantha’s Magic Potion      SCRIPT

         Samantha tricks Darrin with a fake potion.

213.   Sisters at Heart

         Tabitha wants to be sisters with Lisa.

214.   Mother-in-Law of the Year      SCRIPT

         Endora is selected as mother-in-law of the year.

215.   Mary, the Good Fairy, part 1

         The tooth fairy visits the Stephens house.

216.   The Good Fairy Strikes Again, part 2

         Samantha convinces Mary to return to her job as tooth fairy in the conclusion to this story.

217.   Return of Darrin the Bold      SCRIPT

         Endora and Serena turn Darrin into a warlock.

218.   The House That Uncle Arthur Built

         Uncle Arthur has a girlfriend who doesn't like jokes.

219.   Samantha and the Troll

         Samantha goes in for a 10,000 zap checkup.

220.   This Little Piggie      SCRIPT

         Endora turns Darrin into a pigheaded man.

221.   Mixed Doubles      SCRIPT

         Samantha's dreams cause her to be confused with Louise.

222.   Darrin Goes Ape

         Serena turns Darrin into a gorilla.

223.   Money Happy Returns      SCRIPT

         Darrin finds a large sum of money in a taxi.

224.   Out of the Mouths of Babes      SCRIPT

         Endora turns Darrin into a ten-year old boy.

225.   Sam’s Psychic Pslip

         Samantha has gone 30 days without using witchcraft.

226.   Samantha’s Magic Mirror

         Esmeralda asks Samantha for help to land Ferdie.

227.   Laugh, Clown, Laugh      SCRIPT

         Endora gives Darrin an obnoxious sense of humor.

228.   Samantha and the Antique Doll

         Phyllis discovers the powers of Tabitha and Adam.



Eighth Season

229.   How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII, part 1      SCRIPT

         Samantha gets zapped back to the court of King Henry VIII for trying to help a man trapped in a painting.

230.   How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII, part 2      SCRIPT

         Darrin and Endora rescue Samantha in the conclusion to this story.

231.   Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster

         Samantha meets up with the Loch Ness monster.

232.   Samantha’s Not-So-Leaning Tower of Pisa

         Esmeralda straightens the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

233.   Bewitched, Bothered, and Baldoni      SCRIPT

         Endora brings a statue of Venus to life to test Darrin.

234.   Paris, Witches Style      SCRIPT

         Samantha and Darrin are in Paris, when Maurice shows up.

235.   The Ghost Who Made a Specter of Himself

         An old English castle has a troublesome ghost.

236.   TV or Not TV

         Tabitha zaps herself onto a TV show.

237.   A Plague on Maurice and Samantha

         Samantha loses her powers and infects Maurice.

238.   Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland

         Tabitha zaps herself into a fairy tale.

239.   The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit      SCRIPT

         Endora enlists Alonzo to mess Darrin up.

240.   The Eight-Year Witch      SCRIPT

         Endora calls in Ophelia to play up to Darrin.

241.   Three Men and a Witch on a Horse      SCRIPT

         Endora makes Darrin a betting fool.

242.   Adam, Warlock or Washout      SCRIPT

         Adam is tested for supernatural abilities.

243.   Samantha’s Magic Sitter

         Esmeralda baby sits other mortal children and tells them that she is a witch.

244.   Samantha is Earthbound

         Samantha becomes very heavy. She wakes up heavy, but Dr. Bombay's first cure makes her too light.

245.   Serena’s Richcraft

         Serena is stripped of her powers, but chases a rich man anyway.

246.   Samantha on Thin Ice      SCRIPT

         Samantha and Tabitha learn to skate, the mortal way.

247.   Serena’s Youth Pill

         Serena gives Larry a pill that makes him younger.

248.   Tabitha’s First Day at School

         Tabitha is enrolled in the first grade.

249.   George Washington Zapped Here, part 1

         Esmeralda, trying to help Tabitha, zaps up George Washington.

250.   George Washington Zapped Here, part 2

         Samantha defends George Washington's identity in the conclusion to this story.

251.   School Days, School Daze      SCRIPT

         Tabitha is tested for the second grade.

252.   A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished      SCRIPT

         Darrin and Samantha argue over her use of witchcraft.

253.   Samantha’s Witchcraft Blows a Fuse      SCRIPT

         Samantha loses her powers because of a reaction to a cinnamon stick.

254.   The Truth and Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam      SCRIPT

         Endora tests Darrin with a truth pin.