By Paul

There were differences between Bewitched written scripts and the aired version (episode). While the episodes followed the general lines of the Screen Gems scripts, they were never exact. In fact, there were occasions when the deviations were so great that the finished product scarcely resembled the original writing. There were many reasons for these deviations, some we know about, some there is no clue as to why the change was made. With 55 different writers/writing teams working on the scripts, it is no wonder that there were many inconsistencies between episodes. One of the efforts of the production staff was to make sure that, in general, the episodes did not vary too much from the guide lines that were used through the series.

In the following summaries of the differences between the original scripts and the episodes, note that small changes in dialog are ignored unless the change has a bearing on the episode. Also, the word "teaser" is used for the introductory scene that appeared before the Bewitched logo came on the screen. The word "trailer" refers to an ending scene after the last commercial break.

The episodes were supposed to run 25 minutes long. Usually, the episodes were filmed longer than this and were then edited to the correct length. This meant that some lines and/or scenes that were in the script were deleted. Two noticeable exceptions to this are episodes # 6 and # 10 where the teasers have no bearing on the body of the episode. It is as if the episodes did not run long enough, and another filmed bit was thrown in to achieve the proper length of the show.

Season 1

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# 1, The Pilot - I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha

Originally in the script, Darrin's last name was Douglas. Samantha was named Cassandra. Her script cues are "Cass". Endora was not named, but was called "Mother" when spoken to, and in all of the script cues.

Scene Outside Department Store:

  • Script: The scene starts inside the store.
  • Episode: The narration starts with Samantha outside the department store.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin and Samantha to bump inside the store where she looks back at him and he "sizes her up" as she walks away.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Scene Inside Department Store:

  • Episode: Darrin and Samantha collide going through a revolving door in the episode. This is their first of three collisions.
  • Script: This is their fourth bump, including one where she drops packages and he helps her pick them up. This is omitted from the episode.


  • Script: Calls for seven kissing scenes.
  • Episode: There are five. The cut scenes are in a car at night, and at the movies.

  • Script: In the necking scene in the park, the script calls for a used car commercial.
  • Episode: But the episode has background music.

  • Script: In the train scene, the script calls for action to continue till cars behind begin honking.
  • Episode: The episode does not show this.

  • Script: Calls for a "Just Married" sign on a car driving away.
  • Episode: Shows only the ring being placed on the finger.

Hotel Suite:

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to be wearing a gown only and has her robe fly to her on command, and then moves her hairbrush to her.
  • Episode: She is already wearing the robe, and only calls the brush to her.

End of teaser

End of narration

Hotel Suite:

  • Script: After Endora appears she threatens to give Darrin a stomach ache.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Endora makes a comment about Samantha being only 18, and had barely learned to fly before she was allowed to stay out after sunrise. Another comment is made about Samantha disgracing the family by marrying a mortal. There is also a scene with Darrin trying to open a window.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Spell is "One Re or Re Ickery Ann, Phillison, Follison, Nicholas John".
  • Episode: The spell is slightly different and longer.  View this Spell in Spellbound!

  • Script: The cigarette lighter/ash tray bit is short, and is in two parts, the latter being after Darrin collapses.
  • Episode: The ash tray bit is extended quite a bit and is done on one part. The line "Iím from Missouri..." does not appear in the script.

  • Script: Darrin downs the drink in one gulp and sets the glass down.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to ask Samantha to move the ashtray again.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to suggest a marriage counselor.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: calls for a fadeout through the window with a cat.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Apartment Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha is trying to bake a cake. She does notít know how. Endora comes in. She densít know what a telephone or dishwasher are. Samantha does not know how to work a can opener.
  • Episode: The entire scene is cut, but a version of it is used in episode # 2.

Apartment Living Room:

  • Script: Endora reads a science fiction magazine and wonders where the writers come up with all this drivel.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Apartment Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha and Endora canít figure out the dishwasher. Darrin calls to tell Samantha about the dinner. Darrin tries to explain what kind of a friend Sheila is to him.
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut from episode.

Sheilaís house:

  For the entire dinner table scene, the script refers to "Sam", then goes back to "Cass" for the rest of the episode.

  • Script: As they arrive, Darrin cautions Samantha about "no witchcraft." Samantha and Sheila shake hands. Darrin asks, in a whisper, if Samantha wants to get a headache and cut out.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Episode: Adds the segment about the butler taking Samanthaís sweater.
  • Episode: Adds the entire scene with the wind blowing the door open and Sheila losing her wig.


  • Script: More dialog, including a line about it being easier going to an Italian restaurant.
  • Episode: Adds a line about "which witch is which".

  • Script: Samantha starts to wash dishes, then breaks one.
  • Episode: Omitted.



# 2, Be It Ever So Mortgaged


Stephens's Rented Kitchen:

  • Script: Calls for the same kitchen as used in the pilot to be used. Calls for Samantha to make a mess with the orange juice, and burn the eggs.
  • Episode: The pilot kitchen is not used. Samantha's hair is a mess giving her a harried look. Added is burning two pieces of toast, and catching two pans on fire which she douses in the sink. The remainder of the scene follows the script with the line by Darrin, "Doesn't that look good?", added at the end of the scene.

  • Script: Narration is word for word as in the script, except:
  • Episode: The script calls for the narrator to say "Connecticut housewife" [Conn. misspelled the first time], the narrator says "Suburban housewife."

End of teaser

Stephens's Rented Kitchen:

  • Script: Calls for the use of a sequence already produced for the pilot. Samantha separating eggs, adding them to the Mixmaster, which promptly sprays Samantha with batter. Samantha screams and Endora appears and magically cleans the kitchen and Samantha.
  • Episode: This sequence is not used at all. The episode starts with Samantha icing the cake.

  • Script: Calls for Endora to be thumbing through a fashion magazine.
  • Episode: Endora is flipping through Harpies Bizarre.

  • Script: Calls for Endora to decorate the cake to include a latticework covered with soft drapes and cooing doves.
  • Episode: Cake decorating ends with columns and omit the lattice and doves.

  • Script: Calls for a conversation between Samantha and Endora right after the "No wonder they can't fly" line where Endora calls Samantha a scullery maid, buried in responsibility, and notes that Darrin has already made her "possessions" conscious. Samantha replies that cooking for Darrin is a pleasure. The discussion ends before the "You've changed Samantha" line.
  • Episode: This discussion is cut.

  • Script: After Samantha's line "Darrin wants to meet you", Endora asks why she wasn't invited to the wedding. Seems she always wanted to see Samantha in black, whereupon Samantha informs her that humans wear white. Samantha also admits that she was responsible for not inviting Endora, she wanted to work up to the meeting of Endora and Darrin gradually; to which Endora replies: "Halloween, I suppose".
  • Episode: This scene is cut entirely and picks up when Darrin arrives home.

Stephens's Rented Living Room:

  • Script: Calls for cuts to Endora mugging Darrin's appearance.
  • Episode: Some of the mugging shots are cut and others added. In all there are more in the episode than in the script. After Darrin's line' "You were friendlier on our first date", an added cut is made to Endora who gasps and then mouths "Sam - an - tha!", before Samantha's reply, "I was not".
  • Script: Darrin has a line, "I went out to look at a new development a client of ours is building--"
  • Episode: "a client of ours is building--" is cut.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to take a brochure from his briefcase that describes the house.
  • Episode: Darrin takes a single page of paper from his shirt pocket. After Samantha's line "Nose to the grindstone", there is a cut added of Endora making motions indicating the use of a grindstone.

  • Script: As Samantha prepares to leave the room, the script calls for Darrin to pick up his drink, and after the Endora-Samantha laughing scene to return to his drink.
  • Episode: Darrin holds the paper describing the house, and returns to looking at it. His drink is never seen.

Stephens's Rented Living Room (the next morning):

  • Script: After Darrin leaves, the script calls for Samantha to grimace angrily and say, "He most certainly is not!" There is no explanation for this line, unless it can be taken from Endora's following line about Darrin being pigeon-toed. There follows a conversation where Endora accuses Samantha of being blind to any of Darrin's faults and Samantha's defense of Darrin being pigeon-toed. This conversation continues up to the point where Samantha and Endora go to the kitchen.
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut.

Stephens's Rented Kitchen:

  • Script: As Samantha and Endora prepare to leave, Endora opens the broom closet and takes out a broom.
  • Episode: Endora zaps the broom out of the closet.

Outside 1164 (front of house):

  • Script: At the point where Endora says, "It's not for you", the scene cuts to the Kravitz living room.
  • Episode: The cut to the Kravitz's is not made until after Endora's line, "You are a witch, Samantha, not a magician.

  • Script: Calls for "beds of flowers in various areas" just before the trees are added. The script calls for Endora to add several small trees on one side, and a large one on the other. Samantha says,"You don't need hedges on that side", and the hedge does not disappear on one side. Next Samantha has a line about spacing the flower beds further apart, and does so.
  • Episode: Window boxes are added in addition to the flower beds. Samantha makes all of the hedge disappear. Samantha does not respace the flower beds. There is only one tree put on each side. The bit about adding the awnings is added.

Kravitz's Living Room:

  • Script: Conversation about dirt across the street and Gladys taking her medicine is before Samantha and Endora go in the house.
  • Episode. This scene is moved to after Samantha and Endora go into the house. The second scene in the Kravitz living room is also moved to later after Samantha says,"This is a lovely living room".

Interior 1164 Living Room:

  • Script: Endora kicks off her shoes and says,"That's the worst pair of shoes I've ever created".
  • Episode: This line is missing.

  • Script: As Samantha adds furniture, she adds ,"and chairs over there---", after she adds the buffet. NOTE: There is a note in the script that the set decorator should be consulted about the furnishings and every piece should appear as Samantha mentions it, "Until the room is completely furnished".
  • Episode: The furnishing stops with the buffet.

Exterior of the front of 1164:

  • Script: Calls several times for gladys to peek in the front door both when the living room is furnished and when it is not.
  • Episode: Gladys looks out the front window, not the door.

Living Room of 1164:

  • Script: As Endora prepares to leave, she says," Do you mind if I run along?"
  • Episode: Endora says, "Do you mind if I fly along?" NOTE: The word "run" is crossed out and the word "fly" is hand written in in the script that belonged to Agnes Moorehead.


Exterior front of 1164:

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to carry a rolled "Sold" sign and paste it over the for sale sign.
  • Episode: Darrin has flat sign with a chain that he hangs on the for sale sign. NOTE: The same For Sale sign is used in a later episode in front of 1162.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to pick up Samantha, carry her through the door, and kick it closed.
  • Episode: Darrin and Samantha kiss, and arm in arm they start through the door.

NOTE: In general, there are numerous one and two word variations throughout the script and episode in conversations between Darrin/Samantha/ Endora. However, the script and episode are nearly word for word for the dialogue between the Kravitz's.


# 4, It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog

In several of the early episodes the teaser (examples are 6 and 10) bears no relation to the theme of the episode. Cute little bits, but none the less without meaning and apparently fill ins to make up for a short episode. The script for this episode contains a teaser that does not bear with the episode, and this script teaser is not used.


Interior of a Bus:

Samantha is seated next to a small boy listening to his hard luck story.

BOY: I couldn't have felt worse if my dog got run over. Six months I saved up -- I'm in the store drooling -- I reach in my pocket -- and zingo!!
SAMANTHA: The money was gone . . .
BOY: (nods sadly) I wanted them jaw breakers so bad I could taste them.
SAMANTHA: Maybe I could help.
BOY: (knowing she can't) Sure . . .(He turns away sadly and stares out the window.) (Samantha wiggles her nose and a small white carton of jaw-breakers materializes under the seat)
SAMANTHA: Don't be so sad. The man who just got off left a whole box of jaw-breakers. . .
BOY: You think that's funny? To tease a little kid?
SAMANTHA: I'm not teasing. Look under the seat. ( The boy looks under the seat. He flips open the lid if the carton and sees the gross of tempting jaw-breakers. He's in heaven. Samantha looks on and smiles.
BOY: (joyfully) Hey!! ( He unwraps one and shoves it in his mouth)
SAMANTHA: That the kind you wanted?
BOY: (chewing furiously) Yeah!
SAMANTHA: They look good. Could I taste one?
BOY: He continues to chew but hugs the contents of the box to himself, guarding his prize like a wolf guarding his young) No chance, lady. Finders keepers! ( He gobbles the candy, Samantha shrugs, rises, pulls the bell cord and exits scene)



Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: Calls for Endora to appear in a cloud of smoke and sit on the molding.
  • Episode: Endora sits on a stool.

  • Script: Samantha says,"What're you doing up there. Can't you sit on chairs like other people?"
  • Episode: Samantha says, " Did you ever think of calling before you drop in?"

  • Script: Calls for a discussion between Endora and Samantha about why the party is being held at the Stephens's. Endora is of the opinion that it benefits the agency more than Darrin. Endora tries to talk Samantha into using magic to do the cooking. Samantha's replies are based on the fact that she loves Darrin.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

  • Script: Samantha asks Endora not to come to the party.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.


Darrin's Office:

  • Script: Rex asks if Samantha was sore about having to do the party. Darrin replies that she was not. Rex tells Darrin the party will give him a chance to get acquainted. Rex says he likes to know the types he may be doing business with.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: After Darrin's line," I like to be honest", the lines continue with ," so if I'm going to handle your account, I won't tell you how to make your product if you don't tell me how to sell it".
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to show Rex some layouts about a dessert catering to the infant with a discriminating palate.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Stephens's House:

  • Script: The after the dinner, part of the party is held on the patio with a wet bar set up. Reference is made to the "Arbor" being in the background. NOTE: In all other episodes the Arbor is referred to as the Gazebo, or summer house. Mr. and Mrs. McMann are in attendance.
  • Episode: The after dinner part is mostly inside, including the bar. The McManns are not there.

  • Script: Darrin's and Bab's discussion ends with Darrin saying, "She's very gifted that way."
  • Episode: Another line is added with Babs saying that Rex says it would take her six weeks, etc.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to be in the middle of a group complimenting her on the dinner, asking about the seasoning in the casserole. Samantha says it is her mother's idea and the herbs come from India. She adds that Endora is in South America, but can stop by India on her way back and pick up some herbs for Louise. [Referred to as Mrs. Tate]
  • Episode: This scene is reduced to Samantha asking Louise [not Mr. McMann, as the script calls for] if she wants something to drink.

  • Script: Rex makes no comment as Samantha leaves the bar.
  • Episode: Rex says,"Son-of-a-gun".

Stephens's Kitchen:

  • Script: Calls for a conversation between Darrin and Samantha about how crazy Rex is about her and how drunk he is. The conversation continues with Darrin telling Samantha how wonderful she has been.
  • Episode: Most of this scene is deleted.

  • Script: When Samantha offers to freshen Rex's drink, he tells her." No, thanks, I don't drink much anymore. Look, lets get right to the point. You're the most attractive woman at this party, Miss Stephens."
  • Episode: the line after," I don't drink much anymore". Is changed to, "I don't drink any more, but I don't drink any less.

  • Script: After being called Miss Stephens, Samantha corrects Rex, telling him he it's Mrs., and he is forgetting who she is. To which Rex replies that he will never forget her.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: As the guests are leaving, Babs is the last to leave. Babs's line about, "This isn't the first time I've had to drive myself home. I'm used to it with Rex", are her first lines and come before the dog is brought into the house.
  • Episode: These lines are moved to the last before Babs's exit.

  • Script: Calls for the dog to bark, stand on his hind legs and wag his tail every time he hears the word "Rex."
  • Episode: This bit is cut.

    NOTE: As the Stephens' start up the stairs there is a look at Samantha from the dog's point of view. The Script notes - - Featuring Samantha's shapely legs retreating.

Stephens's Bedroom:

  • Script: Calls for a conversation between Samantha and Darrin about how the party went. This is just before the dog starts barking. Script calls for Samantha to be wearing a nightgown.
  • Episode: This conversation is cut. Samantha wears a nightgown and robe.

  • Script: After Darrin opens the door, the dog runs in, goes upstairs and jumps on the bed with Samantha. A conversation follows about how the dog is taken with Samantha, and how he reacts to the word "Rex." Darrin tries addressing the dog by several names and gets no reaction until he says "Rex" again.
  • Episode: This conversation is cut up to the point where Samantha says, "You invited him." NOTE: Several times during the episode the dog burps off screen, indicating he is drunk. There are no burps in the script.

  • Script: When Samantha tells Darrin the dog is Mr. Barker, Darrin slumps on the edge of the bed.
  • Episode: Darrin sits in a chair.

  • Script: Following Samantha's line, "I had to do something", Darrin says, "So you turned him into a dog so you could put a muzzle on him? Right?" Samantha replies," This is no joking matter.
  • Episode: Both of these lines are cut.

  • Script: After Darrin's line, "Put something on! You're driving him crazy!, Samantha is called to wrap herself in a blanket.
  • Episode: Samantha is already wearing a robe. She does not wrap in a blanket.

  • Script: After Samantha throws Darrin out of the bedroom and Endora appears, Endora has a line about Darrin being a typical mortal - self-involved, opportunistic, and vain.
  • Episode: This line is deleted.

  • Script: In the alley scene, the script calls for police sirens to be heard and the police headlights to sweep past Samantha and Rex.
  • Episode: No sirens. Police car passes alley, backs up and turns into alley.

  • Script: The veterinarian's name is Dr. Richard Jason.
  • Episode: The name is Dr. David Cook.

Corridor of Darrin's Office Building:

  • Script: Samantha emerges from the elevator with the dog on a leash. She turns the corner to get away from people waiting for the down elevator. Samantha spots a utility closet, puts the dog into the closet, steps back and returns him to a man.
  • Episode: Samantha carries the dog. She is not shown avoiding a crowd. The scene is split into two parts with her shown putting the dog into the closet after the beginning of the scene in Darrin's office with Larry Tate.

Darrin's Office:

  • Script: Larry is to ask if Darrin called Samantha, Darrin replies he did three minutes ago. Larry says that Rex treated him like an office boy. And that after he gets Rex's name on a contract, he is going to have a bone to pick with him.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: Calls for Rex to sense Samantha's presence and start the conversation with her.
  • Episode: Samantha greets Rex first.

  • Script: After Rex's line about seeing better after dark he has the lines,"Now then -- about last night! I didn't say anything to offend you did I?" Samantha, " Oh, no -- not a thing". Rex," Good: All I remember really is that you and I were having a great time and -- say, you look good enough to neasle [this appears to be another misspelled word] with, you know that??"
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

# 6, Little Pitchers Have Big Fears


Stephens' Front Door and Entry:

  • Script and Episode: The script and episode agree.

REVIEWERS NOTE: This is one of two episodes where the Teaser has nothing to do with the story line of the episode. It is as if it were used to fill up space when the episode did not run long enough. Since Samantha's hair style is quite different in the Teaser and the rest of the episode, it is likely that they were not filmed at the same time.


Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: Waffles are used as one of the things Marshall cannot eat.
  • Episode: Uses French Toast instead of Waffles.

Stephens' Bedroom:

  • Script: Again refers to waffles.
  • Episode: Again replaces waffles with French Toast.

Ball Park:

  • Script: Calls for children in various forms of baseball uniforms to be fielding grounders, fly balls, and other baseball activities.
  • Episode: The above scene is cut. The episode starts with the coach and batting practice.

  • Script: After Samantha tells Gladys she is here with a friend. She waves to Marshall who self-consciously waves back.
  • Episode: The above bit is cut.

  • Script: Floyd Kravitz asks the coach if he is going to let "Marshmallow Burns" try out. The coach replies that everyone deserves a chance.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

Stephens' Entry Hall:

  • Script: After Darrin tells Samantha she can't follow Marshall around for the rest of his life, there are the following lines:
    SAMANTHA: I only tried to get him started.
    DARRIN: [sarcasm] Started, eh? I suppose we're going to the game tomorrow!
    SAMANTHA: Well, not if you want to play golf! I can go to by myself!
    DARRIN: Oh, no! We're going together, and remember - no more nonsense! While you've got your eye on Marshall, I've got my eye on you!
  • Episode: The above lines are cut.

Stephens' Driveway:

  • Script:
    MRS. BURNS: [apprehensively] You're sure you know the way?
    DARRIN: Oh, absolutely.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.


  • Script and Episode: The script and episode agree.


# 9, Witch or Wife

The episode actually begins in Darrinís office.

Stephens Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha is on the phone ordering groceries, including sixty cans of waxed beans (to save three cents a can). Further dialog with Darrin about saving money, and the problems of running a house. Finally, Darrin offers to take her to the best restaurant in town.
  • Episode: This scene is cut in its entirety and is used in a later episode.

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Darrin enters late and prepares to go to bed. Alarm goes off. Darrin is wearing an ear plug, so Samantha will not hear the alarm.
  • Episode: All of this is cut except Darrinís first entrance where he only looks at Samantha.

Laundry Room:

  • Script: Samantha is ironing when the phone rings.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Darrinís Office:

  • Script: Darrin makes apologies for not coming home.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Kitchen:

   The script first calls for Samantha to be ironing in the laundry room, then in the kitchen.

  • Script: Samantha returns to ironing, zaps clothing ironed, has second thoughts, unzaps it, and continues to iron.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Samantha wakens, Darrin is not home at 2:00 AM.
  • Episode: Omitted..

Fashion Salon:

  • Script: Samantha and Endora enter and take seats without realizing they are sitting next to the Tates. Samantha and Endora discuss the fashions. Samantha suddenly notices that she is sitting next to Larry. Samantha and Endora try to sneak out, but Larry spots them half way out.
  • Episode: Samantha and Endora enter the salon and stand in the doorway discussing a dress. Samantha spots Larry and turns to leave, but not before Larry sees her.


  • Script: Gives Stephensís home phone number as 764-8932. Darrinís office phone number is not given.
  • Episode: Stephensís home phone number is given as 555-6328, Darrinís office number is given as 555-6059.

  • Script: Samantha calls Darrin "darling".
  • Episode: The more common "sweetheart" is used.

Larryís Office:

  • Script: Darrin dictates into a machine.
  • Episode: A secretary takes the dictation.


  • Script: Samantha looks into the window of two airplanes looking for Darrin. In the first airplane, a woman sees her, screams, and faints. In the second airplane, a passenger throws his tray of food all over.
  • Episode: The second airplane scene is cut.

Another Jetliner:

  • Script: Restroom "occupied" sign lights up and Samantha steps out.
  • Episode: The sign does not light up.

  • Script: Stewardess returns with Darrinís meal, sees Darrin and Samantha smooching, mutters "men", and gives the meal to someone else.
  • Episode: Omitted.


# 10, Just One Happy Family

Reviewer's Note: This is the second of the two episodes that have Teasers that have nothing to do with the plot of the episode. Also, in this script, MAURICE is referred to as "JASON", with a preface note that the name "JASON" will be changed to "VICTOR".


Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: The script omits the teaser and begins with Act I.
  • Episode: A TV repairman has taken the Stephens' TV apart and has it spread all over the living room. Samantha says that she thought the problem was the antenna. The repairman says he fixed that, but there are numerous other things wrong with the TV. He asks to use the phone. Samantha directs him to the kitchen.

Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Episode: The repairman talks on the phone, saying that he has fixed the antenna, but is pulling a fast one to get a large repair bill for working on a TV that has nothing wrong with it.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Episode: The repairman returns to the Living Room to find the TV put together and working. Samantha tells him she did it with a nail file.


Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: [Darrin and Samantha discuss the new train schedule that has a train running from the city at 10:00 PM. Samantha thinks it will make Darrin have to work late nights again. Samantha goes to the Frigidaire. Endora is inside and says she has to talk to Samantha.]
    ENDORA: Samantha! I’ve got to speak to you.
    SAMANTHA: What’s the matter?
    ENDORA: I can’t talk in front of - -[she gestures toward Darrin] - -and it is extermely urgent.
    SAMANTHA: There’s nothing you can say to me that you can’t say in front of Darrin.
  • Episode: SAMANTHA: There’s nothing you can’t say in front of me that you can’t say in front of Darrin. After Endora says " - it is extremely urgent" the line, "Hurry up, it’s cold in here" is added.

  • Script: After Endora’s line about Jason finding out Darrin is human, Samantha has lines about how perhaps Jason has changed. Endora replies that he is just like his family who did not approve of her.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

Stephens' Entry:

  • Script: Samantha and Darrin have a conversation about his being home about 8:30, and Samantha telling him he should stay in town for dinner. She finally has to tell him that her father is coming and that he doesn't know that Darrin is mortal. Darrin wants to be there so they can tell Jason together. Samantha says that she had better tell him alone, and he should stay in town until Jason leaves.
  • Episode: Most of this scene is cut.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: After Endora's line, "---He choreographs it---", the doorbell rings. As Samantha crosses to answer it, she says her line about "standing up to him."
  • Episode: The doorbell does not ring until after Samantha's "stand up to him" line. When it does ring, she is startled, and worriedly goes to the door.

  • Script: After Samantha tells Jason that Darrin's last name is Stephens, Jason has the line, "Stephens? I don't think I know the family."
  • Episode: Maurice's line is changed to: "Stephens? I don't think I have ever flown into them."

  • Script: The conversation continues about where Darrin is and when he will be home, followed by the BAR scene.
  • Episode: The scene opens in a bar where Darrin and Larry discuss why Darrin is not going home. The Bar scene is split into two parts in the episode with the second part taking place after the scene where Maurice is looking at pictures of Darrin. Part of the bar scene is cut.

  • Script: After Darrin calls Samantha and insists he is coming home, the script calls for Samantha to twitch her nose, locking Darrin in the phone booth. This is the only time the script calls for a nose twitch.
  • Episode: The episode follows the script. In the Teaser, the phone is in the Kitchen. Here, the phone is on a table at the end of the sofa. Samantha takes the phone with her to the kitchen to talk to Darrin. (There must have been quite some cord on that phone!)

  • Script: After Jason finds out that Darrin is mortal, the script calls for Jason to sit still and for an ash tray next to him to break, a lamp to break, and a book to fly across the room.
  • Episode: After the ash tray breaks, Maurice gets up and moves about the room. Two lamps and other glassware break, and several books fly across the room. Reviewer's Note: The ash tray sits where the phone was, so we can assume Samantha left the phone in the kitchen again.

  • Script: After Jason's line, "I'll find him," he goes outside.
  • Episode: Just before Maurice's, "I'll find him" line, he and Endora have a stare-down match added. Maurice says she is getting stronger, Endora reminds him he is getting older.

  • Script: Jason throws the newspaper [Darrin] into the fireplace. Samantha tries to reach the paper, but because of the fire, she cannot reach it. She zaps the paper back into Darrin and pops him out of the fireplace.
  • Episode: Samantha pulls the paper out of the fireplace and beats out the fire before she zaps Darrin back.

  • Script: After Samantha tries to make Jason disappear, Endora has the lines about not being overly fond of Darrin, but if Samantha wants him, that's good enough for her.
  • Episode: Endora's line about "If Samantha wants him," is changed to the line about not wanting a human on her conscience.

  • Script: While trying to bring Darrin back, Jason accidentally brings a pilgrim back. Jason concentrates again and the pilgrim disappears.
  • Episode: This bit is cut.


  • Script: The trailer ends with Darrin producing a bottle of Chanson du Mer '53, and Jason asking Endora, "Is he really one of us?"
  • Episode: The episode continues with Maurice pouring drinks for all, making a farewell speech, and exiting in a cloud of smoke. Endora has the closing line, "He always was one for big exits."


# 11, It Takes One To Know One


Int. Grocery Store Aisle

Samantha approaches the camera with a half filled grocery cart. A rakish looking man, also with a cart, stands watching her with a lecherous eye. As she passes he brazenly looks at her face and figure as though she is something in "Playboy" [this is a quote from the script]. Samantha ignores him but is annoyed by this.

Camera angle widens as Samantha goes to the bakery shelf. The man wheels his cart up along side hers, obviously flirting. As Samantha picks up a loaf of bread, the man smiles insinuatingly and winks at her. Samantha smiles, her nose twitches slightly and a cream pie flies off the shelf smacking the man full in the face. As filling drips down the face of the astonished man, Samantha moves off.


  • Episode: The script teaser is not used at all. The teaser begins where ACT I starts in the script.


Int. Stephens's Kitchen:

  • Script: Endora appears and greets Samantha: Good morning dear.
  • Episode: "Dear" is replaced with "Darling."

  • Script: Endora: Those were in your husband's briefcase.
  • Episode: Endora: Those were in you know who's briefcase.

Script lines are:

ENDORA: Well, don't you care that he carries pictures of other women . . . beautiful, half-dressed, well-filled out other women?
SAMANTHA: In the advertising business, Mother -- beautiful, half dressed, well-filled out other women are merely tools of the trade. Now will you please stop playing "private eye" with my marriage.
ENDORA: I simply have your best interests at heart, Samantha. Of course, the possibility that he might be attracted to someone else has never occurred to you, has it?
SAMANTHA: I never think about it.
ENDORA: Or, that you might lose him altogether.
SAMANTHA: Mother, don't you understand? I trust Darrin.
ENDORA: Blind faith is unbecoming to you Samantha.
SAMANTHA: Well, why shouldn't I trust him and believe in him?
ENDORA: Well, for the love of lightning! You wouldn't turn a child loose in a candy store, would you?
SAMANTHA: Darrin is not a child!
ENDORA: He's only human. I mean - after all - that's their expression for themselves - "only human". They know their limitations better than we do!
SAMANTHA: I don't think of Darrin as being "only human". I think of him as a cut above the ordinary mortal man!
ENDORA: How can a witch of mine be so naive? Where did I fail?
SAMANTHA: Mother, will you please go away! If there's one thing a man does not want to see before he has his morning coffee, it's a suspicious mother-in-law! I must say I'm not too crazy about it, either.
ENDORA: Very well. I'm leaving. But remember Samantha, no mortal pulls the wool over a witch's eyes while I'm around. [She pops out and the scene continues with Darrin entering]

Episode lines are:

ENDORA: Well, don't you care that he carries pictures of other women ...
SAMANTHA: Mother, in the advertising business other women are merely tools of the trade. ENDORA: Blind faith is unbecoming to you, Samantha.
SAMANTHA: Mother, don't you understand? I trust Darrin.
ENDORA: You wouldn't turn a child loose in a candy store, would you?
SAMANTHA: Darrin is not a child!
ENDORA: He's only human. Isn't that the excuse they always make for themselves, "I'm only human". They know their limitations better than we do!
SAMANTHA: I don't think of Darrin as "merely human". I think of him as being a cut above the ordinary mortal man.
ENDORA: How can a witch of mine be so naive?
SAMANTHA: Mother, will you please go away!
ENDORA: Very well. I'm leaving. But remember, Samantha, no mortal pulls the wool over a witches eyes while I'm around. [She pops out}



  • Script: Darrin and Samantha exchange greetings, before Darrin says ,"What are these doing here?"
  • Episode: The greeting lines are cut. The scene begins with Darrin already seated at the table. Part of the conversation about Darrin looking at girls is cut.

  • Script: As Darrin rises to leave, he and Samantha move across the living room to the door. There is a conversation about Darrin eating little breakfast, feeling faint, and deciding to stay home. Samantha says "Nothing doing. You have work to do, so do I. Darrin delivers the "You threw me out" line.
  • Episode: They remain in the kitchen. The scene is shortened to Darrin saying "I'd better get going." He kisses Samantha, then makes a move to kiss her again. She stops him and says "You better get going." Then, Darrin delivers the "You threw me out" line.

  • Script: Calls for scene to end with Endora [who has reappeared] chiding Samantha about Darrin.
  • Episode: Scene is cut.

Exterior of Darrin's Office:

  • Script: View of door with sign reading "Darrin Stephens, Account Executive". Secretary comes into view carrying photos, enters Darrin's office.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Interior of Darrin's Office:

  • Script: Secretary enters, hands Darrin photos and tells him there are six more girls waiting. Darrin says he will look at their photos first.
  • Episode: The portion of the scene with the secretary is cut. The Scene starts with Darrin and Larry looking at photos already in the office.

  • Script: Larry leaves the office. Then the door softly opens and closes. Darrin looks up and sees Janine.
  • Episode: Door bit is cut. Darrin looks up and sees Janine.

  • Script: Darrin and Janine have a conversation about her qualifications, experience, and her photographs. In this scene with the photos she manages to get very close to Darrin.
  • Episode: About half of this conversation is cut, including all parts about her photos and her getting close to Darrin.

Stephens's Dining Room:

  • Script: Samantha: You've been very quiet, darling.
  • Episode: Samantha: You've been very quiet, sweetheart.

  • Script: Samantha has a line about Darrin making a good politician the way he is evading her questions about how his day had been.
  • Episode: The line is cut.

  • Script: There is a conversation about Miss Jasmine, and how Darrin is not answering questions. The last part of this scene has Darrin describing Janine as "Tall, Straight Nose, Experience. Samantha responds that that could describe Winthrop Rockefeller, and that Darrin could do better than that; as an advertising man he has wonderful powers of observation.
  • Episode: About one third of this scene is cut. The name Winthrop Rockefeller is replaced with Abraham Lincoln.

  • Script: Just before Samantha's "Lets go to a movie line," the script calls for them both to stand and embrace.
  • Episode: They both stay seated.

  • Script: After Darrin's "exploitation" line, he tells Samantha to go to bed and forget about him. Samantha grouses that "that's a great place to forget about him".
  • Episode: This part is cut.

Stephens's Bedroom:

  • Script: Samantha reads Janine's dimensions as 38-22-34.
  • Episode: She reads them as 37-23-37.

  • Script: Darrin's notes say Janine should be irresistible in a swimsuit.
  • Episode: Notes say a bikini, not swimsuit.

Photographer's Studio:

  • Script: Calls for view of Janine from Darrin's point of view under the camera viewing cloth. Her image is upside down.
  • Episode: This bit is cut.

So the viewer can see how the script was altered to both shorten the scene and make the story line smoother, the following is the scene as it is in the script and as altered for the episode:

Script lines after Darrin's line "What is it?" are:

JANINE: Well - you picked me for this campaign and I want everything I do to be so right for you---but I'm afraid . . .
DARRIN: Afraid of what? You're perfect - and you're doing a marvelous job --
JANINE:[ distraught] I know it's probably foolish, but -- [bites her lip nervously] -- if I can't talk to you, who else can I talk to?
DARRIN: Well - alright - if you have to talk with me, okay -- we'll talk.

Episode lines changed to:

JANINE: It's probably foolish, but I think you'd better get another Miss Jasmine.
DARRIN: Another Miss Jasmine? What for? Now hold it! I think we had better talk about this.

Restaurant, very up-scale:

  • Script: calls for waiter to arrange the tableware.
  • Episode: There is a reserved sign on the table which disappears. The waiter does not touch the table.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin and Janine to be seated in a booth.
  • Episode: They are at a corner table.

  • Script: Endora has a line about Darrin and Janine's behavior being enough to close the place down.
  • Episode: This line is cut.

  • Script: After Endora's line about a stool pigeon, she and Janine have lines defending their actions.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: Samantha has a line about a "monk" would not be safe with Sara Baker [Janine].
  • Episode: "Monk" is replaced with "Sir Galahad".

  • Script: Calls for Darrin and Janine to get up to leave the restaraunt, and for Darrin to leave money for the check. They exit.
  • Episode: They remain seated, Darrin calls for a waiter, and there is a fade out.

Stephens's Kitchen:

  • Script: Calls for Endora to toss her hat in before she appears. There is a conversation about the the hat toss into the room being a human custom to see if it is safe to come into the room, and Endora tries to calm down a very frosty Samantha. Samantha, in a huff, makes the hat disappear.
  • Episode: This scene is cut to the point where Darrin phones.

  • Script: Endora accuses Samantha of spying on Darrin. Samantha has a sort of "yes" reply.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

Darrin's Office:

  • Script: After Darrin asks Larry to go with him to Janine's apartment, Larry ends the scene with a line about he wouldn't invite Darrin to go with him to Janine's apartment; Darrin replies that Larry is a good influence on him.
  • Episode: These last lines are cut.

Janine's Apartment:

  • Script: Darrin and Larry arrive. Janine is wearing an exotic hostess gown. Darrin reintroduces Larry. Janine invites them in and they take seats.
  • Episode: The scene begins with Darrin and Larry already seated in the apartment. While nice, Janine's costume is not exactly exotic.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to give Darrin his drink back after she has found it contains lotus leaves.
  • Episode: Samantha pours the rest of Darrin's drink into Janine's drink.

  • Script: Calls for Janine to put on some perfume after she throws the powder into the fireplace.
  • Episode: No perfume.


Darrin's Office:

  • Script: Samantha twitches, and the Miss Jasmine poster grows a mustache and beard; two front teeth are blacked out; and enormous ears appear.
  • Episode: Instead of blacking out teeth, two fangs appear and the eyes cross.



# 13, Love Is Blind

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: As Darrin enters, he calls Samantha "darling".
  • Episode: This is changed to the more common "Honey" and "Sweetheart".

  • Script: Calls for long dialog between Samantha and Darrin about Gertrude.
  • Episode: Most of this is cut, especially a part about Gertrude having beautiful hands.

Art Dept.:

  • Script: Has lines about Kermitís girlfriends not being able to cook. Neither can he.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Entry Hall:

  • Script: Has lines about Gertrude making three bus connections, and lines about Kermitís girlfriends waiting for him in sports cars.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Kermit is introduced to Samantha. This is omitted from the episode.
  • Episode: Adds lines between Kermit and Gertrude that are not in script.

  • Script: Kermit and Gertrude have conversation about bird watching.
  • Episode: Most of the conversation is cut.

Art Dept.:

  • Script: Calls for Larry to catch Kermit day dreaming and and chew him out about it.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Darrin comes in and he and Kermit discuss Gertrude.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Conversation between Samantha and Darrin about Gertrude being a witch.
  • Episode: Most of these lines are cut.

Darrinís Office:

  • Script: Darrin has a conversation with a young artist who has just acquired Kermitís address book. Darrin takes it from him.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Art Dept.:

  • Script: Darrin and Kermit again argue over Gertrude and Susan. Darrin tells Kermit to take Susan to the "Dark Interlude" club.
  • Episode: Most of the argument is cut, and all of it concerning Susan. The argument centers around Darrin Okaying some layouts. Darrin does not mention Susan, but tells Kermit he will OK Kermitís layouts at the "Interlude".

Stephens Entry Hall:

  • Script: Darrin is about to leave for work tells Samantha that they have a date with Kermit and Susan.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Darrin breaks the vase. Samantha refuses to fix it.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha asks Gertrude to meet her at the "Dark Interlude".
  • Episode: Adds line about how Samantha finding out about the meeting at the "Interlude".

Interlude Club:

  • Script: Conversation between Kermit and Susan. Susan wants to leave and take Kermit with her. Samantha breaks first one shoulder strap on her dress, and then the second when breaking just one strap doesnít work. Susan leaves.
  • Episode: Susan recalls old times. Samantha makes her say bad things about Kermit. Susan leaves. Susan starts to return and Samantha breaks both of her dress straps at once, and then messes her hair. Susan runs out.

  • Script: Kermit warns Darrin to stop making remarks about Gertrude, or he will not be asked to be best man at the wedding.
  • Episode: Asked to be best man is replaced with "invited to the wedding".


  • Script: Darrin is best man. Samantha freezes him, so he cannot protest the marriage.
  • Episode: Darrin is not best man, there are no attendants. Samantha freezes everyone except Darrin and gets him to promise not to interfere.

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Darrin and Samantha return from a party at Kermit and Gertrudes. Darrin again asks Samantha to fix the vase because "Uncle Joe" is coming to visit.
  • Episode: The scene is changed to the entry for the dialog. Darrin breaks the vase and Samantha repairs it.

  • Script: Samantha looks at the audience, twitches her nose, and the TV screen goes black.
  • Episode: Omitted.



# 16, Itís Magic

Tea Room:

  • Script: After the teaser there is a conversation about Samantha not involving Darrin in the project. Then, there is a conversation about Samantha having no money in her purse. She twitches and pulls out a manís money clip. Gladys is surprised when she sees the money.
  • Episode: Up to the point where Samantha pays the waiter, the entire scene is omitted.

Hotel Corridor:

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to hear Roxie telling Zeno she is leaving, and then she and Samantha collide in the doorway.
  • Episode: The entire scene is within the hotel room (Samantha about to knock on the door when Roxie starts to exit).

Hotel Room:

  • Script: Calls for Zeno to see a pelican.
  • Episode: He sees a parrot.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Darrin is wearing a tuxedo and Samantha is in new gown. They are on their way to the charity bazaar.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Section of Bazaar:

  • Script: Darrin canít find his money clip to pay for a kiss. Samantha hands him his clip that she had zapped to the Tea Room.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Zenoís Dressing Room:

  • Episode: Zeno offers to give Samantha her money back since Roxie is not there and Samantha wonít take her place.
  • Script: Not in the script.

Section of Audience:

  • Script: Darrin and Dr. Clarke have lines about Samantha being so poised and doing such a good job.
  • Episode: Omitted.


  • Script: Calls for the music "Pomp and Circumstance".
  • Episode: piano chords only.

  • Script: Curtains are hung up and Gladys has to walk them open.
  • Episode: Curtains are finally freed and open by themselves.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to be in revealing short skirt costume.
  • Episode: Samantha has long chiffon skirt with dark tights.

  • Script: Zeno tries to pull a vase out of his pocket, but gets a scarf.
  • Episode: Zeno pulls out a fish.

  • Script: Calls for Zeno to take off his hat and put it on the table to pull a rabbit out, which he cannot do without Samanthaís twitch.
  • Episode: The hat is already on the table and Zeno pulls the first rabbit out. Samantha twitches gets the other rabbits to appear.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Calls for Samantha and Darrin to be discussing the success of the show and Samanthaís appointment as the chairman for the next year.
  • Episode: There is a kitchen scene with most of the dialog cut, and this scene is combined with the next morning scene to the point where Zeno phones.

TV Studio:

  • Script: The Floor Manager tells Zeno that if his performance is not better than the rehearsal he will be cut off.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stage Area:

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to be in "glamorous costume".
  • Episode: Samantha is in street clothes.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha and Roxie to be on the stage at the same time, both acting as assistants and arguing over who does what.
  • Episode: Samantha gets on stage only once, only at the edge by accident, when Roxie pulls on her.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to black out Roxieís front teeth.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Calls for long dialog between Zeno, Samantha, Darrin, and the Floor Manager about Zeno appearing on the show.
  • Episode: Most of this scene is omitted leaving only the fact that Zeno has a job for 13 weeks.

  • Script: Calls for magic trick to be selected as the last trick Zeno does.
  • Episode: The upside-down glass full of milk trick is used.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to do the two spoon and tumbler trick.
  • Episode: Darrin tries the upside-down milk glass trick.



Prototype Script for # 17, A is for Aardvark
with elements of # 52, The Magic Cabin

This script is dated one month earlier [October 1, 1964] than the script used for filming # 17, "A Is For Aardvark". It is a short script, running probably just under 20 minutes, and has no separate Teaser or Trailer. The most interesting thing about this script is the incorporation of elements from # 52, "The Magic Cabin". It is easy to see where the first part of the script was broken off to form the beginning of # 52, while a new introduction was put in place to make # 17.

Darrin's Office:

  • Script: [Verbatim] - Darrin is standing beside his blank drafting sheet on his layout board, looking like his world has come to an end. He turns away and goes to the window to brood, when the office door opens and TATE bustles in:

TATE: Decided anything yet?
DARRIN: [nods, numbly] If you'll be good enough to open this window - I'll jump.
TATE: It can't be that bad, old man.
DARRIN: I'm dry Larry. I can't even come up with a bad idea.
[Larry indicates a stack of layouts on the desk]
TATE: How about those?
DARRIN: From my creative period when I could come up with a bad idea. [He picks up a poster from the old stack].
TATE: Wortham, the white meat of hams - that wasn't bad.
DARRIN: It was terrible.
TATE: [sympathetically] It's always been a tough account, Darrin, but you'll come up with something.

This conversation continues with Darrin putting himself down and Larry trying to cheer him up. Finally, Tate offers Darrin the use of his cabin for the weekend to "rest up". Darrin doesn't want to go, saying Samantha might have other plans. The scene ends as Larry picks up the phone to call Samantha.

  • Episode: This sequence begins in the Stephens' Entry with Darrin making comments about having trouble with the Kingsley Potato Chip account. The scene shifts to Darrin's office where Darrin and Larry discuss the problem and agree to work on it that night at the Stephens' house. The sequence continues in the Stephens' Den, with Darrin not having any ideas, and Larry offering the use of the cabin for three days. Darrin doesn't want to go until Larry tells him he is fired if he doesn't go.

NOTE: The episode does not dwell on Darrin's depression and lack of ideas nearly as much as does the script.

Darrin's Car at Night:

  • Script: A very grim Darrin is driving in a pouring rainstorm that is so bad that he cannot see the road. Samantha has lines about being surprised by Larry's call, and not knowing she was supposed to have other plans. Darrin does not blame her, saying Larry would not have taken a "no" anyway. A flash of lightning reveals that Darrin is not on the road, but is driving beside it. Samantha has a line about there being a bridge just before the cabin. Darrin says, "We're on it - I think". Another flash of lightning and a crash behind them. The bridge has collapsed.
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut.

Tate's Cabin - Night:

  • Script: Samantha sloshes in, followed by Darrin. Both are soaked. Samantha finds the light switch and turns it on to show what a mess the cabin is with broken windows and a leaking roof. Darrin is concerned about Samantha being cold and wet, and looks for an electric heater until the power fails. Samantha unscrews a light bulb and holds it up. It lights. Darrin is upset that Samantha has used magic. Darrin finally gives in and lets Samantha start a fire, but refuses to look at what she is doing. While Darrin is looking for food, Samantha fixes the roof and windows. Darrin has sarcastic comments about Samantha's window repair and then reports that the food has been eaten by animals. They discuss the wet clothes. Samantha zaps Darrin into a robe and pajamas and herself into lounging pajamas. Darrin still complains about the use of magic. Samantha then, over Darrin's objections, zaps up a fabulous dinner. Darrin complains, but after finishing his steak it is apparent that he is beginning to like the use of magic.
  • Episode: Samantha and Darrin arrive in daylight and they are shown viewing the cabin from outside. When they enter they see the mess the cabin is in. Only after they arrive does it start to rain. Samantha zaps up a fire in the fireplace, then redoes the cabin. There is no reference to Samantha making a light bulb light, any heater other than the fireplace, any mention of food, or of Samantha zapping them into dry clothes.

  • Script: The scene continues with Darrin beginning to rationalize the use of magic, and telling Samantha that he was wrong to "Rob her of her heritage". He continues with the train of thought about wanting Samantha to have everything, and now. He asks her to zap up a fur coat like the one Louise Tate has, that she needn't wait until Darrin can buy her one. Finally she gives in and zaps up a ratty fur coat. Darrin will have none of this and insists that she zap up a good one, which she does. He then asks her to zap up the accessories, which she does. He then asks her to zap up a fancy wedding ring, which she also does. Samantha then asks what he wants for himself. He only wants a whistling yo-yo, somwething he never had as a boy. Samantha zaps up a yo-yo which Darrin proceeds to play with.
  • Episode: At this point the episode goes away from the Magic Cabin concept. A new introduction is written that has nothing to do with Darrin burning out, and begins with Darrin spraining his ankle [ END OF TEASER ] and being confined to bed. The above scripted scene takes place in the Stephens' Bedroom after Samantha has talked Darrin into letting her make the house cooperate with him. This scene is drastically shortened from the script, including cutting the ratty fur coat, the accessories, the wedding ring, and the yo-yo along with most of the dialog where Darrin rationalizes the use of magic.

Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: Darrin enters the kitchen in robe and pajamas, telling Samantha that he is not going to the office, but is going to play golf.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Tate's Office:

  • Script: Darrin tells Larry that he is going to retire. Larry is shocked and is plainly upset with the announcement. Larry warns Darrin that within six months he will be ready for the funny farm, and if he wants his job back, it might not be there.
  • Episode: This scene takes place in the Stephens' Living Room and is shortened by quite a bit.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: Darrin comes home with tickets he has bought for an around the world cruise. Samantha is visibly upset. The following is verbatim from the script:

DARRIN: Retiring was just the beginning! Look at these - boat tickets! [he displays a ream of them] You name it - I've got it! Paris, Hong Kong, Rome, Tokyo, Madrid..... our safari reservations...I've dreamed of this kind of trip all my life!
SAMANTHA: What did you use for money?
DARRIN: Our bank account.
SAMANTHA: All of it?
DARRIN: Yep. We're going first cabin! And I've still got a small roll for tips.
SAMANTHA: And when that's gone?
DARRIN: We dip into the old heritage - like other well rounded millionaires!
SAMANTHA: Darrin, I say this more in anger than in sorrow - but you married me for my magic!
DARRIN: [slowed down some] Samantha, I found out you were a witch after we were married, so don't be ridiculous!
SAMANTHA: You want to live on my magic..... and I'm being ridiculous!
DARRIN: [accusingly] Who's being selfish now?
SAMANTHA: [incredulous] Good grief! I think you're serious!
DARRIN: If you'd stop being emotional for a minute and look at this logically, you'd see....
SAMANTHA: Explain it to me! I dare you!
DARRIN: Take this house for instance. It's not my house, it's not your's our house. When we used to have a bank account - it wasn't mine, it wasn't yours, - it was ours.
SAMANTHA: Of course! It isn't my magic, it isn't your magic, it's our magic!
DARRIN: Now you've got it!
SAMANTHA: Oh, good! Do a trick for me, Darrin - disappear!
DARRIN: What's that supposed to mean?
SAMANTHA: Go ahead - do it with "our" magic. Or just do it - period.
DARRIN: You've missed the point completely. The whole basis of marriage is two people sharing everything - for the rest of their lives,
SAMANTHA: Agreed. But now that you've "retired", we won't have anything to share - but my magic. What are you putting into the pot?

This argument continues in the same vein until Samantha offers to make the memories of a trip without actually taking it. Darrin is not in favor of it. Finally Samantha asks Darrin what it is he is running away from. He tells her that he is burnt out. Samantha wants to know why he didn't tell her so she could help him.

DARRIN: How? By doing my thinking for me?
SAMANTHA: [a beat] Maybe not, but I can't do your running for you either.
DARRIN: You won't come with me?
SAMANTHA: No, Darrin.
[Darrin slams out of the room].

  • Episode: Most of the above is cut. About all that is left is Samantha's offer to make the memories. Also, in the episode, Darrin has not actually bought any tickets, he has only looked at travel folders.

REVIEWER'S NOTE: This bitter scene, and others in the script, between Samantha and Darrin are most unusual. They have their fights in the episodes, but not anything like this. It was probably best for the series that these scenes were cut.

Stephens' Den:

  • Script: Darrin is packing a suitcase when Larry knocks and enters. Larry assures Darrin that he is not there to try to influence him, but only to say goodbye and leave a small package that came to the office for Darrin. As Larry starts to exit he turns to Darrin:

LARRY: Oh, I almost forgot. Fred said to give you his best.
LARRY: Fred Wortham. Wortham Ham. He was in today. Loved all of your layouts.
DARRIN: Yeah, sure.
LARRY: I mean it. [Darrin seems to brighten a little].
DARRIN: On your way out would you give this to Samantha, please.

  • Episode: This section is changed. A delivery person brings roses, and perhaps the package. Larry is not in the scene at all.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha asks Larry if Darrin believed him. Larry replies, "Who knows? You are never safe with the truth". [Larry hands Samantha the package. She opens the box, and the watch with the inscription "I Love You Every Second" is inside].
  • Episode: The scene takes place in the Den. Darrin, not Larry, gives Samantha the box with the watch.

Stephens' Den:

  • Script: After Samantha's lines that she will go anywhere with him, Darrin asks if she will use her magic for him.

SAMANTHA: Yes, yes!
DARRIN: Then take me back to Larry's cabin before this mess started! Can you do that?
SAMANTHA: Is that what you really want?
DARRIN: If it's not too much of a sacrifice for you. [The scene begins to shimmer and turns to a whirling circle that grows smaller and smaller, during which Darrin's voice grows softer] It'll mean you'll have to be content with just the things I can afford to give you. No more magic. It'll mean putting up with me. And I'm all too human - I'll feel like throwing in the towel sometimes - but one thing about us mortals - we always bounce back.

  • Episode: Darrin asks Samantha to take him back to before he got used to the magic. The picture of Darrin spins and he fades out. His closing speech is greatly shortened.

Tate's Cabin:

  • Script: The scene is exactly as it was after the dinner in the cabin, but with Darrin and Samantha in front of the fireplace. Darrin has lines about being unreasonable and selfish, words that are leading right back to his wanting to use magic. Samantha shuts him up with a passionate kiss. Darrin starts on the same subject again and gets another passionate kiss. This happens a third time. Finally Samantha says, "You were saying?". Darrin has the line,"Samantha, at a time like this, only a fool would say anything!".


  • Episode: [ TRAILER ] Scene is in the Stephens' Living Room. Darrin is upstairs in bed calling to Samantha for a pencil. She starts to have it fly up to him, thinks about it a moment and starts up the steps with it.



# 17, A is for Aardvark

[REVIEWERS NOTE: Many changes are made in scripts before and during the actual filming. Generally, when changes are made, the original pages are discarded and only the final versions go with the script. In this episode, however, a number of both original and altered pages are included. These will be noted as "Oriscript" and "Altscript".]



  • Script: Calls for Darrin to have lines about not being this tired since the war. He kisses Samantha good night and they both settle down. A moment later Darrin props himself up and calls Samantha.
  • Episode: This bit is cut. The episode starts with Darrin lying down and calling Samantha.

  • Script: After Samantha offers to "do it from here," Darrin gets up, pulls on a robe and says "I'll do it." He exits the bedroom only to return to tell Samantha the light in the hallway is out. Samantha says that they do not have a spare but she can give him some light. Darrin refuses and exits the bedroom.
  • Episode: Darrin says, "I'll do it," and gets up. He does not put on a robe and the bit about him returning to the bedroom is cut.


  • Oriscript: Samantha finds Darrin at the bottom of the stairs. He says he thinks he has broken his toe. Samantha says she wishes he had let her fix the lights. Darrin wants her to fix his toe. Samantha replies that she can't, she is a witch, not a doctor. She zaps up a bucket of ice water to soak Darrin's foot. Darrin then says he should have let her turn on the lights.
  • Altscript: The same as Oriscript except the broken toe is replaced with sprained ankle.
  • Episode: The bits about turning on the lights, fixing the toe [ankle], and the ice water are cut.




  • Script: Calls for Darrin to pump his arm twice before launching the paper airplane.
  • Episode: He omits the arm pumps.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to have a smudge on her right cheek.
  • Episode: No smudge.


  • Oriscript: Calls for Samantha to enter from the kitchen as Darrin calls.
  • Altscript: Samantha is already in the Living Room and stops at the foot of the stairs.
  • Episode: Follows the Altscript.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to gather up rubber bands, scissors, etc., in addition to magazines, cigarettes, and lighter, before she starts upstairs.
  • Episode: Rubber bands, scissors, etc. are not included.


  • Script: After Darrin's line, "What's all that stuff?", the script continues as:

    SAMANTHA: Trips twenty-eight through thirty, I hope.
    DARRIN: Smart girl. But I promise - I won't call you again for at least two hours.
    SAMANTHA: That's what you said 10 minutes ago. Now, before I go - is there anything else you need?
    DARRIN: Not a thing.
    SAMANTHA: You're sure?
    DARRIN: Positive. [Samantha nods and starts from the room] What time's lunch?
    SAMANTHA: A quarter past laundry. [She EXITS. Darrin smiles after her, then concentrates on a crossword puzzle. In the middle of a word, the pencil point snaps. He looks up and automatically starts to call Samantha. He stops, guiltily - thinks a moment - then taking another blank sheet of paper, he writes with the broken tip of lead. Now he folds the paper into another airplane - aims it carefully, and sails it out the door].
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut.


  • Script: After Samantha asks Darrin if he would like a glass of water, he asks for one. Samantha twitches and a sound of running water is heard. A glass of water floats in from the bathroom and moves to Darrin's side, waiting for him to take it. Darrin draws away. Samantha has the line, "See how easy it is?"
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

  • Script: After Samantha's line about the house cooperating with Darrin, Samantha has a line about co-operative apartments. Darrin insists that is not what it means. The conversation continues with Samantha asking Darrin to try it as a help to her, and Darrin refusing.
  • Episode: This scene is cut to the point where Samantha tells Darrin to ask for something.


  • Script: Calls for Darrin to be eating the banana. He finishes and throws the peel toward the wastebasket. He misses. He then orders the peel to go into the wastebasket, which it does. He then turns his attention to the window.
  • Episode: The bit with the banana is cut. The scene begins with Darrin ordering the window to open.


  • Script: Calls for the tray to rise and start out of the room.
  • Episode: Samantha stops the tray in mid-rise and zaps a flower onto the tray.


  • Script: After Samantha zaps up a fur coat, Darrin and Endora comment about the coat, and what a wonderful woman Samantha is. Darrin then wants Samantha to zap up the rest of the outfit - hat, gloves, shoes, etc., and a diamond ring like Louise Tate has. Samantha zaps a large diamond wedding band onto her finger.
  • Episode: The part about the accessories and the diamond ring is cut.


  • Oriscript: Larry and Darrin refer to Darrin having broken his toe. Larry asks Darrin what about his career, and that he can't throw it away because he is working toward achievment and financial security - so that someday he can relax, and do what he wants - travel, enjoy the finer things.
  • Altscript: Larry and Darrin refer to his sprained ankle. The remaining lines are shortened down to Larry asking where Darrin is getting the money for all this.
  • Episode: Follows the Altscript.


  • Script: Samantha comes in to change clothes. Endora joins her. Samantha begins to change and the two argue over Samantha being unhappy, Samantha blaming Endora for sticking her foot in the problem, and Endora denying any intention of making Samantha unhappy.
  • Episode: The clothes changing is cut. Most of the lines are cut.


  • Oriscript: Calls for Darrin to call Samantha about what happened to dinner. There is a flash and a complete dinner appears in the dining room - complete with candles, wine, steaming food, etc. Darrin is amazed. He calls Samantha again, and she comes down the stairs in an evening gown.
  • Altscript: Darrin calls Samantha twice before she appears on the stairs. The entire bit about the dining room and the food is cut.
  • Episode: Follows the Altscript.

  • Oriscript: Samantha tells Darrin the closets are full of all new clothes. She helps him from his seat on the couch and both head to the dining room where they sit and continue the conversation which is interlaced with comments about the food.
  • Altscript: They remain in the living room. All action and lines toward, or in, the dining room are cut.
  • Episode: Follows the Altscript.

  • Oriscript: After the discussion about getting a new house, they eat in silence.
  • Altscript: After the discussion about the house, the dining room table is suddenly overflowing with a sumptuous dinner, crystal and silver, wine, etc.. Samantha takes Darrin's arm as they start to the dining room.
  • Episode: After the discussion about the house, the scene fades out.


  • Script: Darrin is on the phone. He tells the realtor that tomorrow is too soon to show the house.
  • Episode: This line is cut. The phone conversation is only as Samantha overhears it from the bedroom.


  • Script: Samantha hears the front door bell. She goes outside the bedroom and sees Darrin at the front door holding a long and a small package. He calls up to her that these are for her, and she starts down the stairs.
  • Episode: Samantha hears the doorbell. The scene shifts to Darrin coming into the DEN with a long box.


  • Script: Calls for the conversation about the flowers and the watch to be in the Living Room.
  • Episode: The scene takes place in the Den. The watch appears to be in with the flowers

  • Script: Samantha tells Darrin that these flowers and the watch mean more to her than anything she has ever had before.

    DARRIN: If you say so.
    SAMANTHA: I do say so - and I'll say it again - and again!
    DARRIN: You don't have to Sam, I heard you the first time!
    SAMANTHA: I don't want anything from you again. Nothing! Just these flowers and this wristwatch!
  • Episode: The direct quotes above are cut.

  • Script: Darrin tells Samantha if she has ever twitched, now is the time. They hold onto each other as the camera moves in on Samantha. She twitches - and there is a flash.
  • Episode: Instead of holding each other, Samantha backs out of view, and the picture of Darrin begins to spin.


  • Script: Samantha starts up the stairs with the pencil. There is a fade out to THE END.
  • Episode: This is the end of act one.


  • Script: There is no trailer in the script.
  • Episode: The repeat bit about the door not being locked, Samantha twitching and the door locking itself is added.

# 18, The Cat's Meow

REVIEWER'S NOTE: This script / episode has some interesting switches. In the script the Teaser takes place in the Stephens' Living room. Act I begins in Darrin's office. The Office scene then shifts to the Stephens' Kitchen, and then back to Darrin's Office. In the episode, the script Teaser is deleted, and the Kitchen scene is used as the Teaser. The two scenes in Darrin's Office are combined into one scene.


  • Script: The scene opens in the Stephens' Living Room. Darrin enters and takes a small gift wrapped package out of a chest, and surprised, he finds another one there. Samantha enters to remind Darrin that she will pick him up at the office at 6:30. [Darrin hides the gifts behind his back] Samantha teases him about not kissing her goodbye, calling him the Don Juan of the nine-seventeen. She starts to give him a hug and realizes he has something behind his back. This leads to comments about his snooping, and that the second gift is for him [for their six months anniversary]. Darrin asks Samantha if she likes it, saying that with her powers she can tell what is inside the box. Samantha denies having powers to do that. Darrin reinforces his argument with the point that she can read minds, otherwise how did she know to bring him a cheese sandwich the night before. Samantha's defense is that he usually has a cheese sandwich at bedtime. Darrin insists that she can read his mind, so she agrees to try. She concentrates, then suddenly says, "How dare you say a thing like that about my mother." Darrin says he was asking for a kiss. Darrin picks up his coat, Samantha puckers up for a kiss, but Darrin passes her by to put the gifts on the chest. She puckers again only to have him pass by to pick up his attache case, and start off. Finally he turns with the comment that he almost forgot the most important thing. Samantha finally gets her kiss.
  • Episode: The episode opens with the second scene from Act I of the script. Samantha and Endora are in the Stephens' Kitchen. Samantha has given herself a permanent. Endora asks if she got her finger stuck in a light socket? Endora then switches the conversation to Darrin and Samantha going out. Samantha says it is their seventh anniversary. Endora is horrified, thinking Samantha means she and Darrin have been carrying on for seven years. Samantha corrects her, it is seven months. The conversation then degenerates into Endora insisting that Samantha is living in a fool's paradise, and that Darrin will cheat on her just because he is a mortal.


Darrin's Office:

  • Script and Episode: Except for minor wording changes such as replacing "stealing the account" with "luring the account." The script and episode agree through Larry's line about swimming upstream [Of note is the script description of Margaret Marshall: She is a stunning woman in her late thirties. It takes only a glance to see that no powers - including man - exist to thwart this beautiful sleek creature. She has the face of an angel and the eyes of a devil. Her figure moves with the suppleness of a stalking tigress. She is dressed in high fashion, sure of everything. There is no such word as "no" in her universe.] The main difference on the script / episode is the combining of the two office scenes in the script to one scene in the episode.

Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: Endora is still sniping at Samantha over doing work the mortal way. Samantha replies that she is very satisfied and that Endora wouldn't understand. Samantha finally asks Endora to leave when she hears the front door opening.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: After Samantha opens her gift and sees the cat pin, there is a script note that reads, in caps: [CHECK MISS MONTGOMERY FOR THIS]. After Darrin turns around to go upstairs, Samantha has the line about "just tell her that your wife is waiting for you". Darrin then disappears upstairs, only to come back down with a late double-take on his face. Darrin asks if he said that this "Marshall person was a her?". Samantha says that since he didn't say she wasn't, it must be a she.
  • Episode: Darrin does not go up the stairs and return. He just starts to go and turns around. The lines about the Marshall person being a she, and Samantha's explanation are cut. {Note: As this scene opens, the gift exchange , and the reasons for it, are awkward. The script Teaser, not used in the aired version, explains the reasons.}

Limousine: [This word was misspelled in the script, as were some others]

  • Script: Kujo, the chauffeur, ushers Darrin into a limousine. Darrin wants to know where Kujo is taking him. Kujo says to see Missy Marshall. The lines continue through Kujo's lines about, "Easy to get things done".
  • Episode: The Limo is not used. These lines take place in the airport.

Phone Booth:

  • Script: After Endora does not answer the phone, the script calls for the following lines:
    DARRIN: [on phone] My wife must be there, operator, she promised to stay home.
    OPERATOR : There is no answer, sir.
    DARRIN: [almost an aside] Where's she gone . . .?
    OPERATOR: Sorry, sir - - - we cannot give out that information.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

Yacht Deck:

  • Script: The script calls for a steward to be standing by the gangway with a tray holding champaign and glasses as Darrin boards the yacht.
  • Episode: The steward is Kujo, dressed in a white jacket instead of the chauffeur's black coat and cap. [Since Darrin left Kujo on the pier as he exited to the speedboat to take him to the yacht, how did Kujo get to the yacht first?]

Main Salon:

  • Script: Margaret calls for the steward Willard to put another bottle on ice, and take the cat away.
  • Episode: The steward Margaret calls for is Kujo. Willard is written out of the episode.

Main Deck:

  • Script: Calls for a pelican to fly into the scene and land on the rail. A note specifies that if this is not practical, then the pelican can be first seen sitting on the rail.
  • Episode: The pelican is first seen sitting on the rail.

Main Salon:

  • Script: Calls for Margaret to be dressed in a shimmering negligee as she talks to the captain.
  • Episode: Margaret wears a floor length evening gown, though it is cut low.


Stephens' Entry Hall:

  • Script: Darrin enters, flicks on the lights, puts the cat on the sofa and sits down beside the cat. He does not notice Samantha come down the stairs.
  • Episode: Darrin does not put the cat down, nor does he sit on the sofa. Samantha is already seated on the stairs.

  • Script: The pelican is sitting on the open window sill. Darrin is shook up when he sees the bird. The bird gives a final "Grooink," and flies away. Darrin and Samantha turn and head up the stairs.
  • Episode: The pelican sits on a lawn chair on the patio. Darrin does not see the bird. Darrin and Samantha turn and start upstairs. Samantha turns back to the bird with the lines, "Good night, Mother. You never looked lovelier". She heads upstairs as the bird is seen to flutter on the chair.

# 19, A Nice Little Dinner Party


  • Script: The script Teaser takes place in the Stephens' Living Room. Samantha enters to find the vacuum cleaner running by itself. Endora pops in with a comment about some mortal contraptions being entertaining. Samantha tells Endora that she has something very important to discuss with her. Endora already has it figured out. Darrin's parents are coming to dinner; Endora is also invited in order to meet them; and Samantha wants Endora to behave herself. Endora finishes with, "Be myself." Samantha does not want her to be herself, but to just be charming. As Endora levitates a cup of tea to herself, Samantha warns her, "And none of that . . .promise."
  • Episode: The script Teaser is not used. Instead, the first scene from the script Act I is used as the teaser. The episode Teaser takes place in the Stephens' Kitchen and follows the script.


Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: [Note: All script cues for the elder Stephens' refer to "Mother and Father," even though Father is called "Frank" and Mother is referred to as "Phyllis" several times.] After Mother's comment about everyone is having a ball - except for the dog, there are lines by Mother and Father about taking a world cruise, with Father's snide remarks about Mother's idea of a fun afternoon is to go look at their burial plots.
  • Episode: The lines about the cruise and burial plots are cut.

  • Script: After Endora comments on Frank's tie, she turns to Darrin and embraces him. This is followed by Father asking where Endora is from. Endora answers, "Salem."
  • Episode: Endora does not embrace Darrin. Added is Darrin pecks her on the cheek. Father's line is cut as is Endora's answer.

  • Script: The following scene takes place in the Stephens' Dining Room during dinner. [All are seated, finishing coffee. Only Darrin seems aware that Mother has a slight, permanent, frozen smile on her face].
    ENDORA: [Laughing at Father] Oh, that's marvelous! Why didn't you tell me your father was such a captivating man?
    DARRIN: It - - - uh, it never occurred to me . . .
    SAMANTHA: [to Mother] Mom, you haven't touched your dessert. Is something wrong with it?
    MOTHER: Oh . . .no, dear . . .it's just that I'm not very hungry.
    ENDORA: [laughing - to Mother] I hope you appreciate what an amusing man your husband is, Mrs. Stephens.
    MOTHER: [stonily] Oh, yes . . .a regular Milton Berle.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha and Darrin have an argument over Endora's behavior. Samantha insists that Endora is just being charming. Darrin insists that she is "vamping" his Father.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Stephens' Entry Hall:

  • Script: After Samantha's line about Mother changing her mind about staying:
    MOTHER: [polite again] No . . . really, Samantha. But thank you for a most interesting evening.
    FATHER: [following her out] Phyllis, you're making a fool of yourself!
    MOTHER: I'm making a fool of myself?! I like that.
    FATHER: You're behaving as if I'd done something wrong . . .
    MOTHER: I wouldn't expect you to know if you had . . . .!
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

Stephens' Bedroom:

  • Script: [Samantha and Darrin are getting ready for bed] They have an argument over Endora causing a rift between his parents. He thinks Endora is guilty, Samantha thinks she is not. Finally, Samantha accuses Darrin of being unreasonable. She realizes what she has said and changes tactics to convince him that the spat between his parents will blow over, and the important thing is that it should not affect their relationship.
  • Episode: This scene is cut. The episode scene opens with the tail end of the argument that follows after the comments about their relationship.

Mother's Kitchen:

  • Script: Mother has lines about not going to the play with Frank and Endora even if the play were "Julius Caesar with the original cast." After these lines, Father exits to get his suit pressed.
  • Episode: After Mother's line about "Julius Caesar and the original cast," Father has a line added about going and enjoying himself.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: [Darrin, looking completely beaten, enters]
    SAMANTHA: Everything all right with your folks?
    DARRIN: [grimly] How's my mother-in-law, the home wrecker?
    SAMANTHA: [rising - very coldly] I don't think I care to discuss it anymore.
    DARRIN: Why not?! You started the whole thing.
    SAMANTHA: I just want to say one thing, and then I'm going to bed. You're an illogical, childish, vain mortal! [Samantha stomps out and starts up the stairs. Darrin starts to follow her.]
    DARRIN: Samantha... [He stops, figures "to heck with it," moves back to the couch, and angrily starts to make up bed....]
  • Episode: This scene is cut.

Club Lounge:

  • Script: After Father's line, "Whenever you need me, I'll be there," Samantha has the line, "[gently] Why didn't you marry her, Pop?" This is followed by Father's lines, "I did! Oh, I guess it's hard for you to think of Phyllis as ever being that young..."
  • Episode: Samantha's line is cut and the, "I did" is cut from Father's lines.

Mother's Kitchen:

  • Script: Endora enters, saying she wants to apologize for last night. This conversation continues with Mother really acting the "wronged" woman, saying she doesn't want Frank to come back out of a sense of duty. The scene continues thru Mother's line, "I hope you two will be very happy."
  • Episode: About half of the lines in this scene are cut.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: After Endora's line, "There will be an airstrip by the time they get there . . .
    SAMANTHA: Could you have a car waiting for him . . .?
    ENDORA: What kind?
    SAMANTHA: A 1924 roadster-convertible. I'd do it myself, but I can't remember what they look like.
    ENDORA: My pleasure, dear.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

Interior of Train:

  • Script: CONDUCTOR: What depot? We're in the middle of nowhere. [Mother smiles and exits.]
  • Episode: The Conductor's line, "By golly, there is a depot out there" is added.

Small Railway Station:

  • Script: [Mother, still bewildered, crosses, places her suitcases down and is about to sit on them when the conductor enters]
    CONDUCTOR: We're pulling out, lady. You comin'.
    MOTHER: No, thank you.
    CONDUCTOR: You've got a ticket to Phoenix.
    MOTHER: I know, but this is far as I go. [sound of train pulling out o.s. Conductor shrugs, moves out of scene.]
  • Episode: Except for Mother entering and putting her suitcase down, this scene is cut.

  • Script: [Mother sits under the sign which reads: ANGEL FALLS. Presently, an old yellow roadster enters scene. She looks at it and smiles. Father gets out, crosses to stand beside her. They look at each other a long moment.]
  • Episode: [Mother stands under the sign. The roadster is shown parked. Father enters scene and stands beside her.]


Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: [Samantha is relaxing when Darrin enters.]
  • Episode: [Samantha is asleep on the sofa when Darrin enters.]

  • Script: Samantha has lines about how they should never stop being romantic. Getting no answer from Darrin, she turns and sees he is asleep on the sofa. She looks at him, grits her teeth and points a finger at him and zaps him to bed.
  • Episode: Darrin is asleep but leaning on her shoulder, not lying on the sofa. Samantha twitches him to bed.

Stephens' Bedroom:

  • Script: [Samantha is looking down at him. She kisses him and sighs. She takes a last look, glances at window and makes her hand signal. We HEAR thunder, and outside we see the rain. Samantha blows out the light and the scene fades.]
  • Episode: Samantha looks at Darrin and settles down. The bits with the thunder and rain, and blowing out the light are cut.

# 20, Your Witch Is Showing

REVIEWER'S NOTE: The script used here is dated 12-09-64. Appended are two revised scenes, dated 01-04-65, with notations that these two scenes were filmed from the original script, and then re-filmed {called a RETAKE} from the revised script. The use of the revised scripts is noted in the text.


Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script:
    DARRIN: Matron of honor? At a wedding in Egypt???
    SAMANTHA: Well, he is a relative.
    DARRIN: Absolutely not! You're not running off to any witches' wedding!
  • Episode: The last two lines are cut.

  • Script: After Darrin's line, "She'll go with me . . .the old fashioned way!"
    SAMANTHA: That's right. I made Darrin a new promise to love, honor, and quit flying without planes!
    ENDORA: Is that final?
    DARRIN: Final!
  • Episode: After "...the old fashioned way!", the remaining lines are cut.

  • Script: The scene ends with Endora disappearing in a cloud of very black smoke.
  • Episode: Endora pops out, but there is no smoke.


Darrin's Office:

  • Script:
    WOOLFE: [Giving a cheer] Bulldog, bulldog, bow wow wow...Eli
    GIDEON: [joining in] Yale!
  • Episode: The cheer is changed;
    WOOLFE: Rackety rack, co-ax, co-ax, rackety rack, co-ax, co-ax, team, team!
    GIDEON: Team

REFILMED SCENE [This scene follows the scene where Darrin is trapped in the elevator]


  • Original Script: [Disheveled and panting, Darrin rushes up just as Gideon emerges.]
    GIDEON: Mr. Stephens, what kept you?
    DARRIN: A red button marked emergency. Where's Woolfe?
    GIDEON: Oh, he left. But don't worry . . .I covered for you. Told him you weren't feeling well.
    DARRIN: [eyes narrowed] That was clever.
    GIDEON: You know, I think the old coot's going to sign with us . . .[breaking up] Providing I tell him the name of my tailor! How about that!
    DARRIN: Yeah. How about that?

Phone Booth - Intercut with Larry's office: [This scene replaces the Restaurant scene above]

  • Revised Script:
    GIDEON: [on phone] Mr. Tate? . . .This is Gideon Whitsett.
    LARRY: [on phone - worried] You mean he kept Mr. Woolfe waiting . . .?
    GIDEON: I'm afraid so, sir. But I stepped into the breach, so to speak . . .I took the liberty of covering for him.
    LARRY: Good for you. How did it go?
    GIDEON: [false modesty] Brilliantly . . .if I may say so, sir. I feel confident Mr. Woolfe will sign with our agency [light laugh] Providing, of course, that I give him the name of my tailor. I don't know why . . .but he thinks the world of me.
    LARRY: I do! You're a very capable young man. Valuable, too!
    GIDEON: Thank you, Mr. Tate . . .That means a great deal to me.
  • Episode: The episode follows the revised script.


Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: After Darrin's line about being jinxed, Samantha has the lines:
    SAMANTHA: [sympathizing] It's a terrible experience. Mother used to do it to my boy friends all the time when...
  • Episode: Samantha's lines are changed to:
    SAMANTHA: It's a terrible experience. Mother did that to me once . . .


Office Corridor:

  • Script: Samantha is in the corridor outside Darrin's office. She meets Larry, who after polite greetings introduces her to Gideon who has just entered the scene. Gideon makes with his usual flattery. Samantha asks him if he has ever been to Egypt, saying he looks familiar, and has he ever met her cousin? Gideon says no, he wouldn't have forgotten her if they had met, but perhaps they had seen each other at a distance at the Riviera or Monte Carlo. Samantha twitches and says, "Montago Pernisox?" Gideon wiggles his nose and says, "Never heard of it." Larry [completely stymied] asks if there is something wrong. Samantha answers that there is nothing wrong and she doesn't know what to do about it. She exits as Larry says, "Whatever Stephens' has, it must be catching."
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: As Samantha enters, Darrin wants to know if she found that Gideon is a warlock. Samantha says she thinks not. Darrin then accuses her of "witches not telling on one another." Samantha finally gives up with the lines: [losing patience] "Okay, Darrin . Have it your way! Gideon is a warlock. He makes waxen images at midnight. He creates storms at sea . . .and he turns into a hare if periled."
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut.

  • Script: After Endora tells Darrin she is the only game in town, she produces a small atomizer and gives it to Darrin.
  • Episode: This bit is cut.

  • Script: After Samantha finds that Endora gave Darrin some supposed witch stopper, Samantha is furious. Endora's laughter is cut off and a stony silence ensues. Endora decides she isn't wanted and pops out.
  • Episode: The part about Endora laughing and popping out is cut.

REFILMED SCENE [The scene and the REFILMED scene take place in the Board Room]

  • Original Script: [Darrin is standing, with a pointer, by the scale model]
    DARRIN: Here you see a House of Tomorrow, as furnished by Woolfe Brothers. [indicates for Gideon to plug in wire] Mr. Whitset? [Gideon does and the model lights up] It is our recommendation that this scale be built, and used as a mobile promotional unit...

  • Revised Script: [same as original to the point- "...and used as a mobile promotional unit..." The revised script continues with] designed to arrest the attention of the potential purchaser. Many months of painstaking, detailed work has gone into this scale model... as the originator of the concept, it is my firm belief that the material displayed will give the customer a chance to sample the merchandise. It's purpose, of course...
  • Episode: The script is used as the Revised Script through the line, "...Attention of the potential purchaser." The rest is replaced with, " be shown at decorators, home shows.. Uh."


  • Script: [When the house model catches fire, the script calls for Gideon to leap over, and pull the plug. Larry is to leap for the wall fire extinguisher. Gideon is to tear off his jacket, and try to beat out the flames.]
  • Episode: Gideon does not unplug the model, neither does he take off his jacket. Larry gets a fire extinguisher from the hall and puts out the fire.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: [Gideon has entered to pick up Darrin's papers on the Woolfe account. He holds forth in his usual superior manner. Samantha looks toward the stairs and twitches. In the Bedroom, Darrin sits up as the book he had heads for the door. He gets up and follows]
    GIDEON: Some people are destined for important things and some are not, Mrs. Stephens. I've known from the beginning where I wanted to go and exactly how to get there.
    SAMANTHA: That's very interesting.
    GIDEON: Don't misunderstand - - I don't believe I could have done it without a great deal of charm and personal magnetism.
  • Episode: Gideon's lines are cut. Samantha does not twitch untill later. The book does not fly off, but Darrin gets up and goes to the head of the stairs to listen.

  • Script: Gideon has lines about push and drive.
  • Episode: Samantha's twitch to call Darrin takes place here.

  • Script: Gideon has lines about lopping off a few heads.
  • Episode: Gideon has lines added about his having others work paper routes for him when he was six. When he was in college he was so rich he hired flunkies to pass his college exams for him while he tended to more important matters. He was out there, promoting all of the time.

  • Script: Samantha hands Gideon a drink.
  • Episode: Samantha does not give Gideon anything to drink.

  • Script: Gideon is looped. Samantha hands him yet another drink.
  • Episode: Samantha never gives Gideon anything to drink. He is cold sober, but under the spell she has zapped on him.

  • Script: After Gideon has explained how he got Darrin's drawings, Samantha zaps him over the couch with a two finger motion, where Darrin meets him with a right to the jaw.
    DARRIN: Remember that one, kid?
    SAMANTHA: [eying the prone figure cooly] I don't think so Darrin. He's too young. [Gideon stirs, sits up, handkerchief to his nose]
    DARRIN: Witches don't bleed do they?
    SAMANTHA: Nope. And they're much more subtle.
    DARRIN: You know, I don't think he's a witch.
    SAMANTHA: You know, I believe you're right.
  • Episode: All of these lines except the last two are cut. [Gideon does not have a bloody nose]


  • Script and Episode: The script and episode agree, except that Endora's o.s. laugh is added as the episode fades out.



# 21, Ling Ling

REVIEWERS NOTE: The available script for this episode is the first version in a series of re-writes that led to the aired episode. There are so many differences that a line-by-line, or even a scene-by-scene comparison is meaningless. For instance, the script is titled "FELECIA", with the author being listed as Tony Wilson. The aired episode is titled "LING LING", with the writer listed as Jerry Davis. [Tony Wilson is not listed as an author for any of the aired episodes]. The Felecia script has a large part for Endora. In Ling Ling, Endora does not appear. The scenes, settings, and cast are all changed. The things that tie Felecia and Ling Ling together are the production number assigned [#3933], and the story basis of a cat changed into a young woman. The review will consist of a scene-by-scene synopsis of Felecia, followed by a scene-by-scene synopsis of Ling Ling.



Stephens' Kitchen:

The scene opens with Samantha shown making a large assortment [the mortal way] of hors-d'oeuvres on sterling silver trays, plainly enough for a large party. Suddenly, a Siamese cat [Felecia] appears on the table and begins to eat the hors-d'oeuvres. Samantha calls for Uncle Mather to materialize and take his cat… Before she finishes her admonition to Uncle Mather, Endora pops in and tells Samantha that she is cat sitting for the day. Endora zaps up replacements for the eaten food. Endora and Samantha then get into a typical argument about how Darrin treats Samantha, and Samantha's typical defense that she does the work because she wants to.

Darrin's Office:

Darrin and Larry are having a meeting with a client, Walter Ames, outlining a new advertising program for WONDERGLO cleanser. The Glo Girl model stands in the background. Ames is described as a primly precise little man with the type of face that will remain basically unchanged from to six to sixty. As Ames nitpicks the program he mentions that he is primarily a time and motion study man, with no previous experience in advertising.


Stephens' Kitchen:

Samantha hears Darrin come in, primps her hair a bit and poses in front of the hors-d'oeuvres array. Endora looks on sourly. Darrin enters, practically ignores Samantha and the food. He notices Endora, and greets her glumly. Suddenly, Felecia jumps into his arms. Darrin then notices the food and samples some, also feeding Felicia some. Samantha bristles at the open spots in her beautiful arrangement and nags Darrin about what he has done. Darrin tells her to make some more hors-d'oeuvres, inferring that she used magic to make the ones already there. Larry arrives and Darrin goes to answer the door. Samantha is still steaming. Endora calls Darrin an animal and says what he needs is a . . . . . She thinks she has found the perfect mate for Darrin. She casts a spell and turns the cat into a beautiful young woman. The woman Felecia ignores the change over and continues to nibble at the food. Samantha is outraged, but Endora insists that this is the perfect mate for Darrin. Before Samantha can change Felecia back into a cat, she hears Darrin returning and shoves Felecia into the broom closet. Darrin apologizes to Samantha for his behavior, and they make up At this point Larry rushes in. Endora pops out. Larry has bad news; the Glo Girl for the commercial has eloped with Mr. Sludge from the oil filter commercial. Larry had counted on the girl to unwind Mr. Ames and get him to approve the advertising campaign. In desperation he asks Samantha if she has a college friend that they could get quickly to work on Ames. Endora appears in the mirror where only Samantha can see or hear her and asks Samantha about her friend from Siam? Endora then zaps the kitchen door open and there stands Felecia, who slinks in. Larry heads for the living room convinced that Felecia is just what he needs to unwind Ames. Endora pops out. Samantha begins the incantation to turn Felecia back to a cat, but before she can finish it, Darrin returns. [the script does not give the words to the incantation] Darrin sees Felecia and decides Larry is right; she is just what Ames needs. Samantha says she can sidetrack Ames.

Stephens' Living Room:

Samantha enters to find Larry listening to a boring dissertation by Ames. She introduces herself, and offers to get Ames a drink. He refuses and goes off onto a boring discussion, full of figures, about why you should not drink. Realizing she is not getting through to Ames, Samantha twitches Felecia into the room. Ames politely rises to meet her, but Felecia is uninterested. Samantha picks a sardine from the table, waves it at Felecia and pops it into Ames breast pocket. Felecia hastily but gracefully comes up to Ames and entwines herself around him with such force that they land on the love seat. Ames is taken aback, but finally smiles shyly and greets her. Felecia cuddles tighter to him.

End of ACT I

Stephens' Living Room:

The party is in full swing. Ames and Felecia are cuddled on the love seat, with Felecia swiping hors-d'oeuvres from his plate. Ames is fascinated with the way Felecia moves with no wasted motion. The script here describes Felecia as looking like a human but acting mentally and physically like a cat. She plainly retains all of her animal traits. As the party goes on, Felecia moves tighter into Ames. As the food is finished and the champagne begins to flow, Larry takes over as host and keeps Ames and Felecia's glasses full. Felecia begins pawing at Ames breast pocket, which interests Ames no end. It is plain that both are getting drunk. Louise Tate enters, having just come from a dog show. Felecia smells the dog scent, arches her back, hisses, and rips the sofa back. She is apparently aiming for Louise next. In desperation, Samantha twitches Ames and Felecia into the garden.

Stephens' Garden:

Ames does not remember coming outside; Felecia doesn't care. She is too much interested in the sardine and gets as close to his pocket as possible. Ames puts his arm around her, obviously awed at his own daring. As Ames starts to stroke Felecia's hair, she begins to purr.

Stephens' Living Room:

Larry has decided that Felecia should be the next Glo Girl. Samantha finally has to tell Darrin the truth about what is going on. As expected, Darrin explodes. Ames comes back in, very drunk, and tells Darrin that he has decided to approve the advertising program. Darrin, meanwhile, is trying to get a word in edgewise to tell Ames that Felecia is not the girl for him. Ames then announces that he and Felecia are engaged. During the party scenes Endora keeps popping in, but only where Samantha can see and hear her.


Stephens' Garden:

Endora has told Samantha that Uncle Mather is coming to get Felecia at midnight and she must be back to a cat by then. In desperation to get Ames and Felecia apart, Samantha edges the sardine out of Ames' pocket. Ames sees it and throws it on the ground. Felecia pounces on it. Ames tells her it is dirty and Felecia bristles at this, spreads her claws, and begins to hiss at Ames. Samantha sees problems coming and twitches up a mouse. Felecia reacts and pursues the mouse out of the yard and into the alley. Ames goes after her, but can't find her. Samantha and Darrin try to console Ames, telling him that Felecia had to go back to her home. Ames finally decides that she would not have fit in with his life after all.



Stephens' Back Yard:

Samantha is on a chaise reading. A stray Siamese cat comes along the fence and jumps down next to her. Samantha picks up the cat. Gladys appears with an empty birdcage. She had let the bird out, now she can't find it and accuses the cat of getting the bird. Samantha spots the bird and when Gladys cannot see it, Samantha zaps it to the cage.


Stephens' Kitchen:

Samantha and Darrin enter. Darrin gets a call from the young photographer Wally, who tells Darrin that the regular photographer has gotten tired of waiting for Pickering, the client, to make up his mind about the exotic eastern model for the "Jewel of the East" ad campaign, and has gone to Paris. Darrin tells Samantha about the problem, and then leaves for the office. Samantha sits at the table with a cup of coffee and the cat jumps on the table. Samantha looks at the cat, comments that she is exotic looking and comes from the east. The scene ends with Samantha's line: "Cat, how would you like to be a cover girl?"

McMann and Tate Photo Studio:

Larry, Darrin and Wally discuss the ad campaign and how hard it is to find the exotic looking girl that the client wants. They comment that they have only one day to find the girl and photograph her. The secretary calls to tell Larry that there is a young woman to see him, and she thinks he ought to see her. The camera angle changes and Ling Ling make her entrance. All agree that Ling Ling is perfect for the part. Wally spends the day photographing Ling Ling, taking almost 200 pictures of her. Larry and Darrin return to announce that the client has bought off on Ling Ling, and the campaign is underway. Darrin declares that they should celebrate with drinks and dinner at his house.

Stephens' Kitchen:

Samantha and Gladys are in the kitchen. Gladys wants to know if Samantha is eating out since it is late and Samantha has not started dinner. Samantha says she is a fast worker. As Gladys leaves the phone rings. It is Darrin telling Samantha that he is bringing Larry, Louise and Wally for dinner and will be there shortly. Samantha does not have enough in the house to prepare a dinner for five people. So, she zaps up a complete meal. Gladys returns to make a comment, is shocked at seeing all the food, and backs out in confusion.

Stephens' Entry:

Darrin enters and calls Samantha. She enters from the kitchen as Larry and Louise come in the front door. Shortly Wally arrives. He has brought Ling Ling with whom he is plainly smitten. Samantha and Louise trade "catty" remarks about Ling Ling.

Stephens' Living Room:

All are sitting around listening to Wally extol the virtues of Ling Ling and what a fabulous model she is. Samantha enters with a plate of Sardine hors-d'oeuvres. Samantha does not offer Ling Ling any. Darrin insists she be offered some, takes the tray from Samantha and offers it [off screen] to Ling Ling. With a surprised look on his face he pulls back an empty tray. After dinner, Ling Ling and Wally can be seen in the back yard while the others comment on Wally's attention to her. Samantha decides she and Ling Ling need a little girl-to-girl talk.

Stephens' Kitchen:

Samantha and Ling Ling enter. Ling Ling wants to stay a human while Samantha insists she must return to being a cat. Ling Ling says she has no feelings for Wally, only that he pays her attention and pampers her. She will stay with him as long as he does that. Darrin enters and Ling Ling leaves. Samantha finally tells Darrin that Ling Ling is a cat. Darrin finds this hard to believe, but finally accepts it. He exits to warn Wally that Ling Ling is not for him.

Stephens' Dining Room:

Darrin tries to tell Wally that Ling Ling is not right for him. Wally refuses to listen and tells Darrin that he is out of line. Ling Ling enters and she and Wally start to go back outside. Samantha enters with a drink for Ling Ling. She tells Darrin that she has put catnip in the drink.

Stephens' Back Yard:

Wally tells Ling Ling he is crazy about her. Ling Ling is interested only in her drink and is rapidly getting high on the cat nip Wally takes the drink from her. She grabs it back, finishes it off, hisses at Wally, and then claws him on the cheek.

Stephens' Living Room:

Ling Ling enters on her way out. Samantha hands her her fur coat. Ling Ling exits through the kitchen. Wally comes back in, all shaken up. He cannot understand what has happened. He agrees that it is better that he find out now rather than later that Ling Ling is a strange one.


Kravitz's Kitchen:

Gladys pours a saucer of milk for the cat as an apology for accusing the cat of getting her bird.

Stephens' Kitchen:

Samantha and Darrin do the dishes. Darrin mentions Ling Ling. Samantha remembers she has forgotten to turn Ling Ling back into a cat. She runs out to find Ling Ling.

Kravitz's Kitchen:

Gladys looks out the kitchen window and sees Ling Ling lapping the milk. She calls Abner to look at the woman in the fur coat lapping the milk. Abner stops to get Gladys' medicine before he looks. By the time he looks, Samantha has changed Ling Ling back into a cat. He offers Gladys the medicine. She looks out of the window, sees the cat and takes the medicine.

# 22, Eye Of The Beholder


Bodkin's Antique Shop:

  • Script: The script calls for an outside shot of the antique shop. Samantha and Endora can be seen talking to Mr. Bodkin. Darrin is not present.
  • Episode: Darrin can also be seen in the antique shop.

Antique Shop:

  • Script: Endora has lines about living in Boston early it the eighteenth century. She recalls a severe storm in 1727.
  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: After showing Samantha and Endora a table [whose age they dispute], Mr. Bodkin turns his attention to Mrs. Worthington, plainly a regular customer. He shows a serving cart to Mrs. Worthington, claiming it is Flemish, found in the attic of a house in Belgium. Samantha has lines about meeting Darrin for lunch, just the two of them. Darrin enters. Greetings are exchanged. The scene shifts to Mr. Bodkin showing Mrs. Worthington a suit of armor. He tells her that it came from a haunted castle in England. Suddenly a puff of smoke appears above the armor. Mrs. Worthington accuses Mr. Bodkin of cheap trickery and storms out. As the smoke clears a picture appears and flutters down within Darrin's view. Darrin finally picks it up. It is a picture dated 1690 that looks like Samantha.
  • Episode: Bodkin also shows a chair to Samantha and Endora using the same lines as in the script about the serving cart being Flemish. Bodkin exits the scene. The character of Mrs. Worthington is not used at all. The bit about the suit of armor is deleted. After Endora lines about, "I'm your mother, and I shall decide it's proper place", Samantha's lines about now that she's married "things cannot be the same", followed by Endora's reply about "giving her up for a mere mortal", are added. The picture does not appear from the smoke cloud, but is dropped in front of Darrin [twice] before he picks it up. The picture is dated 1682.


Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: After Darrin's lines about being bald and not having any teeth, Darrin's lines about "what will people say when they see us together", are added, as are Samantha's lines about "he will have the youngest wife on the block". Darrin then exits.
  • Episode: After Darrin's lines about being bald and having no teeth, he exits to work in the garden.

  • Script: After Kimmie moves the wheelbarrow, Darrin removes some flower pots from it and manages to move it out of the scene. Endora is shown smiling in a second story window.
  • Episode: Darrin does not remove pots from the wheelbarrow, nor does he ever manage to move it, even after several tries. He gives up. Endora is seen peeking around the corner of the house and laughing.


  • Script: There is a scene with Darrin dressed for bed, making himself some warm milk.
  • Episode: The scene is used as it is in the script, except it is moved to after the scene where the newspaper boy hits Darrin with a paper.

Stephens' Front Yard / Entry:

  • Script: Darrin, appearing very tired, is getting ready to leave for work. Samantha enters with lines about how Darrin should "stay home and rest". He forgets to kiss her goodbye. When she reminds him, she gets a fatherly peck on the forehead. As Darrin steps out of the door he is hit by a newspaper.
  • Episode: This scene is cut. Darrin is hit with the newspaper while in the front yard, dressed in his gardening clothes. He limps into the house and the scene continues with his complaints about his knee injury, etc.. The Kitchen scene with the warm milk is inserted next.

City Street:

  • Script: Darrin parks his car on the street across from his building. A boy scout is shown trying to help an old lady across the street. She refuses any help, so the boy scout turns to look for someone else to help. He spots Darrin, rushes over, takes his arm and escorts him across the street. As Darrin enters his building, a woman on the sidewalk turns and we see that it is Endora, laughing.
  • Episode: This scene is cut.


Larry Tate's Office:

  • Script: The script calls for Darrin to enter Larry's Office, where Darrin and Larry have the discussion about younger women.
  • Episode: The scene takes place in Darrin's Office. The episode follows the script with only minor wording changes.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: The script calls for Samantha to discover the picture, call Endora, and confront her with it. After Samantha's line about Endora "creating all sorts of doubts and suspicions", the script continues:
    ENDORA: [not displeased] Really?
    SAMANTHA: Only it's not going to work out the way you planned.
    ENDORA: Samantha, surely you're not thinking of growing old - - - [Endora stops speaking abruptly, but the cat is already out of the bag].
    SAMANTHA: Do you mean I can?
    ENDORA: Well, dear, I didn't exactly mean - - -
    SAMANTHA: I didn't know we had a choice - before now. Thank you mother. I think the problem is solved.
    ENDORA: What a perfectly ridiculous solution.
    SAMANTHA: No, mother, it's not ridiculous. It's my duty as Darrin's wife.
    ENDORA: But you're in the very bloom of youth, child.
    SAMANTHA: And I shall always be, in his eyes.
    ENDORA: I acted on your behalf, Samantha. I was just trying to point out to you both the dangers, the pitfalls that will surely come in later years.
    SAMANTHA: Mother, I know you meant well, but try to understand that Darrin and I love each other and are capable of solving our own problems.
    ENDORA: [pouting] My only child, and I don't think I'll really ever understand you.
  • Episode: The above lines are cut and are replaced with Samantha's lines about Samantha "telling Darrin the truth", and Endora's comeback "that as a vain, self centered mortal, he would never adjust to his growing old while Samantha did not".

City Park:

  • Script: Darrin is wandering in the park. An elderly couple approach along the walk. They are holding hands and have eyes only for each other. Suddenly Darrin's vision becomes blurred, and we see a projection into the future. Darrin, hobbled and bent, in the twilight of his life, is walking with Samantha. She, in contrast, is still young and beautiful. The scene switches back to Darrin watching the old couple depart the scene.
  • Episode: This scene is cut. The part of the old couple is moved forward to the first scene of Darrin in the park.

  • Script: Samantha appears in the park and starts looking for Darrin.
  • Episode: Just before Samantha pops in and finds Darrin, the old couple appear again with the lines about never changing. Samantha pops in next to Darrin.

  • Script: After Samantha tells Darrin she found the picture, the script continues:
    SAMANTHA: Darrin, I want you to know I never posed for that picture.
    DARRIN: Do you mean it's a phony?
    SAMANTHA: Yes!
    DARRIN: Who on earth would have done a thing like that? [Samantha guiltily drops her eyes, Darrin continues suspiciously] Or maybe it wasn't somebody on earth. [as Samantha slowly shakes her head] Your Mother!
    SAMANTHA: [nods] She didn't mean anything by it. She was just - - -
    DARRIN: - - -trying to break up our marriage, that's all.
    SAMANTHA: Oh, no. Mother actually approves of our marriage. In her own way.
    DARRIN: She's got a nasty way of showing it.
    SAMANTHA: Darrin, if you think about it, what she did actually brings us closer together.
    DARRIN: I'm thinking. [pensive moment] Still comes out the same. She's a home wrecker.
    SAMANTHA: Darling, look - - - [the old couple reappear, still arm-in-arm, oblivious to the outside world] Do you think she looks old to him?
    DARRIN: Well, no - - -but that's different. It's obvious they still love each other, but they've grown old together.
    SAMANTHA: And so will we
    DARRIN: Sam - - -do you mean it?
    SAMANTHA: Yes, darling. I made that decision today.
    DARRIN: [moved] Gee, Sam . . . .I don't know what to say.
    SAMANTHA: The wonderful part of it is, I'll always be young and pretty to you as long as you love me. And that's something characteristic of human beings, not witches.
    DARRIN: I guess I never looked at it that way before [then, humbly] Sam, I'm sorry if I've acted...
    SAMANTHA: Human . . .?
    DARRIN: [a grin] Yeah. [then] Forgive me?
    SAMANTHA: [warmly] Of course, darling.
  • Episode: This scene is cut after Samantha's line about finding the picture, and replaced with Darrin's speech about having done a lot of thinking and deciding that the only thing that really matters is that he loves her, and the only thing that is important is for two people who love each other to be together.


  • Script: The script has no trailer.
  • Episode: The scene is in the Stephens' Bedroom. Samantha and Darrin are ready for bed. Darrin tells Samantha about hearing the squirrels in the park talking. Darrin kisses Samantha and exits the scene. Samantha looks down at the dresser to find that the picture of Darrin has turned into a picture of an old man. Endora is heard to laugh. Samantha zaps the picture back to normal, gives it a finger kiss and exits.

# 23, Red Light, Green Light

Street Scene:

  • Script: Joe Harvey, a handsome, young, bachelor attorney pays considerable attention to Samantha as they wait to cross the street.
  • Episode: Darrinís good friend, Dave, replaces Joe for the entire episode. In keeping with Daveís position as Darrinís friend, the come-on to Samantha is tempered throughout the episode.

Stephens Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha asks Endora to fix Darrinís dinner.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Endora is waiting for Darrin to come home. When he does, Endora tells him that she has prepared his dinner. Darrin replies that he didnít know she could cook. Endoraís reply is that the Roman Emperor Claudius was very fond of her cooking. Darrin remembers that Claudius died of food poisoning and runs from the house.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Daveís House:

  • Script: Ad-lib approval from the gathering when Samantha suggests a meeting at the school.
  • Episode: No ad-libs, only Dave saying it is a good idea.

  • Script: Darrin eats candy. There is dialog about him being hungry.
  • Episode: Darrin eats candy, but the being hungry dialog is cut.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Endora has brought a number of traffic lights, including one with the God Hermes on top of the signal. Endora remarks that Hermes was a showoff, and if the city officials had known Hermes like she did, he wouldnít be on the signal.
  • Episode: All reference to Hermes is deleted.

Stephens Den:

  • Script: Dialog between Darrin and Samantha that makes it plain that he wants her very personal attention; he has no interest in working on a campaign ad. Samantha politely puts him off. There are also lines about Darrin getting to know Endora better.
  • Episode: All of these lines are cut, leaving only those relating to Darrin working on the ad.

  • Script: Samantha leaves the room by popping out. Gladys is looking through the window and sees her do it.
  • Episode: Gladys is not at the window.


  • Script: Endora asks the chauffeur if this is the Mayorís limousine.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Abnerís Car:

  • Script: Abner runs out of gas in the intersection, but there is room for the Mayorís car to pass. Samantha makes Abnerís car run, blocking the Mayorís car.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Street Scene:

  • Script: A new traffic light has been installed. Samantha, Joe (actually Dave), Abner, and Gladys are waiting to cross. Joe is making his usual pass at Samantha. Finally, Joe spots a beautiful, single girl across the street.
  • Episode: This entire scene is cut and replaced with:

Stephens Living Room:

  • Episode: Samantha is preparing a victory party. Endora brings in another traffic light. Gladys sees it through the window. Abner and Gladys ring the doorbell, but Samantha has Endora vanish with the light before she opens the door. When they enter, no one but Samantha is there, and no light is there. Gladys takes her medicine.



# 24, Which Witch is Which


Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Endora is standing on the steps in her usual costume when Samantha asks her to go shopping with her. The script calls for Endora to snap her fingers and appear in a very chic suit.
  • Episode: Endora makes a motion with both arms to change the clothes.

  • Script: After viewing Endora's new outfit, there is a line where Samantha says "Very nice. A Dior?"
  • Episode: Deleted

End of Teaser

Inside of Department Store:

  • Script: The script calls for a scene where Endora is being pushed around by other shoppers, finally being pushed out of sight. Endora asks Samantha if staying alive is the challenge, and pushing back the fun.
  • Episode: This scene is deleted.

NOTE: At this point Endora changes her self into a duplicate of Samantha. All script cues for Endora/Samantha are "EN-SAM".

Second floor of the Department Store:

  • Script: An elderly gentleman approaches EN-SAM and asks the time. EN-SAM looks at her watch and gives the man the time.
  • Episode: The scene is moved to the fourth floor and combined with the area where Bob meets EN-SAM. Like Samantha, EN-SAM does not wear a watch and gives the time without looking at anything.

  • Script: The sales woman reappears as Bob and EN-SAM conclude their conversation about a dinner date.
  • Episode: The saleswoman does not return to the scene.

NOTE: Two scenes were added to this version of the script that apparently were not in an earlier version from which some scenes were filmed. This added three pages to the script numbered 12A, 12B and 12C. The scripts are usually consecutively numbered pages without the use of A, B, etc. to any extent. Ironically, these two added scenes were cut from the filmed episode. Also, it appears that the dress fitting scene was filmed from an earlier script, and was refilmed to conform to this later script. There is a note that says "NOTE: RE ABOVE...RECUT IN FASHION DISCUSSED WITH H. ACKERMAN AND AARON NIBLEY" .

Supper Club:

  • Script: (Added scene) Bob and EN-SAM have an intimate dinner and drinks in the club, and are exchanging champagne toasts
  • Episode: This scene is deleted, and is replaced by the Chinese restaurant scene.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: (Added scene) Samantha and Darrin discuss Bob and when Samantha will meet him.
  • Episode: The scene is deleted.

Club Scenes:

  • Script: There are night club scenes with Bob and EN-SAM superimposed on the backgrounds.
  • Episode: The number of night club shots is reduced, and the one with more champagne toasting is deleted.

Chinese Restaurant:

  • Script: There is a scene in a Chinese restaurant where Gladys sees Bob and EN-SAM together.
  • Episode: The scene is filmed as the script says, except it moved forward to replace the first supper club scene that was cut.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: In conversation with Samantha, Darrin says his type has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Episode: Changed to green eyes.

GO-GO Club:

  • Script: Calls for Bob and EN-SAM to do the Watusi.
  • Episode: Shows a stock scene of a carnival.

Stephens Den:

  • Script: Samantha and Darrin have a conversation about the "good old days" when both were single.
  • Episode: This scene is deleted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha is modeling the dress that was just fitted for. She does not like it, it has been cut too low for her, and she plans to return it to be corrected. Darrin likes the dress as it is. The door bell rings and it is Gladys who lets on that she knows what is going on between EN-SAM (that she thinks is Samantha) and Bob, and hints that she will help Samantha if she needs it. Since at this point Samantha has no idea what is going on between EN-SAM and Bob, she is completely confused.
  • Episode: This scene is deleted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha has it out with Endora over her dating Bob, including Samantha finding out that Bob is Darrin's friend.
  • Episode: Endora's lines about being flattered by Bob's attentions are deleted.

  • Script: At the end of this scene while Samantha and Endora try to figure out what to do, Endora asks Samantha if she has a better idea than Endora's. Samantha says " Only one....SUICIDE".
  • Episode: Samantha gives her mother a dirty look and says- -"MURDER" instead of suicide.



# 26, Driving Is The Only Way To Fly


Stephens' Den:

  • Script: Calls for this scene to be in the Living Room.
  • Episode: The scene takes place in the Den.

  • Script: After Samantha makes it rain:
    SPORTCASTER'S Voice: Hot Nellie! Look at that mass of humanity race for shelter.
  • Episode: This line is cut.



Driveway and Outside Stephens' House:

  • Script: The scene begins with Samantha behind the wheel.
  • Episode: Samantha and Darrin are seen to come outside. Darrin opens the car door for her and tells her to sit in the driver's seat.

  • Script: Calls for Darrin to say, and Samantha to repeat, That "P" is for park, "N" is for neutral, "D" is for drive, "L" is for low, and "R" is for reverse.
  • Episode: The order is slightly changed to "P", "R", "N", "D", "L".
    [REVIEWER'S NOTE: When this episode was made in 1964, the order of the positions on the gear shift varied from maker to maker. The car used in the episode was a Chevrolet. The author was apparently familiar with another make.]

  • Script: After Darrin tells Samantha that turning the key ignites the engine:

    SAMANTHA: The engine ignites??? Isn't that dangerous?
    DARRIN: It operates on the principle of internal combustion.
    SAMANTHA: [accusingly] Darrin -- I have no idea what that means, and you know it!

  • Episode: These lines are cut.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to get out of the car and run to the front door.
  • Episode: Samantha runs to the side door.

Stephens' Den:

  • Script: Calls for SPORTSCASTER to say, "Hot Nellie"!!! -- It stopped raining - -
  • Episode: "Hot Nellie" is replaced with "Hold Everything". The line about the umpires being back out soon and play will be resumed, is added.

Stephens' Living Room/Darrin's Office:

  • Script: After Darrin says he shouldn't have yelled at her in the car --- Darrin says he called a driving school - -
  • Episode: Darrin says he apologizes for yelling at her. Samantha has the line added that he already did apologize. Darrin replies that he remembers.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to have a two o'clock afternoon appointment.
  • Episode: The appointment is at eleven in the morning.

Driving School Office:

  • Script: Again calls for an afternoon appointment at two o'clock.
  • Episode: Again changed to a morning appointment at eleven o'clock.

  • Script: After Harold says he feels a sense of communication with Basil [referred to as KOENIG in the script], and "Do you know why?", Basil says he is not interested.
  • Episode: Basil's line, "Their suits don't fit you", and Harold's reply, replace the "Not interested" script line.

Outside Stephens' House:

  • Script: Calls for Harold to arrive in front of the Stephens' house, close the door on his fingers, trip on the curb, leap in panic at the meowing of a stray kitten, and take three stabs at the doorbell before he hits it.
  • Episode: When Harold arrives, he drives the car up onto the curb and off again. The meowing of the kitten is cut. Harold gets the door bell on the first try.

Stephens' Entry / Living Room:

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to close the front door after she asks Harold to have a seat and motions him to the sofa.
  • Episode: Samantha closes the front door before Harold says his name. Harold sits in a chair across from the sofa.

  • Script: Samantha has the line, "Shall we go?"
  • Episode: Samantha's lines about, "That was my husband wishing me good luck", and Harold's reply that she will need it, are added before the, "Shall we go?"

  • Script: They go to the front door and Samantha opens it.
  • Episode: This bit is cut.

Front of Stephens' House:

  • Script: Harold and Samantha approach the car. Harold has the line about some students taking one look at him - -
  • Episode: Before this line, lines are added for Samantha to ask, "Do I get in now?", with Harold replying, "No, you get in the driver's side."

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to open the door and close it, catching Harold's sleeve in the door. He has to knock on the window to get her to open the door to release him.
  • Episode: Harold does not catch his sleeve in the door, but the passenger side door is locked and Samantha has to open it for him.

  • Script: After Harold puts on his crash helmet, Samantha starts with, "Place the lever in D", Harold says, "You would think they would call it "F".
  • Episode: Before the "D" line, Samantha has the line added, "Place the lever in N' to start the car. Harold's line is changed from "F" to "S or SC". Samantha's line about igniting the car, and Harold's reply, is added.

  • Script: Calls for the car to pull out of the driveway [even though the script earlier called for the car to pull up in front of the house].
  • Episode: The car pulls away from the curb in front of the house.

In Dual Control Auto:

  • Script: After Samantha makes the "U' turn, Harold has the line, "You did it!". Samantha replies, "Isn't that nice".
  • Episode: Samantha's line is changed to, "This is a lot harder than flying", and Harold's reply is added.

  • Script: Calls for the car tires to turn sideways as the car slides into the parking space.
  • Episode: The tires do not turn. The car simply slides in. Samantha has the line added about "P" for park.

  • Script: Calls for Samantha to blow on her nails and brush them against her shoulder.
  • Episode: This bit is cut.

  • Script: After Endora pops in to the back seat, she pops to the top of the car.
  • Episode: Endora does not go to the top of the car. All of this scene takes place in the car.



  • Script / Episode: Both agree.



# 28, Open the Door Witchcraft

Street Scene:

  • Script: June Foster, who lives next door, (episodes # 3 and # 16) drives Samantha home. Samantha does not have her license yet and only drives the car into the garage.
  • Episode: Samantha drives up by herself.

Stephens Entry Hall:

  • Script: Abner asks to see the electric door, including a conversation about the door being broken and that they may have to get a new one.
  • Episode: The part about the broken door being replaced is omitted.

Kravitz Living Room:

  • Script: Abner plays the flute. Gladys looks out the window spying on the workmen who are putting in the Stephensí garage door opener.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Driveway:

  • Script: The two workmen have a conversation about installing a door, so airplane radios could work the door.
  • Episode: The last part of this conversation is deleted.

Stephensí House (exterior):

   The garage door cannot be seen from the front door where the mailbox is located.

  • Script: Samantha opens front door, looks in mailbox, looks around and finds garage door is open. She closes the door.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Episode: Between Endora saying "more amusing than that" and Samantha saying, "Then, who is doing it?", the show adds Gladys snooping around outside.

Stephensí Entry:

  • Script: Samantha calls Darrin "Darling".
  • Episode: "Darling" is changed to the more familiar "sweetheart".

Stephens Driveway:

  • Episode: Adds a part where door bumps Samantha as it opens.

Kravitz Living Room:

  • Episode: Adds two scenes of Abner playing the flute and Gladys peeking out the window.

Stephens Garage:

  • Script: Samantha shoots fire from her finger at the door.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Kravitz Living Room:

  • Episode: Adds a scene of Gladys snooping before the Kravitzs go across to the Stephensís house.



# 30, George, the Warlock

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Samantha tells Darrin not to wake her unless it is an emergency.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens House (exterior):

  • Script: Darrin hurts himself trying to open the window.
  • Episode: Darrin does not hurt himself.

Danger's House (exterior):

  • Script: Conversation between Darrin and D.D. about Pleasure getting married.
  • Episode: Lines about Pleasure marrying a football player, and the line about they were meant for each other are omitted.

Stephens Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha is dressed in a "Sunday best suit" to go out soon. She wears an apron over the suit.
  • Episode: Scene starts in the entry with Samantha calling Darrin and continues into the kitchen. She is wearing a gown and robe.

Danger's Kitchen:

  • Script: Hot water heater breaks and floods kitchen. There is a problem with the pilot light. Dialog concerns broken hot water heater.
  • Episode: The dishwasher breaks and floods the kitchen. The dialog deals with a leaking dishwasher.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha is still in Sunday finery, and wearing a hat.
  • Episode: Samantha is wearing a housedress and no hat.

George's Palace:

  • Script: After Endora tells George about Samantha being "married to that mundane mortal", there is celestial music.
  • Episode: There is no music.

Stephens' Kitchen:

  • Script: Calls for a close-up of George's magical raven's head ring.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: After Samantha tells George that she "would rather be married to a mortal", George zaps the dishes clean.
  • Episode: George does not do the dishes.

  • Script: George zaps up a bottle of champagne and two roses.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: George changes Samantha into an evening dress, with white Mexican orchids.
  • Episode: Samantha is changed into her flying suit.

Danger's House (exterior):

  • Script: The raven flies into Danger's mailbox while looking at Danger.
  • Episode: The bird stops in flight and then lands on the mailbox.

Darrin's Office:

  • Script: Calls for scene outside the building with the raven looking at the McMann & Tate sign.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Raven lights Larry's cigarette.
  • Episode: Raven takes Larry a book of matches.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Conversation between Samantha and Endora. Samantha berates Endora for "wishing George back on her".
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Endora winks at camera.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Entry Hall:

  • Script: Raven laughs.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens' Living Room:

  • Script: George appears in a business suit and carrying a briefcase.
  • Episode: George appears wearing the tuxedo he has worn all along.

  • Script: Endora gets a cigarette, and George lights it for her with magic.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  • Script: Danger enters wearing a hostess leotard and hip high boots.
  • Episode: Danger is in tight pants and sweater.

Danger's Kitchen:

  • Script: Danger's pressure cooker has exploded.
  • Episode: Danger's oven door is broken.

Stephens Dining Room:

  • Script: There is a conversation between Darrin and Samantha about Darrin's helping Danger.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Danger calls Samantha, "Samantha". Samantha tells her to call her "Mrs. Stephens".
  • Episode: Omitted.



# 33, A Change of Face

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha is dressed in a formal gown. She and Endora discuss the new dress she is going to wear to the country club dance.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Drive Way:

  • Script: Darrin arrives. Episode: Omitted. Script: Darrin is changed first into a country bumpkin, then a knight in armor.
  • Episode: Omitted. Note: This scene is used several years later.

Intercut to Kravitz's Living Room:

  • Script: Gladys sees the changes to Darrin.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha greets Darrin, tells him he hasn't much time. Darrin lies down. Samantha asks him how he likes her (new) dress. Darrin answers that he always liked it.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  The episode begins with Darrin asleep on the sofa. Samantha is wearing a neat suit.

  • Script: Samantha and Endora discuss Darrin, including his ears.
  • Episode: The part about the ears omitted.

  • Script: Endora changes Darrin's hair to blonde curls.
  • Episode: Hair is curled, but dark. Adds changes in Darrin's nose. Samantha changes Darrin's hair to straight (rather a 1930s style)

  • Script: As Samantha explains what she and Endora did, she mentions the nose job that was not mentioned at the time of the changes.
  • Episode: Follows the script here.

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Dialog between Samantha and Darrin over his being so sensitive about the little "experiment." Samantha tells Darrin he appeals to her like he is.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Doctor's Office:

  • Script: Doctor calls Samantha and tells her to keep an eye on Darrin.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens House (exterior):

  • Script: Michelle (Samantha) drives up, sees Gladys, waves and calls to her.
  • Episode: Michelle drives up, but does not see Gladys. Greets her as Samantha after she changes into herself.

Stephens Dining Room:

  • Script: After Darrin doesn't tell Samantha about the meeting with Michelle, the conversation continues with Darrin leading Samantha to think he is going to tell her, only to hear Darrin say that there is too much garlic in the meat. Darrin throws in "c'est le vie."
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Bedroom:

  • Script: Samantha awakens Darrin because he was smiling in his sleep. She wants to know why.
  • Episode: Omitted.

Stephens Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha and Endora discuss the encounter with Darrin's secretary. Endora leaves, Darrin enters. Samantha wants to know how he knew she was Michelle. Darrin replies that no one gets drunk on one sip of beer. Then, Samantha wants to know if he really thought the secretary was her. Darrin says she will never know.
  • Episode: Omitted.

  The "You'll never know" line appears in several scripts, but in only one episode.



# 34, Remember the Main

Reviewer's Note: Because of the considerable differences between the 01-21-65 dated script and the aired episode, it is not practical to give a line-by-line comparison of this script / episode. The changes include added and deleted scenes, considerable wording changes within scenes, and shifting locations and order of scenes. Instead, a synopsis will be given of the script, and then one of the aired episode.



Doorway of house: Samantha is seen wearing a campaign button and a man’s straw hat with a band that reads,” I’M A WRIGHT GIRL”. She carries campaign literature with Wright’s picture and the EDWARD WRIGHT FOR COUNCILMAN legend. Sign by the door reads, “KELCEY”. Samantha rings the doorbell, her impatience indicating she has already rung it several times. The door opens halfway, partially revealing a middle aged housewife, with a face that would do credit to a Green Bay Packer’s linebacker. Samantha greets Mrs. Kelcey, and the only response is a cold nod. Samantha explains that she is urging people to vote for Ed Wright as the new City Councilman, going into detail about the need to re-vitalize the City Council and replace the incumbent JOHN C. CAVANAUGH. Samantha has chosen the wrong house. Mrs. Kelcey is chairman of the “Loyal Ladies for Cavanaugh Committee”. Mrs. Kelcey gives Samantha a lecture about the dreadful way people like Samantha are persecuting Cavanaugh. Samantha replies that it is time to replace the crook. Mrs. Kelcey refers to Wright as an “upstart” and tells Samantha that she is wasting her time in this neighborhood, that this is Cavanaugh’s territory, “and don’t you forget it”. With this, she slams the door.
Samantha turns and goes back down the walk, doing a slow burn. Suddenly she turns and does the “witch twitch”. A banner, the width of the house appears between the first and second floors. The banner reads:” VOTE FOR EDWARD WRIGHT FOR COUNCILMAN”


Stephens’ Living Room: A small group favoring Edward Wright is gathered. The women wear straw hats with “I Like Ed” bands, campaign buttons and shoulder sashes reading “ RALLY FOR WRIGHT”. Samantha is standing near the entrance hall, dressed as the other women, applauding. [The camera cuts to Abner and Gladys Kravitz . Gladys is applauding; Abner looks like he had rather be watching “Bonanza”. Gladys nudges Abner indicating he should be applauding. He does so quarter-heartedly.]
GLADYS: Isn’t he handsome? He sends shivers up and down my spine!
ABNER: So what? I do the same thing when my feet are cold!
Ed Wright begins a typical campaign speech.

Stephens’ Entrance Hall: Darrin enters, carrying briefcase. He starts out - “Sam, I’m - - -.” He stops but his mouth stays open in amazement, as he stares. Samantha enters from the living room. They have a long conversation about what’s going on here tonight? An indignant woman in the living room glares at Darrin then shushes him. Darrin, irritated, motions Samantha toward the Den.

Stephens’ Den: Darrin continues on the “What’s going on here?" theme. Samantha explains what the rally is for. Darrin is not mollified. He had his heart set on taking Samantha out for a steak dinner, and now he is going to get a chicken sandwich off of the buffet. The discussion continues:
DARRIN: How did you ever get involved in all this?
SAMANTHA: You’re responsible, dear.
DARRIN: What???
SAMANTHA: You say you want me to be active in the community like a normal wife . . instead of . . .
DARRIN: Sure, I’d rather you didn’t - - - Exactly who is this Ed Wright?
SAMANTHA: [enthusiastically] WHO is he? Phi Beta Kappa . . .graduated first in his class in law school. . .veteran of the Korean war . . .won the silver star . . .smart lawyer - -and very good looking.
DARRIN: [cynically - - folds his arms] What’s wrong with him?
SAMANTHA: Nothing! - -and he’s running against John C. Cavanaugh.
DARRIN: And who is John C. Cavanaugh?
SAMANTHA: Our incumbent councilman - - Morning Glory Circle’s nominee for the Jesse James Award. [Samantha starts for the door] Come on . . . let’s listen to Ed Wright
DARRIN: [Darrin, arms folded, stubbornly shakes his head, negative] I’m not interested in local politics. You couldn’t drag me in there with a derrick!

Stephens’ Living Room: Darrin and Samantha sit in the back of the Living Room, Darrin with his arms folded and a “I’m from Missouri” look on his face. Ed Wright continues his political speech, pointing out that Cavanaugh has had a financial interest in numerous city construction projects, all of which have been overly expensive and all of which have suffered from faulty and cheap construction. [by now Darrin is showing some interest in the proceedings] Wright singles out a new water main/ sewer construction project as the latest in Cavanaugh frauds, citing the names of companies with poor past performances that are involved in the water main project. By the end of the speech, Darrin has been completely won over.

Stephens’ Dining Room: A group mills around the dining table helping themselves.
ABNER: [about to fill his plate] We waited long enough to eat!
Gladys: Always thinking of your stomach!
ABNER: Why not? I’ve got a personal interest in it.

Stephens’ Living Room: Darrin is reading over one of Wright’s photocopies. Samantha brings Wright over and introduces him to Darrin. Darrin is impressed enough that when Wright asks Darrin to help him with ad material for his campaign. Darrin readily agrees.

Darrin’s Office: Darrin and Wright are present. Darrin has made up some campaign posters for Wright’s approval. Larry enters. After introductions, Darrin explains what he and Wright are up to. Tate agrees that Wright has a perfect name for an advertising campaign, adding, “Too bad he’s not a detergent”.

Doorway of a House: A door has just been slammed in Samantha’s face, and she is furious. She turns away, stops and does the witch twitch. A streamer the width of the house appears between the first and second story bearing the legend. “ DAY AND NIGHT…I’M FOR WRIGHT!”.

Darrin’s Office: Larry, Darrin, and Wright are present. Wright tells Larry that Darrin is chairman of his citizen’s committee. Larry says he is all for people getting in local politics - - -when it’s for a cause you believe in.

Stephens’ Living Room: Samantha is telling Endora about her involvement in the campaign. Endora, not overly concerned, has the lines:
ENDORA: Wait until you’re lived a little longer, Samantha. Believe me, Robes pierre was no lily! Besides, If the man’s such a monster. . .why isn’t he in jail - - or on television???
SAMANTHA: Because . . .every time they start an investigation . . .key witnesses disappear. They turn up in strange places, like Pago Pago . . .or Lower Patagonia - - with all expenses paid!
ENDORA: Lower Patagonia is not a tourist haven . . . .
SAMANTHA: Neither is Pitcairn Island . . .but I’ll bet it has more witnesses from his investigations than it had mutineers from the Bounty!
The conversation continues with Endora suggesting that Samantha turn Cavanaugh into a tadpole and let him swim in one of his water mains. Samantha considers this, but decides having Cavanaugh come out of a faucet would not be good. As the two end their conversation, Endora refers to “Darrin” as “Darwin”. Samantha reminds Endora that Darwin was known for his theory of evolution.
ENDORA: Oh, yes . . .the one that claims man is descended from apes! Although, anyone with a grain if sense knows it should be the other way around - -at least, anyone who has ever met a man and a fairly intelligent ape!

Quiet Side Street: Darrin and Samantha pick up Wright to go to the rally. Wright has a newspaper with poll results that show that Cavanaugh has a big lead in the election race. Wright comments that they still have three weeks before the election. They discuss all of the public works projects that Cavanaugh has his hand in, and how they can take advantage of it. Darrin has a brilliant idea . . .[the script does not say what the idea is].

Wright Campaign Headquarters: [This is a vacant store. The walls are covered with posters and photos of Wright.] The scene opens with Wright speaking, demanding that the city fathers bring in an outside expert of national repute, unimpeachable integrity, and completely free of local influence to investigate the storm/water project. There is applause from the audience interspersed with a few BOOS from the back. Three young punks, in their twenties, sideburns, tight Levis - - -interrupt their own hoots to reach into paper bags and throwing a barrage of tomatoes toward the platform. A tomato hits Wright, another hits Samantha. As Darrin advances to the front of the platform daring the tomato thrower to step outside with him, he is hit with a tomato. As the three hecklers take other pieces of rotten fruit from their bags and throw then, Samantha rises with fire in her eyes and does a nose twitch. The fruit does a boomerang act in mid air and returns to hit the punks in their faces. The scene ends with Gladys turning to Abner with the line, “[incredulous] Abner! - - -You won’t believe it - -round trip tomatoes!!


Councilman Cavanaugh’s Office: A reporter waves a copy of “The Gazette” at Cavanaugh with the question, “ What do you say about this Councilman?" [The camera cuts to the front page where the headlines read, “ CITY FATHERS STILL MUM ON WRIGHT CHALLENGE and WRIGHT GAINS BIG IN LATEST POLL”.] Cavanaugh refuses to comment other than to say the recent charges of graft against him are false. Cavanaugh then continues with the announcement that he has just ordered his attorneys to file slander suits against Wright and his chief stooge, Darrin Stephens!!

Darrin’s Favorite Bar: Larry and Darrin sit at the bar with martini glasses. Larry is shocked to hear about the $ 100,000 slander suit Cavanaugh is filing against both Darrin and Wright. Larry notes that in a slander suit, Cavanaugh will have to prove that he is not a crook.
The conversation closes with the comments that Wright has offered to debate Cavanaugh, but cannot even get an answer.

Television Studio: Wright, notes in hand, stands at a rostrum decorated with a MARK YOUR BALLOT WRIGHT poster. The Camera pans to a second rostrum with a large photo of Cavanaugh with an X across his mouth.

Sponsor’s Booth: Samantha and Darrin sit facing a monitor that shows Wright at a rostrum. Samantha tells Darrin that he is a genius. Darrin comments that Cavanaugh has not shown up; Samantha replies that he will not. Wright begins his speech, noting that Cavanaugh has refused to debate him. He then asks why an independent expert has not been hired to check out the water system, to explain the high costs and to determine if inferior materials were used. Suddenly, Cavanaugh shows up and immediately claims he is the victim of a witch-hunt. Cavanaugh then introduces his expert witness, Mr. Merrill Sedgwick, a man who has designed many water systems.

Television Studio: Mr. Sedgwick, reading from notes, states that he has spent the last two weeks investigating the water system and finds it to be excellent in planning, design, and construction. He also states that the cost of the system is comparatively low, and that the system has his unqualified endorsement.

Stephens’ Entry Hall: Darrin and Samantha storm in, Darrin slamming the door, and ready to continue the fight which has lasted all the way home from the studio. Darrin blames Samantha for all of the problems because she put her nose into politics. Samantha snaps back at Darrin that the debate and the expert were his ideas. The fight continues at length generally about who is to blame for the mess. The doorbell rings; Darrin answers to find a policeman wearing hip boots warning him that he may have to evacuate the house since a large water main at the corner of Elm and Forrest has broken and the area is flooding.

Stephens’ Living Room: Darrin enters to tell Samantha the water main has broken and blames her for breaking it. Samantha heatedly denies any witchcraft on her part. She also points out that with the breaking of the water main, there is no more slander suit, and Wright will win the election. Darrin still blames Samantha. Endora pops in and berates Darrin for blaming Samantha and allows that it was she who broke the water main, right in front of Cavanaugh’s house.


Stephens’ Living Room: Samantha and Endora are present. Wright enters with a gift for Samantha. Samantha introduces Wright to Endora. Darrin enters and asks about the latest on Cavanaugh. Wright replies that the City Council has reopened the previous investigations - - this time with no punches pulled. Wright also says that Cavanaugh cannot be found, and may have left the country. Samantha replies that she has a feeling that he will be back.


Morning Glory Circle City Hall: Cavanaugh, bound hand and foot and with a gag in his mouth, sits on the steps with a dumbfounded look on his face. Next to him is a suitcase with a number of foreign stickers pasted on it. He shrugs his shoulders in amazement.


Note: This is a non-Larry episode.


Stephens’ Living Room: Samantha enters to answer the phone. It is Shirley calling to tell her that the rally for Ed Wright for Councilman cannot be held at her house that night. Samantha says having it at her house would be fine, Darrin wouldn’t mind.

Stephens’ Living Room: The Rally is ready to get underway. Samantha welcomes the guests and introduces Ed Wright. Wright begins his campaign speech. There are camera cuts to the Entry where Samantha is standing.

Entry: Darrin enters. He has an astonished look as the camera cuts between the Entry and the Living Room where Wright continues his speech. Samantha quickly leads Darrin to the Kitchen.

Stephens’ Kitchen: Darrin wants to know what is going on. Samantha explains about the rally for Wright. She says he should be proud of her for getting involved in local politics. Darrin is not so sure and wants to know why the rally was not at Shirley’s house. Samantha explains that Shirley’s husband works hard and wants to come home to a quiet and peaceful house. Darrin fumes as Samantha exits back to the meeting.


Stephens’ Living Room: Wright continues his speech, giving examples of several city construction projects sponsored by the incumbent Councilman, John C. Cavanaugh. Wright points out that all were expensive failures, and the design and construction companies were all controlled in some way by Cavanaugh. He especially points out the expensive new water main/sewer system project. Some people are eating from the buffet during the speech. Gladys is especially thrilled by Wright and asks Abner, “Isn’t he wonderful”. Abner, not really listening says,” It’s pretty good but the potato salad has a little too much salt”.

Stephens’ Kitchen: Everyone has left except Wright. Darrin and Wright sit at the kitchen table discussing what needs to be done as Samantha stands in the background. Darrin is by now plainly interested in what Wright wants to do. He offers to make up a few ads for Wright’s campaign.

House on Quiet Street: Samantha enters the scene walking up the walk to the house. She wears a “Wright Girl” hat and carries literature promoting Wright. She rings the bell and waits. The door is opened partway by a sour faced woman wearing a Cavanaugh badge. Neither says a word as the woman slams the door shut. Samantha walks part way down the walk, turns and zaps a huge banner across the front of the house that reads, “Vote for Ed Wright for Councilman”.

Darrin’s Office: Darrin and Wright are present. Darrin shows Wright some of the layouts he has worked up. Wright asks Darrin to be his campaign manager. Darrin readily agrees.

Outside City Hall: Reporters meet Cavanaugh coming out of the City Hall. They ask how he feels about Wright’s climbing 16% in the latest poll. Cavanaugh shrugs it off as unimportant. The reporters continue with questions about the importance of the water main project in the election, and the possibility of the Governor starting an investigation of the project. Cavanaugh responds that he does not think the water main project is a valid issue, and the Governor is not likely to waste his time with an investigation.

Stephens’ Living Room: Samantha is listening to the news broadcast of Cavanaugh’s interview. She picks up pompoms and starts a high school type cheer. Endora pops in and wants to know what that incantation is. Samantha gets nowhere with an explanation. This leads to the theory of evolution comments where Endora says monkeys were descended from humans.

Outside Park: A rally for Wright is being held in an outside park. During Wright’s speech two young men hit him with thrown eggs. When they throw tomatoes, Samantha turns the tomatoes back to hit the men in the face. Wright announces that the Governor has begun an investigation into the water main project.

TV Studio: Samantha and Darrin can be seen in a sponsor’s booth. The camera pans to show Wright at one podium with a picture of Cavanaugh, with an “X” over his mouth on another podium. As Wright begins to speak about Cavanaugh not showing for the debate, Cavanaugh arrives accompanied by Mr. Sedgwick, who is a member of the Governor’s investigating team. Cavanaugh introduces Mr. Sedgwick who proceeds to explain that he has spent two weeks examining the planning, costs, and construction of the project. He gives the entire project a hardy endorsement. Cavanaugh thanks Wright for the time and departs.

Stephens’ Entry: Darrin and Samantha enter, arguing about who is responsible for this mess. He blames her for getting involved in politics; she responds with the idea that he didn’t have to involve himself. They decide that the water project is the only honest thing Cavanaugh has done. Samantha freezes Darrin and calls Endora.

Cavanaugh’s Office: Samantha and Endora pop in. They open Cavanaugh’s files and find documents that prove he is a crook. Samantha doesn’t know what to do and pops out. Endora decides that Cavanaugh should be punished, and if Samantha won’t do it, she will.

Outside Scene: Water is flooding a street.

Stephens’ Entry: Samantha pops in and unfreezes Darrin. Darrin continues to berate her about getting him in trouble, including the possibility of Cavanaugh suing for slander. The doorbell rings. Darrin answers to admit Abner who, dressed as a civil defense officer, tells them about the water main breaking and flooding a large area. After Abner leaves, Endora pops in and intrudes on Darrin’s tirade to tell him it was she who broke the water main. Darrin is still furious, claiming that nothing will come of this and an investigation of Cavanaugh’s other projects will not happen. Darrin answers the phone to have Wright tell him that the city is reopening all of the investigations against Cavanaugh; Sedgwick has admitted he was wrong; and Cavanaugh has disappeared.


Stephens’ Entry and Living Room: Samantha answers the door to admit Wright, and congratulate him on being the new Councilman. Darrin enters. Samantha introduces Wright to Endora who tells him her name is “Waters”. Wright tells them that the investigations will continue, but Cavanaugh cannot be found. Endora is positive that Cavanaugh will turn up. Darrin holds up his fist and says he would like to get Cavanaugh in the palm of his hand. Suddenly a small tiny voice is heard coming from Darrin’s fist. As Darrin stares at his fist in amazement, the scene ends.

# 35, Eat at Mario’s


Mario’s Restaurant:

  • Script: After Samantha’s line about fine food at reasonable prices, Mario has the line, "With fine food at reasonable prices, I’m going broke quicker than you can say ‘Eliot Ness’”.
  • Episode: Mario’s line is cut. NOTE: The script calls for Mario to speak with an Italian accent, but all of his script lines are in straight English. However, in the episode, Mario speaks with an Italian accent, sometimes having trouble finding the right English word.

  • Script: After Mario says, “I refuse . .I refuse", Samantha has the line, “You refuse to slap it in the face with a pizza."
  • Episode: The line is changed to, “I refuse to slap it in the face with pizza”, and given to Mario.

  • Script: After Samantha’s lines about Endora being a tough woman, Mario returns from the kitchen to serve dessert.
  • Episode: The bit about serving dessert is cut.


Stephens’ Living Room:

  • Script: Samantha is shown seated as the front door opens and Darrin enters.
  • Episode: Samantha is standing and not shown until Darrin has entered the living room.

  • Script:
    SAMANTHA: Veal marsala. I had. . . [Darrin slams one fist into the other palm, in agitation. Samantha tests whether he’s listening to her]
    SAMANTHA: [wryly] I had four-door sedan with mixed green convertible.
    DARRIN: Uh huh [plaintively]. How can one plan an intelligent campaign when you’re constantly under the gun?
  • Episode: After Samantha’s, “I had . . .”, the rest of these lines are cut.

  • Script: [Darrin and Samantha sit on the sofa. Darrin opens his briefcase, removes and shows her the layout of a newspaper advertisement]
    DARRIN: It runs tomorrow morning.
    SAMANTHA: [quizzically] “Perfect Pizza”?
    DARRIN: That’s the name of the product
    SAMANTHA: It sounds like bragging.
    DARRIN: Baldwin thinks it’s catchy. How do you like the artwork?
    SAMANTHA: It’s very nice.
    DARRIN: Very nice isn’t good enough. Baldwin wants his artwork perfect . . .just like his pizza.
  • Episode: After Darrin’s, “That’s the name - - -", the rest of the lines are cut.

Stephens’ Kitchen:

  • Script: Darrin looks at his ad, says it isn’t bad. Samantha asks to borrow the paper. She unfolds it to full size and flips through the paper until she finds the full-page ad for Mario’s, which she shows to Darrin.
  • Episode: Samantha does not ask for the paper. The ad is in full sight on the last page. Darrin finds the ad himself.

  • Script: When Darrin asks if Samantha placed the ad by witchcraft, Samantha proudly says she did.
  • Episode: Samantha realizes Darrin is upset, sips her juice and tries to avoid the question, ending with her, “Welllll . . .”

Stephens’ Living Room:

  • Script: As Samantha and Endora discuss Samantha’s ad, Samantha moves to turn on the TV set. Endora wants to know why at 10:30 in the morning? Samantha replies that there is a game show she never misses.
  • Episode: The line about the game show is cut. After Samantha thanks Endora for accusing her of becoming a typical suburban housewife, Samantha has the line added that Darrin wanted her to watch one of his commercials.

  • Script: After the MC realizes what he has said; he shields his eyes and peers at the tele-prompter.
  • Episode: The MC has the line, “Now let’s introduce our first guest” added.

  • Script: Samantha turns off the TV and rushes to the phone where she dials Darrin.
  • Episode: This bit is cut.

Darrin’s Office:

  • Script: BALDWIN: Not only a plug - -a vicious lie. Many people do not hate pizza. A small boy in Modesto, California doesn’t have dreams about something people hate.
  • Episode: This line is cut.

Stephens’ Living Room:

  • Script: After Samantha says she just lost an old husband, she and Endora continue their argument about Endora’s zapping a Mario’s plug into the pizza commercial. Endora insists that programming is interrupted every day. Samantha counters that it is for news, not black magic. Samantha finally accuses Endora of making the mess just to embarrass Darrin.
  • Episode: This entire section is cut to the point where Endora says, "Mother will make everything all right”.

  • Script: Samantha and Endora pop out on their way to Mario’s.
  • Episode: The pop out scene is a reuse of the pop out scene from # 9, so Endora’s line, “That’s my gal”, is included.

Mario’s Restaurant:

  • Script: Samantha and Endora applaud Mario’s order to Baldwin to leave the premises, but pop out before they can be seen.
    BALDWIN: Who applauded?
    MARIO: I don’t know. Maybe God.
    BALDWIN: Are you implying pizza is atheistic?
  • Episode: Mario’s line is changed to: “I don’t know. Maybe somebody up there likes me.”
    Baldwin’s reply is cut.

Street Scene:

  • Script: After Endora casts a spell to start the skywriting; the scene cuts to Darrin’s Office.
  • Episode: The skywriting is shown, as is Baldwin’s pleased reaction to it.

Darrin’s Office:

  • Script: The skywriting scene and Baldwin’s reactions are shown after Larry sees the skywriting.
  • Episode: The first showing of the skywriting is moved up as noted above.

Public Park:

  • Script: Baldwin sits on a bench; dazed by what he doesn’t know has been witchcraft. Samantha and Endora sit on the next bench. Nearby, within earshot, a LITTLE GIRL, a SMALL BOY, and a SHAGGY DOG stand at a bicycle driven ice cream cart, attended by a uniformed attendant.
  • Episode: The girl, boy, and dog come to the hand pushed ice cream stand separately. Their lines, however, are the same as in the script.

  • Script: The dog is seen only from the rear as a man’s voice is heard. The vendor hears the dog, and pedals away with the dog following him.
  • Episode: There is a frontal view of the dog with his mouth moving, and the voice is lip-synched to the movement. The dog runs away before the vendor pushes his cart in the other direction.

Darrin’s Office:

  • Script: After the conversation with Baldwin, Larry has lines about not being rejected. He has no idea what Baldwin was talking about, but he’s not rejected. Samantha enters.
  • Episode: During the phone conversation with Baldwin, Darrin has the line added, “I think we can handle it”. After the phone call ends, Larry’s lines about being rejected are shortened, and the reference to ”no idea what he was talking about” is cut. The park scene with the balloon man is inserted here before Samantha’s entrance.

  • Script: Calls for Baldwin to encounter a balloon salesman.
  • Episode: This scene is moved up as an intercut with Darrin’s Office scene above.


Mario’s Restaurant:

  • Script: Calls for Mario to greet Samantha and Endora, and for him to order the headwaiter to seat them immediately even though they had no reservations. He blows Samantha and Endora a kiss and exits.
  • Episode: After the headwaiter tells Darrin there will be a 40-minute wait, Mario comes up and greets them. Mario says he always has a table for old friends, and leads them off to seat them himself.



# 36, Cousin Edgar


Stephens’ Bedroom:

  • Script: The script calls for the scene to start with a close up of a clock showing 3:00 AM. Darrin and Samantha are asleep. Darrin’s feet are uncovered. The door slowly opens to allow an old-fashioned turkey feather quill to enter the room. The feather floats to the bed and pokes at Darrin’s toes, which makes Darrin smile. Darrin’s foot moves and he laughs. Samantha stirs and awakens. She looks around and settles back down. Darrin’s feet are covered and the feather floats to his face where it tickles his nose. Darrin sneezes, coming to an upright position. Samantha awakens and turns on the light.
  • Episode: The scene is simplified. The close up of the clock is cut. The door is not seen to open. The feather is first seen floating across the room. Darrin’s feet are not uncovered, but the covers are raised and the feather tickles him. His feet are not shown being covered. Samantha does not wake up with the foot tickling. When Darrin sneezes he does not sit all the way up. Then Samantha awakens.

  • Script: After Samantha’s line, “Little after three”, Darrin has the line, “Cold? [sniffs to test his nasal passages] That’s all I need." [He looks at the clock]
  • Episode: Darrin’s line beginning with, “Cold - - -“ is cut. Darrin cannot see the clock and asks Samantha what time it is.

  • Script: After Samantha’s line, “You want me to get you something?” the script calls for Darrin to be sound asleep. Samantha gets up and covers his shoulders with the blanket. She then sits on the edge of the bed, senses something, and looks up to see Cousin Edgar.
  • Episode: Samantha covers Darrin without getting up. She only rises up to see Cousin Edgar.

  • Script: Samantha: [Bemused; smiling gently] Well, for heaven’s sake, Cousin Edgar!
  • Episode: The line is changed to, “Well, my stars, Cousin Edgar!”


Stephens’ Kitchen:

  • Script: The scene begins with Samantha in the kitchen talking to an invisible Edgar. She tells him she has forgotten how he likes his coffee and that he is thinner. Samantha then has the line, “Edgar, I think it’s about time you began to materialize, don’t you?
  • Episode: The scene begins with Samantha’s line, “Edgar, I think it’s about time –."

  • Script: Samantha: Why, you were just about the best bodyguard a young witch ever had. [Edgar looks Proud] Remember the night I almost fell into the cauldron?
  • Episode: The line about the cauldron is cut.

  • Script: Samantha: Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing you unless I was it trouble. [she turns to fix the eggs] So, what brings you here?
  • Episode: She does not turn to fix eggs, but remains seated at the kitchen table.

Stephens’ Bathroom:

  • Script: The door is seen to open. Darrin sees it, regards it as strange and closes it. Then follows the scene where the water goes on and off, the lather spills over everything, and Darrin bangs his head on the cabinet door. Unseen by Darrin, the bathroom door opens and closes.
  • Episode: The bathroom door is not seen to open or close either time. Otherwise, the script and episode agree.

Darrin’s Office:

  • Script: Larry says the advertising agency they are competing against for the Shelly account is: Boston, Barton, Schulwiler and Froug.
    NOTE: Throughout the script, it is always Schulwiler who is present and representing the agency.
  • Episode: It is always Froug rather than Schulwiler who is in the episode.

  • Script: As Darrin draws on the sketchpad his hand travels across the desk and up Larry’s shirt.
  • Episode: Darrin’s hand goes directly from the sketchpad to Larry’s shirt.

  • Script: Darrin calls Samantha and berates her for what he thinks is Endora’s making him look like a bumbling idiot. Larry enters, looks at Darrin oddly. Darrin smiles weakly, embarrassed.
  • Episode: After Darrin’s line, “All right. And be firm.” Darrin hangs the phone on the pencil box. Larry has the line added, ”Are you all right?”. Darrin quickly moves the phone to its proper place.

Stephens’ Living Room:

  • Script: [Samantha has just hung up the phone. She looks angry.]
    SAMANTHA: Mother!??? [Endora appears looking surprised] I’d like a word with you . . .are you bothering Darrin?
    ENDORA: Darrin?
    SAMANTHA: My husband.
    ENDORA: Oh, that Darrin.
  • Episode: In both cases where the script calls for Endora to say, “Darrin”, she says, ”Who?”

  • Script: After Endora’s line, “A witch who’s on the wagon is no match for an elf who’s on the warpath”, the script calls for the scene to shift to Darrin’s Office...

Darrin’s Office:

  • Script: [continues] Darrin tells Larry that Jim DeWitt cannot make the presentation like he can. Larry tells Darrin to take the day off, get some sleep.
  • Episode: This scene in Darrin’s Office is moved to after the scene in the Stephens’ Kitchen where Endora is just finishing up a batch of sleeping potion, and inserted between the potion bit and Samantha twitching Edgar into the kitchen.

Stephens’ Kitchen:

  • Script: Samantha twitches and Edgar appears in the kitchen looking like he is about to kick somebody. He lets his foot fly, and falls. He sees Samantha and smiles weakly.
  • Episode: At the end of the scene in Darrin’s office, Samantha has called Edgar. There is no twitching and the bit about the kicking and falling is cut.

Shelly’s Conference Room:

  • Script: After Darrin’s shoelaces are tied together and he falls, the script calls for a shot of the laces untying and returning to normal.
  • Episode: The shot of the laces returning to normal is cut.


Stephens’ Living Room:

  • Script: Darrin returns home to find Samantha asleep on the sofa and unable to wake up. The scene ends with: Samantha: [pauses, yawns again] I don’t know what’s the matter with me . . .I just have to get some sleep. [Samantha exits upstairs, leaving Darrin looking after her, exasperated].
  • Episode: Samantha’s lines are changed to, “I don’t know what’s the matter with me . . .but I’m all right now”. Samantha then collapses on the sofa, rather than exiting

Shelly’s Conference Room:

  • Script: Froug’s shoelaces are shown being tied together. After he trips and falls, they are shown being returned to normal.
  • Episode: The shot of the shoes being returned to normal is cut.

  • Script: The sketches Froug shows Shelly become labeled, “If the shoe fits there must be something wrong”, and, “Made of genuine imitation leather”.
  • Episode: The sketches read, “If the shoe fits it’s a miracle”, and, “Shelly’s shoes are corny”.


Stephens’ Bedroom:

  • Script: Darrin has the line [laughing], “I have this crazy image of Fred Schulwiler . . .still tripping over his shoelaces”.
  • Episode: The line is changed to, “The look on Shelly’s face when he saw those sketches”.

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