Fans of the 1960s and early 1970s decor often write in asking for information on items used on the set of Bewitched. Below is some valuable information to use when making your home Bewitched with the same items.

Doing the Dishes

The formal tea service and dishes are from the Fransican line of fine china. The pattern name is Encanto (Spanish for enchanted, but probably should have been called Incanto because there was always an incantation or two flying around when it was being used on the set of Bewitched). We believe the color to be Magnolia. According to O' Gallerie's auction page, the service for 8 (62 pieces) recently sold for $225.

The tea service is seen in the movie Bell Book & Candle, as well as in several episodes of Bewitched, usually during formal gatherings. One place of note is in Dick York's final episode, 170, Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City, at the banquet.

The Tea Service As Seen in Bell, Book & Candle and Bewitched

The Formal Dishes in Color in 170


The Stephens's every day dishes for the first five season are from the Harker Pottery Co. The Harker Pottery Company of East Liverpool, Ohio made pottery since 1840, and this is evident on the hallmark on the back/bottom of their pottery. The company made many types of pottery, but by the Civil War was making quantities of yellowware from native clays. They also made Rockingham-type brown-glazed pottery and whiteware. The plant was moved to Chester, West Virginia, in 1931 and the company made a name for itself with popular dinnerware, which was sold nationally. In 1971 the company was sold to Jeannette Glass Company and all operations ceased in 1972.

There appear to be two different patterns used on the show. The first one is the Harker Cameo Ware "Dogwood" pattern. This intaglio pattern features white flowers on a tan background. This has been a source of confusion since the colorized episode were released on DVD. Dynacs took some liberties with the colorization and these Dogwood plates should actually be tan and white. On the DVD they appear white and periwinkle blue, and of course the original episodes aired in black and white.

Dishes Used in Seasons 1 and 2

The Harker Pottery Co. Dogwood Tan Pattern

This pattern is called "Springtime," and is part of Harker's popular Cameo Ware line that was popular in the 1950s and early 1960s. The color is called Pink Cocoa Over Ivory, and is one of several Pink Cocoa Cameoware patterns.

The Every Day Dishes


Other items to look for to complete your Bewitched kitchen set decor are the canisters, coffee cups, and children's dishes used on the show.

The Canister Set and Coffee Cups from 86

The Baby Blue Children's Dish Set from 219


Sunbeam kitchen appliances from the time were also featured on Bewitched. The Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12 was featured in the kitchen background for many years (on counter to the right of the refrigerator). This prop was underutilized on the set. Even when Samantha was preparing food, it stayed in the background while she opted for a hand-held mixer.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster 12 from 145

There was also a chrome and black Sunbeam toaster featured on the counter quite frequently.

The Sunbeam Toaster from 145

The foyer decor changed throughout the eight seasons that Bewitched was on the air. Particularly, the wall paper was redone several times throughout the show. The wall hanging changed depending on the script. Sometimes there would be a picture, yet other times a mirror. The Rembrant Girl with a Broom print is readily available through art and poster shops today. A watchful eye may also find replicas of the mirrors.

The Foyer Wall Decor


Play "Eat At Mario's"

Designing a Room Inspired by Bewitched

The kitchen went through a makeover after a fire destroyed the Screen Gems sets before the seventh season. There are two distinct looks for a Bewitched kitchen. In this scene, note the Fridgidaire Flair stove, pans, spice rack, and clear glass coffee pot.


This scene from 219 shows a new percolator and sauce pans on the island cooktop of the new set. The percolator with the distinctive cornflower blue design is by Corningware.



This trusty kitchen clock has been spotted at a garage sale or three. But the wallpaper behind it is the real find for a retro 60s kitchen!


The living room set also underwent some redecorating. This picture illustrates the distinct olive drab furniture, patchwork pillows, heavy dark wood tables, and shag carpet that dominated homes of the early 1970s.


If you can get past the harem girls hauling Maurice in this scene, note the oak secretary desk and plaid curtains in this shot of the living room.


Going Grand

For those that prefer a grander scale than Darrin and Samantha's taste, here are some scenes where the living room got the royal treatment.


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