By Paul

Serena appeared in 25 episodes with the first being episode # 54, then not again until # 111 in the 4th season. This was followed by # 117, and # 128, also in the 4th season for three appearances that year. In the 5th season, Serena was in six episodes: 142, 145, 155, 156, 160, 161, and 165. She appeared three times in the 6th season: 192, 194, and 196. In season 7, she made eight appearances: 204, 205, 207, 211, 217, 219, 222 and 225. In the last season she was seen three times: 231, 245, and 247.


The character of Serena took a while to develop. In episode # 24, Endora transforms herself to look like Samantha. Elizabeth Montgomery, of course does the part, but she uses a higher pitched, regal sounding voice that she later used for the role of Serena. In episode # 31, Samantha wears the black wig that becomes Serena's usual hair style. In episode # 54, Serena makes her first appearance, but she does not have the voice later associated with this character. The voice is almost, and sometimes is, Samantha's.


According to what Serena says in episode # 222, she was born in Babylon. Whether this is ancient Babylon or not, we do not know. From pictures of Serena and Samantha as little girls in episode # 144, it appears that Serena is the taller of the two, and therefore probably the older. However, not much older, which conflicts with ancient Babylon as her birthplace. In episode # 160, Serena tells Mrs. Stephens that she is kin to Samantha on Maurice's side of the family.


The part of Serena was played by Elizabeth Montgomery and/or Melody McCord, depending on what was required in the scene. See “SAM and SERENA” for details on how these scenes were done. Pandora Spocks, a name created by Montgomery, first gets credit for playing Serena in episode # 192 and usually thereafter when she appeared. The name Pandora Spocks is generally credited to have been derived from the myth of Pandora's Box, whence came the troubles of the world. Other sources, however, credit the idea of the name to Elizabeth's real life cousin, Panda.



Serena was known for her sultry, slinky style. Never one to stick to an era, her fashions were always on the sexy side compared to her cousin Samantha. Here is a list of the outfits Serena wore on the show:



# 54: This is the first time Serena is seen in the series. She calls Samantha from a hotel room wearing a sophisticated print dress and combed back hair while smoking. The other times she is seen in this episode, she wears a fur coat.





# 111: Serena's second appearance. She is first shown in the mod pink and green striped dress that Endora zaps her into in # 165. She then substitutes for Samantha, and wearing Samantha's wardrobe, tries to break up the Stephens's marriage.





# 117: A typical Serena costume featuring a sexy short skirt. The loud blouse was not uncommon either. Serena then duplicates Samantha to convince Louise that she is not crazy. Darrin does not usually recognize Serena when she doubles as Samantha, but this time he does.





# 128: The famous “love-in” hippie costume. Note that Serena has long blonde hair in this episode where Louise is convinced that Samantha was arrested at the protest. This is the only episode where Serena has blonde hair, other than the appearances where she is imitating Samantha.



Another mod short skirted outfit is also worn in this episode.





# 142: This pink dress and longer side ponytail is a little different from the styles usually worn by Serena.





# 145: By far Serena's most elaborate get-up, this is her meditating costume worn only during her entrance and exit. For most of the episode, Serena substitutes for Samantha, including a stint at Moonthatch Inn.





# 155: This short white lace dress is much like one worn by Samantha in # 99 (although Samantha's dress was longer.)





# 156: Serena appears as a Cleopatra clone for part of this episode.



Later in this episode, she wears this loud print dress with big hoop earrings and beads.





# 160: Another short dress, probably the shortest one she wore, this time with a hat. She wore one much like it, except white instead of dark blue in # 204.





# 161: A very nice short gold paisley print outfit with a neck scarf that Serena wears on a date with a warlock that she thinks is a mortal.



Later in this episode, on her last date with Franklin, the warlock, she wears the feather trimmed dress.





# 165: Near the end of the episode, Serena wears a green lounging pajama outfit, the only time she wears anything even close to this costume. The picture is of Montgomery playing Serena. In the scene just before this, Melody can be identified wearing the same outfit.





# 192: Serena wears a short dress with feathered cuffs and strings of beads while messing up Boyce & Hart. This is the first episode where “Pandora Spocks” is given screen credit for playing Serena.





# 194: Serena wears this really wild outfit with a chain belt and boa, and combines it with a real squeaky voice. She also wears this same outfit in # 217.





# 196: Serena is wearing a very low-cut laced up blouse in this episode. One of her sexiest outfits from the series.





# 204: This episode features a short white brocade Nehru-collared outfit with hat that Serena wears at the witches' coven before she is sent back to old Salem. It is similar to the outfit she wore in # 160, except the color is different.



When sent back to old Salem, she dons a dress appropriate for the time.





# 211: When you go to the Cosmos Cotillion, you have to dress the part. Serena does a fine job with this slinky black feather-trimmed dress with a sparkling cat collar necklace.





# 217: When Serena goes back to the 14th century to take on Darrin the Bold, she winds up in a proper 14th century dress.





# 219: This is probably one of Serena's better known outfits--the low scoop-front black dress with the choker that she wears while baby sitting.





# 245: Serena wears a gold mini-skirt ensemble.





# 247: Serena wears a black tank-styled bathing suit with a demure white coverup.