Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre is proud to present an interview with Kasey "Louise Tate" Rogers as of February 14, 2001 regarding their latest writing projects and the Bewitched TV show.


QotH: The cookbook is very cute -- the recipes and cast information are terrific! You have said that the Bewitching Halloween crafts book will be released in August, will the layout be similar to The Bewitched Cookbook: Magic in the Kitchen?

Kasey: The title of the new book will probably be Witch Crafts. It will be nothing like the cookbook except it has perhaps a dozen recipes. Witch Crafts is a purely Halloween crafts book. Mark (I call him "The Master Craftsman") has created some gorgeous, easy-to-make crafts. Things like "The Goblin King," "The Red Imps," a Candy Corn night light replete with a candy corn-colored stocking cap that I knitted, the Indian corn gang, and lots, lots more. You'll have to see the pictures to really appreciate them. And, we shot 90% of the pictures as well. We worked very hard for six months on this book. It is now with our publisher (Krause Publications). They are editing and doing layout and all of that post-writing stuff. The book will be released in August. It will have national and international distribution in all the big book stores and crafts stores. Look for it. Our pictures will probably be somewhere on the back cover.

Sorry to say the cookbook is now out of print making it truly a collector's item. The good news (I hope) is that I have a line on a box of 24. As soon as I get them, I will offer them for sale. I'll let you know later.

Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate

QotH: Mark mentioned two chapters with anecdotes from the surviving cast members that were omitted from the cookbook in his last e-mail. Can you tell us why they were not included? That is a shame that they will not be available in the craft book either.

Kasey: These chapters were omitted by the editor and we were very disappointed. We had pictures of many of the guest stars who appeared on the show and most of them had donated recipes as well as anecdotes. It would have been a charming adjunct to the book and fans would have loved it.

QotH: Kasey mentioned that she was working on yet another book. Could this be an autobiography?

Kasey: No, I'm not writing my autobiography. I am actually ghostwriting this book, but it is about a very popular person at this moment. You'll all know her as soon as you hear her name. I am not at liberty to disclose more at this time, but I'll certainly tell you as soon as I can.

QotH: There has been a lot of talk lately about a Bewitched movie. Even speculation of Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz playing the role of our beloved Samantha. Would you go see this movie?

Kasey: There has been talk of a Bewitched film for more than 10 years. Last time I checked, they didn't have a script yet. Of course I would go see the movie - if they ever made it. Curiosity, you know. Perhaps the die-hard original Bewitched fans would have a little difficulty with it, and that's understandable, but there's a whole audience of young kids that have not grown up watching the TV show. It would be fresh to them.

QotH: Do you have any favorite actors that you would like to see in a TV or silver screen adaptation?

Kasey: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Meg Ryan, Jim Carrey. Oh, there must be other guys. I just can't think of them at the moment. These are all wonderful performers and would do a good job.

QotH: Can you imagine any particular actress in the role of Louise?

Kasey: Well, of course, the only actress to play Louise would be Kasey Rogers. Ha! It would be fun, but if they go with an all new cast, there would be a new Louise. And, that's probably the way it would go. There are so few of the originals left: Dr. Bombay, Esmeralda, Tabatha, and myself. Yet, every time Mark puts in a Bewitched tape and I see all those wonderful, dear faces, it's as though they have never left us. They are still alive in our hearts.

Could There Ever Really Be Another First Lady of Advertising?

QotH: If Bewitched were made into a major motion picture, would you rather see a parody (similar to The Brady Bunch movie) or a romantic comedy?

Kasey: If it is ever made again, definitely a romantic comedy! That's what made it so wonderful in the first place.

QotH: Have you heard why Bewitched was removed from the Nick at Nite lineup and if it is coming back anytime soon?

Kasey: I have no idea why it was removed.

QotH: Kasey, many fans of the show have written us with questions for you. One frequent question is whether or not they needed to replace Dick York or if they could have continued to work around him while he sought treatment? You were there, was there another option?

Kasey: Unfortunately, Dick was in extreme pain with his back and often would have to go to the hospital and miss work. You will notice in his last season, he did not appear in a number of the shows. From a business point of view, you have to be able to rely on the availability of an actor or production shuts down and that is extremely expensive. It also puts you behind schedule in delivering the completed show to the networks. Compound all this with the fact that the production company could not get insurance to cover Dick, so if he was absent, it was disastrous financially. I'm sure it was a heartbreaking decision to replace Dick. He was absolutely wonderful in the role and dearly loved by the viewing audience and members of the cast.

David White, Dick York, and Kasey on the set in 105

QotH: Did the writers change their style intentionally when writing Darrin's lines for Dick Sargent?

Kasey: Certainly, in the beginning there was no change in the style of writing for Dick Sargent. Writers were writing "Darrin." Dick Sargent was simply a different Darrin with a different way of delivering the lines. Perhaps as time went on the writer's started tailoring dialogue to Dick Sargent's delivery. That would make sense.

QotH: Everyone knows that your on-screen hubby, David White, had the best eyes on Bewitched, but what color was his hair before he was a "cotton top"? In Serena's Youth Pill, it was red. Was this accurate?

Kasey: Yes. In youth, David had red hair.

Kasey Rogers and David White in their Role of "The Tates" on Bewitched

QotH: Was it difficult stepping into the role of Louise after Irene Vernon left the show? Do you recall any anecdotes from your audition?

Kasey: First of all, Bewitched had always been one of my favorite shows. It started the same year as Peyton Place, which I was on from the beginning. After 252 episodes of "PP" as Julie Anderson, bad girl Betty's mother, I left the show and almost immediately got a call to go in and interview for Bewitched. I didn't know Irene had left Bewitched until that time, and I never knew why. But, since it was my favorite show, I was thrilled when I got the role.

I never patterned my Louise after hers. Again, we were two different people. The only thing like Irene is the producers asked if I would wear a black wig (my hair was red), so it wouldn't look like too much of a change. As you know, I did. About the 3rd season, one day I was tugging at the wig and Bill Asher asked what was wrong. I said the wig was hot and itched. He said "Well, why are you wearing it?" I laughed and answered, "Because you asked me to..." "Well, why don't you take it off," he chuckled. And, that's when I started playing Louise with my own red hair.

The Black Wig Was Attractive, but Kasey Preferred Her Auburn Hair

QotH: What do you think of the resurgence of Bewitched-inspired shows like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Charmed? Is there another one (Bewitched...Again) on the horizon?

Kasey: Sabrina... and Charmed are sort of today's versions of Bewitched. I may still be partial to Bewitched, but it would be fun do some sort of role on one of those shows. Frankly, Mark and I think these shows came into being as a result of our many, many efforts to get Bewitched...Again on the air. Sony wouldn't give the rights to do a TV show again, so people just wrote their own. And, our pitches had brought witches into their consciousness again. And, no, I seriously doubt that Bewitched...Again will come into being. As I said, they are still talking about doing a feature.

QotH: Were the Ashers marital problems obvious to those on the set during the filming of the 8th season, or did their divorce come as a shock to the cast and crew?

Kasey: Both Elizabeth and Bill are consummate pros. To my knowledge, they never brought personal problems to the set. Yes, it was a surprise to me when they parted.

QotH: Which episode of Bewitched is your all-time favorite?

Kasey: All of them.

Good Times for the Groovy Cast of Bewitched (that's Kasey in the center)

QotH: We noticed in The Bewitched Cookbook that you actually have both of Louise's portraits from Mona, Sammy (See The Mona Sammy Portrait) . Which one is your favorite?

Kasey: My favorite painting is the one that looks just like me. The one with the crossed eyes and blacked tooth!

Actually, I'm thrilled to have both of them. I usually never asked for mementos from shows, but in this case, I knew there was nothing the company could do with them, so I asked Bill if I could have them. He generously said "yes" and so I HAVE THEM! YEAH!

QotH: Do you realize how much you could get for each portrait if you ever sold them on eBay?

Kasey: eBay? Never! And, no, I have no idea what one would be willing to pay for them.

QotH: What was it like working with Agnes Moorehead? Did she socialize with the other members of the cast or keep to herself?

Kasey: She was remarkable. Such a showman. Such a dramatic person. When asked about acting she would throw her arms into the air and say, "I LOVE the illusion!"

Every year Agnes would have a huge Christmas party at her home. She held it on her birthday, which I think was Dec. 7th. You can probably correct me on that (QotH: My source says December 6, 1906). Anyway, she invited tons of people. Not only the Bewitched people, but Lucille Ball and lots of other friends. Individual tables covered her back yard, which was gaily decorated and it was a sit-down dinner for all. I remember one year at each plate was a 6" long bottle shaped like a cluster of grapes and filled with wine. They don't make them like her anymore.

QotH: It seems that you and Sandra Gould adjusted well to taking over a popular role on the show. You both seemed much more animated than the previous Louise and Gladys. Was this the due to the writers, the times, or a conscious effort on your part?

Kasey: Again, I go back to the fact that we are simply different people. Certainly, in real life Sandy was extremely animated and, in fact, had played that type of role most of her life. As for me, I remember feeling a little stiff the first 2 or 3 shows. I had just come off of Peyton Place where everything was extremely internalized and suddenly I'm thrown into an over-the-top comedy. It took a bit of adjusting, then it became very freeing. I loved the role. I loved Bewitched.

Louise and Larry Tate Visiting Tabitha in the Nursery in 115

QotH: Thank you for taking the time to interview with Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre. Is there anything else that you'd like to say to fans of Bewitched and Louise Tate?

Kasey: I love you, Harpies Bizarre, for loving the show and inviting me to chat with you. As for fans...Without you there wouldn't be stars. Without you there wouldn't be jobs. It is really we, the performers, who want to thank you for being there, enjoying and supporting our efforts.


Note: The photo of Kasey and Mark used in the banner is from The Bewitched Cookbook: Magic in the Kitchen and was taken by Alan Ascher.

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