By Paul


 # 42 - Develops a green spot disease caused by contact with a black Peruvian rose.

   # 65 - Becomes invisible as a result of Osgood Rightmeyer's ring.

   # 113 - Loses her powers because she hadn't been using them enough.

   # 116 - Loses voice synchronization with her lips, which was caused by goofed spell by Aunt Clara.

# 116 - Develops a green stripe disease as a side effect of Dr. Bombay's cure for Aunt Clara's goofed up spell. In this episode, Dr. Bombay also checks Phyllis's pulse using the sole of her foot after she passes out upon seeing him pop in to the bathroom.

   # 150 - Switches voices with Darrin due to one of Uncle Arthur's spells.

# 152 - Laughs and crys uncontrollably, which is caused by fall out from Dr. Bombay's Weeping Willow tree spell.

   # 158 - Speaks in rhyme due to Primary Vocabularitis (misdiagnosed at first as Secondary Vocabularitis).

   # 165 - Suffers a "power failure" due to an order of the Witches Council. Note: Arthur and Serena have their powers revoked as well.

   # 174 - Develops a craving for various foods that are brought to her as soon as she thinks of them. After taking the antedote, she goes to the food instead of it coming to her. In this episode, Dr. Bombay also checks Samantha's blood pressure by cutting off a lock of hair and examining it.


   # 186 - Binges on food due to inadvertantly drinking a glass of milk Esmeralda put a spell on to increase Tabitha's appetite. Samantha misdiagnoses herself with a case of Voracious Ravenousitis (which she explains is more common in warlocks).

   # 195 - Suffers when the house develops a vapor lock because she hasn't been using her powers enough.

 # 200 - "The Incurable Square Green Spots Disease" which Bombay said he cured his pal Norton of in Make Love, Not Hate.

   # 219 - Loses her powers because she needed a 10,000 zap checkup.

   # 221 - Suffers from a troublesome dream that causes her to trade lives with Louise Tate.

   # 225 - Develops hiccups caused by a guilty conscience, which is termed by Dr. Bombay to be "cycle-logical."

   # 237 - Loses her powers from too much mortal contact. Infects Maurice.

   # 244 - Becomes very heavy due to a gravitational pull.

# 244 b - Becomes very light weight as a result of Dr. Bombay's botched cure for the heavy weight.

# 253 - Contracts a red stripe disease and loses her powers.



   # 65 - Disappears as a result of Osgood Rightmeyer's ring.

   # 118 - Loses her powers due to a Macedonian Dodo birds allergy (see Through the Looking Glass for a picture of this rare species).

   # 158 - Catches Primary Vocabularitis from Samantha (misdiagnosed at first as Secondary Vocabularitis).



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