With submissions by Joe G., Arfies, and Bernard C.


  Aunt Clara

  • "...I'm working on it..."  
  • "Oh, pure flummery. Oh, flap-doodle and blatherskite." 

                         Clara-Speak Deciphered!
    Flummery:  (noun)
    - Empty compliment; unsubstantial talk or writing; mumbo jumbo; nonsense.

    Flap-doodle:  (noun, slang)
    - Foolish talk; nonsense.

    Blatherskite:  (noun)
    - A person who blathers a lot. Nonsense. Blather.

  • "We're like just ordinary people..."  
  • "I'm a swinger, and I like to swing."  
  • "...lately, I've made a lot of mistakes..."  
  • "...I brought over one of my doorknobs."  
  • "I've gone and witched the whole thing up."  
  • "...Isn't that wonderful..."  



  Darrin - Dick York

  • "Wow! That dress looks like it was sprayed on..."  
  • "Welcome to Morning Glory Circle."  
  • "Hi, Honey!"  
  • "I don't even know if that's legal!"  
  • "Are you out of your mind?"  
  • "Sam, our daughter just made a long-distance call on a toy telephone..."  
  • "Hi, Endora. When did you swoop in?"  



  Darrin - Dick Sargent

  • "It's a pretty wild trip."  
  • "You're talking nonsense."  
  • "Terrific."  
  • "...I'll take that martini now..."  
  • "You're about to hear something that's going to relieve you, and shock you."  



  Dr. Bombay

  • Vapor Lock explanation.  
  • "...I want your soul..."  
  • "May I say your timing is atrocious."  
  • "If you ever need brain surgery..."  
  • Laughing.  
  • The Witch Doctor Medley




  • "Hansel & Gretel," Endora-style.  
  • "I never interfere in my daughter's marital life."  
  • "It's a groove..."  
  • "...Don't try to put anything over on a witch."  
  • "I'm bored with all this trivia."  
  • Endora: "How's Darrin?" Samantha: "Who?"...  
  • "...If you're going to have lunch, have an excellent one!"  
  • "Well, I've heard of a few of us who've turned into objects..."  
  • "I might get Spellbound. Oh, it's so clever... Spellbound?" 
  • "What are you babbling about?"  
  • "Would you like to hear an absolutely brilliant idea that just occured to me?"  
  • "Oh, Derwood really!" 
  • Sprig of Basil spell. 
  • "Dum-Dum"  
  • "One of these days, Samantha, you're going to find yourself married to a 170 lb. warthog."  
  • "Ohhhh, hello Darling."  




  • Esmeralda explaining "The Sneeze."  



  Frank Stephens

  • "Women. I think they were invented to confuse men."  



  Gladys Kravitz - Alice Pearce

  • "I came over for a snoop... uh, a scoop of sugar..."  
  • "Abner! Come here."  



  Gladys Kravitz - Sandra Gould

  • "Abner! When you see this..." 



  Larry Tate

  • Larry makes a toast to the Stephens family. 
  • "McMann, Tate and Stephens..." 
  • "McMann, Tate and Stephens..." 
  • "Darrin makes a pretty powerful drink..." 
  • "I want my #1 man on that account."  
  • "You son-of-a-gun!"  




  • "She walks in beauty like the night..." (Poem to Samantha)  
  • Maurice bequeaths gift of laughter on Adam.  
  • "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."  
  • Charm spell placed on baby Adam.  
  • "That's the first sensible thing you've said today, Dolphin."  
  • "Dustbin"  



  Phyllis Stephens

  • "I think I'm getting one of my sick headaches."  
  • "There's no such thing as witches."  
  • "Samantha. You're a witch!"  
  • "My pills, my tranquilizer pills."  
  • "I'm obviously losing my mind."  
  • "Having a witch in the family will be fun!"  




  • Sam sings her cake mix jingle.
  • Sam sings her Mother Flanagan's Irish Stew jingle.
  • First incantation ever used on Bewitched 
  • Second incantation ( Watch your language, Sam! ).  
  • Sam explaining why spells sometimes go wrong. 
  • "Well, you certainly came up with a Bewitching drink."  
  • "...I am not going to stand here and peep!..."  
  • "You're Bewitched, and you only have 10 minutes to get unBewitched."  
  • "Calling Dr. Bombay..."  
  • "I know what a wonderful feeling it is to be part of the magical life..."  
  • "Tabitha! You twitched your nose, just like Mommy!" 
  • Samantha takes the oath of office as Queen of the Witches.  
  • "Say, you are a spooky chair!"  
  • "It's getting close to sock-it-to-you time."  
  • "Mother!"  
  • "Oh, hush up."  
  • "Oh, no."  
  • Pinchley spell.  
  • "Whenever you're in poor condition, you can never reach your family physician."  
  • Fiddle-dee-dee spell.  
  • "That's very peculiar logic."  
  • "What a pleasant surprise."  
  • "With your know-how, and my witchcraft, there is no end to the heights you could reach."  
  • "From all of us, to all of you, a very Merry Christmas."  
  • (Out of character) "Hi. This is Elizabeth Montgomery, inviting you to stay tuned for Bewitched."  
  • "Don't you raise your voice like that to me!"  
  • "Weeelll."  
  • "OK, who's the wise witch?"  
  • A troublesome "Oh, my stars!"  
  • An exasperated "Oh, my stars!"  
  • To Wit or To Woo song.   LYRICS
  • Early One Morning song.   LYRICS
  • "Now that is impossible!" with wrap-up theme music
  • "After midnight, everyone. Time for Bloody Marys..."  




  • "This program is interrupted to bring you a sigalert..."  
  • "Man, that straight life can be a drag..."  
  • "Innocence is not my bag."  
  • Serena's Guru-speak.  
  • "...There's something freaky going on here."  
  • "Thanks alot, Superfink."  
  • "...Love Power conquers all!"  
  • "That rips it!"  
  • I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind song.   LYRICS
  • Iffin' song   LYRICS
  • "Love love love!"  
  • "Not bad, eh?"  
  • "Sam, why ya bugging me?"  
  • Rock-a-Bye, Baby song.   LYRICS
  • Background music when she slinks in.  
  • "Terrific."  
  • "Mmmm, yummy."  




  • "I don't know why we just don't tell everyone we're witches..."  
  • "He's Bobby the Bird."  
  • "I'm a witch."  
  • "Mommy, Mommy!"  
  • Background music.  
  • Playing with Her Very Own Samantha



  Uncle Arthur

  • "You decorate...in super stupendous glorious bad taste."  
  • "I've just gotta fly, it's in my blood..."  
  • Laughing.  
  • "If misery were snow, fella, you'd be a blizzard."  
The Fuzz

Miscellaneous Sound and Music

  • Opening sequence from the very first episode:
    "Once upon a time there was a typical American girl..."
  • Music occasionally heard when going to commercial. 
  • Title theme opening music that comes after the first commercial in pilot.  
  • Doorbell to 1164 Morning Glory Circle.  
  • The sound you hear when objects levitate.  
  • Salem trip background music.  
  • Theme music (as heard on the credits).  
  • "Long Live Queen Samantha"
  • Boyce and Hart singing I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind   LYRICS
  • Super Arthur's Flying Music
  • Title theme, variation 1
  • Title theme, variation 2
  • Title theme, variation 3
  • Title theme, variation 4
  • Title theme, variation 5, Seasons 6-8
  • Transitition theme, variation 1
  • Transition theme, variation 2
  • Transition theme, variation 3
  • Transition theme, variation 4 with a pop-in at the end
  • Plucky transition theme, variation 5
  • Transition theme, variation 6, Seasons 7-8
  • Transition theme, variation 7, Seasons 7-8
  • Transition theme, variation 8, Seasons 7-8
  • Wrap-up theme, variation 1
  • Wrap-up theme, variation 2
  • Wrap-up theme, variation 3, Seasons 7-8
  • Wrap-up theme, variation 4, Season 1
  • Wrap-up theme, variation 5, Season 1
  • Wrap-up theme, variation 6, Seasons 7-8
  • Theme - Closing Credits
  • Theme - Closing Credits for Season 1
  • An interesting transition theme by Jimmie Haskell
  • Another Haskell transition theme used on Bewitched.
    Note: These new themes debuted when the show went to color.
  • An interesting little transition theme played on the piano (seasons 3 and 4)
  • A Montage of Magical Sound Effects (723 KB - 3 min 5 sec)
  • Hollywood Palace Show - Vic Damone and Elizabeth Montgomery singing "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered."
  • Hollywood Palace Show - Vic Damone and Elizabeth Montgomery reciting "Come with Me To Sussex..."
  • Hollywood Palace Show - Elizabeth Montgomery's introduction and the Bewitched theme song.
  • My Sister Eileen - Dick York sings in the show tune "I'm Great, But No One Knows It."
  • Frankie Avalon singing the Bewitched them from a 1965 TV special.
  • Harpies Bizarre's favorite version of the Bewitched theme as used in an old Nick at Nite promotion.     


Referencing or Inspired by Bewitched

  • Theme music (Orchestral)  
  • Theme music (Orchestral)  
  • Theme music (Steve Lawrence)   LYRICS
  • Theme music (Billy Costa)  
  • Theme music (Peggy Lee)   LYRICS
  • Theme music (Herbie J Pilato) A jazzy/ragtime arrangement with new lyrics written and sung by Herbie J Pilato, with The Royals, featuring producer George Schnell on lead guitar, John Perevich on base, Joe Minotti on drums and Michael Riddell on keyboards.
  • Theme music (Debussy) - (One minute sample) This beautiful arrangement from the "Mozart TV" CD features a harp solo by JoAnn Turovsky. The arrangment is by Donald Fraser.   LINER NOTES
  • Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) singing Serena's "I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind" on Saturday Night Live.    LYRICS  Includes his monologue, in which he labels Serena's rendition as "The greatest moment in the history of television."
  • Excerpt from Dee-Lite's groovelicious "E.S.P". Listen for samples taken from a Bewitched theme.  
  • Excerpt from "Witchcraft" sung by Book of Love, featuring sound effects from Bewitched and a roll-call of many of the witch names.   LYRICS
  • Excerpt from dance remix of "Witchcraft" song above. 
  • Excerpt from "Gladys Kravitz" sung by The Tories, referencing Bewitched's nosiest neighbor.   LYRICS
  • Excerpt from "Samantha (She's a Witch)", Robert Bittner's tribute to his favorite TV witch.