By Paul

   The 1164 facade was built in 1964 and used as the home of Bewitched through 1972. Over the years, it has appeared in many other shows, and as a background for commercials. After being partially burned for an episode of Home Improvement, the facade was restored and in 2000 was enclosed on the back side.

Figure 1: The 1164 Facade in 1968

Figure 2: The 1164 Facade in 2000

   There are numerous differences between Figures 1 and 2, but few major changes. The change that first catches the eye on the updated facade is the red solid front door, as opposed to the Bewitched front door that was green with a semicircular, 4-pane window on top.

   The next most noticeable difference is the front gable over the den. It was brick, but is now faced with white siding. The windows are among the biggest changes:

All of the windows on the front, which were the double-hung type, have been replaced with casement windows.

The den windows are now single pane rather than the original two-pane, double-hung windows.

The bay window appears to be larger than the original window.

The living room windows are now triple casement windows rather than the original two double-hung windows.

The sidelight windows around the front door are smaller than the originals.

   Another change is the shutters. They appear slightly larger than the originals and are painted dark green.

The front dormer now has only two shutters rather than the original four.

The attic window over the den now has shutters.

   Other changes:

There is now no vent at the top of the front gable.

The window boxes are gone.

The window awnings are gone.

The den's bay window roof line is altered.

The shrubs are larger and some new ones were added.

A lamp post has been added to the yard.

The house number has been changed from 1164 to what appears to be 122.

A tree has been added by the street curb as clearly seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Another View of the 1164 Facade in 2000

   Some elements that are not visible on the garage side of the facade in Figure 2 and Figure 3 are:

The garage now has a gable roof.

The garage door is a different design.

The hall door is now a window.

   Figure 2 was taken from a different angle than Figure 1. Had Figure 2 been taken from the same location as Figure 1, a Burbank skyscraper (built after 1968) would be visible at the right end behind the facade.

Bewitched studio sets replicated all of the downstairs and part of the upstairs, mainly the master bedroom, of the facade design. Therefore, the Bewitched studio sets looked like they were in the facade, with some variations noted in the Master Bedroom, Living Room, and Kitchen. There are also numerous scenes looking into the back yard, and some scenes filmed in the back yard.

Bewitched made considerable use of the 1164 Facade. There was always activity around the "house" with people going and coming, cars arriving and leaving, scenes in the garage, and several episodes, such as # 28 and # 152, where much of the episode was filmed at the facade. Use was also made of the surrounding houses, such as the next door 1162 and the Kravitz house across the street, and the adjoining park.

The facade was also used for purposes other than Bewitched. It was used as Dr. Bellow’s home in I Dream of Jeannie, and as the home in The Geena Davis Show. It is also frequently seen as a background for commercials.

Larry and Louise Tate in the same kitchen found at Major Nelson's house on I Dream of Jeannie. Major Nelson's living room set was also used on Bewitched for the Kravitz's living room and the Burning Oaks country club in #164.

The Tate's Kitchen As Seen In 128


Gidget occasionally used the Bewitched living room set, and she had the Ideal Samantha doll on the dresser in her bedroom.


Abner and Gladys Kravitz shared a living room set with The Donna Reed Show in the early years.


The set of the foyer and living room of 1164 Morning glory Circle was used in the 1971 movie Brian's Song.


The Bewitched set was used in the 1969 Jerry Lewis movie Hook, Line and Sinker.

Patio scene from Hook, Line and Sinker


The kitchen set used for the elder Stephens' house in # 19, A Nice Little Dinner Party, was a regular set for the TV show Hazel. The living room set from Hazel appeared in # 2, Be It Ever So Mortgaged, as Darrin and Sam's rental abode.

The Stephens' Kitchen As Seen In 19


The kitchen set from the final season of Bewitched was also used on The Paul Lynde Show.


The 1164 Kitchen Remodel is Put to Use on The Paul Lynde Show

And they also added a pool to the back yard, but the patio remains the same.


The Back Patio and Yard As Seen on The Paul Lynde Show