Aunt Clara, on her way back from visiting Queen Victoria, has decided to drop in on her favorite niece, Samantha. Trouble is, she didn't get the time period quite right, and has arrived BEFORE the Stephens have moved in.

   She has also had the misfortune of bumping her head on the way down the chimney, which has blurred her vision. Blurred her Witch Vision to be exact. As she looks around the room from her landing place, she seems to be seeing the Stephens living room in many different eras at once. Some things she can recognize. Others, she's never seen before. Can you help her find and identify all of these mystifying objects?

   When you think that you've found them all, you can find the one clickable object that will reveal all. Hint for which object this is: "Follow me... Follow me..."

Click here to switch on your
Witch Vision

NOTE: You may need to scroll to see the whole image, depending on your screen resolution. Please let image download completely before beginning.

Thanks to Adam of www.1164.com for the use of his Virtual 1164 Living Room image. Drop in and see all his fantastic renderings!