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Look What Liz Montgomery Can Do...
Television Witch in Fashion Racket

Leader-Times, volume 80, number 27.
February 1, 1968 on page 21.
By Vernon Scott

Elizabeth Montgomery, after four years as a witch on Television's "Bewitched," is going into the fashion business.

Robert Montgomery's beautiful daughter isn't coming out with a line of conical black hats, capes, and other broom-riding outfits. Instead she will design clothes for the mod housewife.

Liz knows whereof she speaks. She plays a housewife on the weekly Screen Gems show, and is, in fact, a housewife to director Bill Asher when she isn't playing the good witch Samantha on the tube.

"I'm good at drawing and would love to design clothes," she said cuddling up on a divan of her Beverly Hills home.

Hates Shopping

"Maybe the real reason for going into business is that I can't stand shopping for clothes myself. But if I designed them, maybe they could be made up and sent to me without my having to shop."

"The things I have in my mind would be good for teen-agers, as well as housewives."

Liz, wearing a miniskirt, said her fashions would fall somewhere above the knee, but not so high as the hippies and maxi-mod gals are wearing them these days.

Frequently, the actress wears her own clothes on the show, relying on wardrobe specialist Vi Alford to do the shopping for the witch's wearing apparel.

"Vi knows the things I like and where to get them. She also knows I hate to shop."

"Actually, I have few fancy clothes of my own. I don't have time to build up a wardrobe. I own four dresses, two cocktail dresses, an evening gown, and one suit. The rest of the stuff is slacks and sweaters."

Loves Clothes

"My own personal favorites are dungarees and tennis shoes. But like all women, I love beautiful clothes. The fashion line I'll design will be based on the kind of women who watch the show."

"My clothes will be aimed for the modern females of all ages who want to be well dressed without spending a fortune on their clothes."

Elizabeth shares many of Samantha's quirks, not the least of which is speaking her own mind. She doesn't mind being seen time and again in the same dress, and neither doe her pal the witch.

"A girl like Samantha can't afford a new dress every time she goes out," Elizabeth said.

"I'm not saying that I can't afford it. But when I found a gown or frock that I like, I feel I should wear it as often as I want."

"One friend came up to me at a party and said, 'If I see you in that dress one more time, I'll go out of my mind.' I told her to forget it. I liked the dress and there was no reason I shouldn't wear it to all the parties that I go to."

Liz shouldn't have any trouble selling her own dresses, if she can get other females to look as lovely as she does.

Liz Wearing a Mod Dress
(she also wore this on a Password appearance)