Submitted by CosmosCotillion

Screen and TV Album, August-October 1970
Issue # 132

The lovely star of Bewitched is sitting pretty both career-wise and marriage-wise. Her show is highly successful, and she's just crazy about it's producer---her very own hubby, Bill Asher.

Of their relationship, Liz says softly, "It's a gossamer thing. We enjoy each other; our interests are the same; I think our temperaments go together. There are so many factors involved. They just mesh...and I certainly appreciate his talent. He's incredible." What better recommendation from his chief-star-and-bottle-washer?

Liz has a no-nonsense approach to marriage and motherhood and believes that, "Too many parents are busy trying to be as young as the kids." She makes sure she is definitely "Mother" to their sons Willy, 5, Robert, 4, and to little Rebecca, 1. "I've never talked down to the children. I don't like baby talk and have never used it", she explains, then adds hastily, "but when something comes up, we do talk about it. Straightforwardly."

And you'd better believe that in a household with two energetic boys, a practically-new-born little lady, and from time to time two teenagers {Bill's kids Liane, 16, and Brian, 15, from a previous marriage}, things are always coming up. But gracious Liz, whose famous dad was Robert Montgomery, knows how to handle it all intelligently.

Has her role as the lucious witch Samantha caused any confusion to her "mom" image? Only once, she admits, when Robert wanted her to change his rocking horse into a real one. "I had to explain to him that I really couldn't---that it wasn't real, only something we did for the show, that it was make-believe. He understood", she smiles. Liz, too, knows what's real---and for her it's Bill and the kids. Their magic makes her life, her family world, richer than the most bewitched career.