Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre is an episode-driven web site dedicated to the Bewitched TV show. We strive to publish accurate and original material, as well as respect the work of others. We've purposely taken a liberal approach to this web site because it is not a business; it is a hobby. So, we have compiled a list of policies, that we are following as the creators of this site.

  We do not profit from the use of the Bewitched name and likeness. We pay homage to the work of: Harry Ackerman, Dick Albain, Bill Asher, Columbia Tristar Pictures, Bernard Fox, Alice Ghostley, Sandra Gould, Bernie Kopell, David and Greg Lawrence, Marion Lorne, Paul Lynde, Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead, Erin and Diane Murphy, Alice Pearce, Kasey Rogers, Sol Saks, Dick Sargent, Screen Gems, Inc., Reta Shaw, George Tobias, Irene Vernon, David White, Dick York, the rest of the Bewitched cast and crew, as well as the slew of writers who made Bewitched possible (writing credits are found on the Spellbound page).

  Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre is a group effort. We have many contributors from different parts of the world who generously donate their time, pictures, articles, and technical insight. We'd love to see our list of contributors grow, so to avoid any confusion about what we are looking for and expect in return for publishing your Bewitched-related items, we have the following Contributing section. We have also provided Lifting and Linking sections to document our stance on these important topics. Most of this is common sense, but there are Net etiquette rules freely available on the Internet to look up other questions you may have.


  Contributing to Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre is encouraged. We want to work with you to edit, write, and provide graphical support to original articles. We have developed a list detailing the rights of ownership, and other items related to submissions.

  1. All submissions are requested via e-mail to: Please write to query the webmaster with your idea before starting a project, as something similar may already be in development.

  2. Please provide the source information with all submissions. If this is a picture, we need to know how you obtained it, if you have any knowledge of it being used elsewhere, etc. If it is an original article, please provide a list of your reference material.

  3. Please declare whether you have already or intend to submit the contribution to another publisher (web or other media). Specifically, we need to know if the article or artwork was published before and if we/you have permission to reprint the content. If you have already submitted the work to someone else, they may have a Right of First Refusal on the content. This means that you need to forward us their decline in writing before we will publish it on

  4. Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre takes pride in its contributors and we want to give you credit for your work. You will receive as much credit or anonymity as you desire. We will publish a link to your web site, e-mail address, picture, biography, etc. as you provide it to us. If you prefer to work under a pen name or to omit your identity, we will respect your privacy.

  5. All contributions to Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre that are accepted and published become the joint property of the creator and beginning the day the submission is published on the Internet. If we have edited, rewritten, provided editorial direction, or created graphical support for an article, it cannot be rescinded by the original author (also see Contributing #6).

  6. Any published submissions cannot be resubmitted to another publisher (web or other media) without the written consent of Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre. We are very nice people and we will most likely say "yes" to special requests. :^) We will ask that you rewrite any content, so it does not appear in the exact format and that there is an attribution to the work originally appearing on

  7. All submissions are subject to editing by Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre. We are looking for specific content, and will often modify contributions in an effort to avoid being too similar to other Bewitched sites. As an example of our commitment to being an episode-driven site, you will not find an overwhelming number of photos or articles about one particular cast member from Bewitched, vintage commercials, nor republication of related articles that are readily available on other sites.


  Lifting is the act of posting another person's content on the Internet without their permission. It is an integral part of web publishing and Internet etiquette. Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre does not want to be the Liftee or the Lifter, which is the main reason for publishing The Rules page.

  1. We receive many submissions and we may inadvertently post something that has appeared on another site or is deemed the intellectual property of another person. If we receive notification that an item previously appeared elsewhere or the original source is called into question, our policy is to remove it from the site immediately. We respect the work of other designers and value contributions to the wonderful world of Bewitched. At times, an investigation may be conducted into the original source of the item and it may be reinstated if the claim is found to be untrue.

  2. We ask that all parties interested in using content original to Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre inquire with us before posting graphics, screen captures, articles, and any other items original to this site. While we don't own any rights to Bewitched, we do own the rights to the content published on We will most likely say "yes" to special requests, if you provide credit back to us (see Linking). In the spirit of Bewitched, we are here to help you promote the show.

  3. We strictly prohibit the use of custom graphics, such as page banners, e-postcards, and many other items unique to These items cannot be used on other sites because they are our intellectual property. If there is a custom graphic that you would like to use, write to us and we may create a similar one for you.


  Links provides credit to the originator of content published on the Internet. It is the easiest and most effective way of documenting source material.

  1. We ask that any items posted on another site with the permission of Harpies Bizarre include a link to with the item. Simply providing a link on the Links page does not indicate who was responsible for the original content. We are exceedingly liberal with our content, and want you to enjoy it for your personal use. Please respect us by asking before publishing items elsewhere. If we like your site, we will most likely link back to you and help you generate traffic from our million dollar client base :^)

  2. We occasionally publish items that are similar to the content of another web site due to the specific nature of this site. It is our policy to write and inform the webmaster of the site of our intent to publish the material and to make an effort to provide unique insight to the subject, and are not interested in merely duplicating efforts. We will always provide a link to another site for additional information where relevant.

  3. We ask that instead of copying original Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre articles to you web site, you link to our page. This saves your disk space and ensures that viewers see the content in the format and context for which it was created.