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On Friday, January 4, 2008, Elizabeth Montgomery's family, friends, and loyal fans gathered at 6533 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA to see her star unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This posthumous award recognizes Elizabeth's achievements in movies and television.

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Honorary Hollywood Mayor Johnny Grant performed the dedication, and spoke of how Elizabeth "is probably in the heavens laughing at us as we stand in the rain," as those in attendance huddled under a sea of umbrellas.



Two of her children, Rebecca and Bill Asher, accepted the award on her behalf, while son Robert and his family, ex-husband Bill Asher and his wife Meredith, and former Bewitched cast members Erin Murphy and Bernard Fox observed.




Her friend Liz Sheridan, who is best known for being Seinfeld's mother on another #1 situation comedy, spoke about her dear friend's financial help during hard times, and how Montgomery helped her get a movie role, as Rebecca and Bill Asher stood to her immediate left.



Elizabeth's husband at the time of her death, actor Robert Foxworth spoke about her as a person and a professional. He shared insight into how shy she was and how her acting helped her to overcome this shyness.



Former cast members mingled with fans and signed autographs, and Montgomery's family members hosted a private reception following the ceremony.




SamSarah pops back over a few days later to capture some sunny day pics of the star.

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                The following photos and video courtesy:
               Divad Nosrebor - © 2008 Vida Photo


Bob Foxworth, Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant, Billy, Rebecca, Liz Sheridan, Robert, and Bill Asher.
Off to the side are Meredith Asher, Bernard Fox, and one of Elizabeth's granddaughters.



Three Generations - Rebecca, Billy, and Bob Asher, their children and spouses,
Montgomery's 4th Husband Bob Foxworth is in the back row, and
her 3rd husband and Bewitched director Bill Asher is seated.



Rebecca, Billy (holding daughter), Robert (and his 3 children),
and their father Bill Asher.



A plaque of the star, which was presented to Billy and
Rebecca Asher by the honorary mayor of Hollywood.

Unfortunately, Montgomery's Walk of Fame ceremony was the last one that honorary mayor Johnny Grant would preside over. He passed away in his bed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (where he had established full-time residence) on January 9, 2008 at the age of 84.




The Dedication
  (8.5 MB / 2 min 21 sec)

Billy and Rebecca Asher
  (9.1 MB / 4 min 49 sec)
Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant commences the Walk of Fame star ceremony in honor of Elizabeth Montgomery's achievements in movies and television.
Elizabeth's children, Billy and Rebecca Asher, accept the honor on behalf of their mother and thank the committee. As Rebecca says, "Yay mom!"

The Unveiling
  (4.1 MB / 53 sec)
Elizabeth Montogomery's Star is unveiled to the public at its permanent location, 6533 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.



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