Gambling Gets Bewitched


Submitted by Jan W, Carpet and Jesse Mortimer

Jan W

The casinos will never be the same now that they've been Bewitched! A fancy new slot machine featuring the cartoon characters and sounds from the show is new to casinos for 2002. The machine is a nickel slot with the chance of winning up to $50,000. On a recent trip to Las Vegas, NV, Jan W. spotted the machine as soon as she got off the plane at the Las Vegas airport. She recalls:

The first thing I saw when I walked through the tunnel thingy was the Bewitched video slot machine in the airport! It is one of the taller slots and is very pretty. It's blue and pink with lotto- type balls in the top portion of the machine. I still don't know how those worked because I never made it that part of the game. However, several of the casinos in Vegas had the Bewitched game and I won $97.25 on one of them. O.K., maybe I'm not one of the high rollers, but I was thrilled. We took quite a few pictures of the slot machine so I'm sure the photo developing people are going to think we are nuts :-) Anyway, they do have the regular opening playing on the machine before you put in your money. It goes through the part where Sam jumps up into Durwood's lap. The Darrin cartoon that is used throughout the game is Dick York's Darrin. When you put in your money, a screen comes up with cartoon drawings of some of the characters -- Darrin, Sam, Serena, Dr. Bombay, and Endora; however, the Endora drawing looked like a cross between Agnes Moorehead and Sandra Gould. The hairdo was not Endora's trademark 'do, but an upsweep of curls similar to Gladys Kravitz. I made it to two different bonus rounds and we got pictures of 1 of the screens but not the other since I played it again at a different casino. There are other BW type of pictures such as the cat, kitchen pots, Sam on her broom, etc. We even got pictures of I Dream of Jeannie slots. There are several different types of Jeannie games and I must admit, Jeannie was very, very good to me :-) It's fun seeing lots of TV classics being used as themes for casino machines. Besides Bewitched and IDOJ, I saw The Munsters, The Addams Family (movie and TV family), Popeye, and American Bandstand. They also had Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Family Feud, and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

The Bewitched Slot Machine at the Airport

The Bewitched game is a multi-line slot machine. When you win a line, it becomes animated in sounds and/or movement. When you hit certain pictures, you get a chance at bonuses, which can really rack up the credits and the screen changes to a different game. One of them is a situation with Darrin that Serena causes. Although you don't see Serena, Darrin goes through changes with every picture you touch on the screen. He turns into animals like a monkey, a turtle, etc. The point is that you get more points as he turns into an animal. You keep touching a square that shows how many bonus credits you get until the Samantha picture turns up. Your bonus round ends when she twitches her nose to turn the animal back into Darrin then you return to the regular screen. There are numerous sounds like a twitch (different than what we are used to hearing), dialogue from the characters like, "We have a guest" and "Oh my stars!" There are other bonus games that you can advance to during the game.

Jan with Money in Hand Ready to Give
It a Twitch, Err, Spin at Paris Hotel/Casino

A Close-up of Darrin on the Screen

Being a 1960s pop culture consultant, Jan was obligated to give the I Dream of Jeannie slot machines, which came out in 2001, a try. The IDOJ game's bonus was a page of little Jeannie bottles. When you touched a bottle, a number would pop up letting you know how many bonus credits you received. You kept going until you clicked a bottle and Jeannie said "Sorry Master." Then, you went back to the original screen.

Jan and the Jeannie Slot Machine

Another I Dream of Jeannie Slot Machine at the Monte Carlo



And speaking of IDOJ, Carpet from has been kind enough to submit more pictures of the Bewitched game, as well as a sound byte from the video slot machine.

A Close-up of the Graphics

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!


Jesse Mortimer

This brochure for a Bewitched contest was spotted at Bally's during an Atlantic City gambling trip.

Bewitched Brochure