Serena's Beauty Marks on Bewitched

  One of cousin Serena's trademarks that often differentiated her from the Earth-dwelling Samantha is Serena's use of colorful and clever icons on her left cheek just outside of the corner of her eye. The serious Bewitched watcher looks for these little changes. See how many you have noticed through the years!

In # 54, Serena arrives in time for Tabitha's birth sans beauty mark. She also goes without one in # 111.

Serena's Entrance on Bewitched--She Missed Her Mark in 54

In #s 117, 128, 142, 145, 155, 156, and 217, Serena sports a typical round beauty mark above her left cheek.

Serena As a Blonde with a Small Beauty Mark in 128

Serena with a Small Beauty Mark at the end of 156

In #s 160 and 245, Serena wears variations of the gender sign for women.

Serena's Female Gender Beauty Mark in 160

Serena's Female Gender Beauty Mark in 245

In # 161, Serena marks the spot with a red heart. In # 247, Serena wears another heart on her cheek--it's pink with a dark red outline.

Serena with a Red Heart Beauty Mark in 161

Serena's Heart Beauty Mark in 247

In # 165, Serena the hippie promotes peace through her beauty mark.

Serena Gives Peace a Chance in 165

In # 192, Serena displays her interest in Boyce and Hart's music by wearing a treble clef.

Serena's Treble Clef Beauty Mark in 192

In # 194, it is very hard to tell what icons she has, as there isn't a closeup of her face. The shape seems to change throughout the episode.


Serena's Beauty Marks (?) in 194

In # 196, the material girl, posing as Samantha, wears a dollar sign on her cheek. Serena, as herself, does not have a beauty mark in this episode.

Serena Sports a Dollar Sign in 196

In # 204, Serena illustrates that variety is the spice in her life by switching from kissey lips to a silver heart throughout this episode.

Serena's Silver Heart and Kissey Face in 204

In # 205, Serena tries to hook the fisherman by dropping an anchor above her left cheek.

Serena's Anchor Beauty Mark in 205

In # 211, Serena slurps the witches' joy juice with a crescent moon above her cheek and stars in her eyes.

Serena's Flown to the Moon and She's Got the Mark to Prove It in 211

In # 219, Serena, ever the trendsetter, sports a tear drop long before Prince renews the craze in the 1980s.

Serena's Mock Croc Tear in 219

In # 222, Serena makes Darrin go ape with an exclamation point!

Serena Punctuates the Appearance in 222

In # 225, Serena follows up every line with a question mark.

Serena's Mark is a Question in 225

In # 231, Serena shows her faith with the sign of the fish.

Serena the Fish Face in 231