A Tour of the Warner Bros. Ranch

Photos by Mark D. Duncan

On June 28, 2008, a group of Bewitched FanFare convention attendees traveled to the Warner Brothers ranch, which is located at 411 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, CA. During this tour, Mark Duncan took some photos of how the ranch, which is home to Bewitched's own Morning Glory Circle has weathered since the show went off the air in the early 1970s.

Upon entering the Warner Bros. ranch lot, you see a familiar facade. These buildings were used in the Salem episodes of Bewitched. While some of the scenes were filmed in Salem, MA, others were filmed right in Burbank.

Fans of Bewitched should recognize this facade as belonging to Darrin Stephen's ex-girfriend, Sheila Sommers.

This house is now featured on the TV show Pushing Daisies, but you may also recognize it from the movie Pleasantville.

Moving down the street, you'd never know this is a movie set. It looks like a typical street in suburbia.

This facade was most notably used as the Grizwald's home in National Lampoon's Vacation movies.

What fans of Bewitched affectionately refer to as 1162 Morning Glory Circle, since it is next door to Darrin and Samantha's house.

This facade was also used on the TV shows Gidget and Hazel.

A view of 1164 Morning Glory circle from the right.

The front of the facade that we all know and love.

The shrubbery and trim colors may have changed, but for the most part, the facade remains the same. The house is still used in TV shows and commercials.

The front entrance and bay window.

The driveway of 1164 Morning Glory Circle saw its share of Chevy cars in the 60s and 70s, since they were a sponsor of the show.

The side kitchen door of 1164 Morning Glory Circle.

The garage door, which didn't always exist on Bewitched.

A view of 1164 Morning Glory circle from the left.

And here's what Darrin and Samantha saw when they looked out on Morning Glory Circle from their front lawn.

This alley behind the facades was used in the the episode "Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City."

Across the street from 1164 Morning Glory Circle is the Kravitz's house. Sometimes it was yellow, but we really got a better view from the other side of those front windows since Gladys was always spying on the Stephens's house.

This facade was also used on The Partridge Family. The band jammed in this garage.

This pool was used on Bewitched during some "club" scenes.

This facade was featured on Donna Reed and Dennis the Menace.

Here's the fountain that was used several times on Bewitched, but is better known as the backdrop for the opening credits on Friends.

Another view of the "Boston" local that was used in the Salem episodes of Bewitched.

This building was used in some shots of the Hawthorne Hotel in the Salem episodes of Bewitched.

This building was seen on Bewitched as Mr. Mills's garage in the "Soap Box Derby "episode, which is where Samantha goes to convince Johnny's dad to let him compete in the race.

And now the man emerges from behind the lens, and we get to meet our narrator, Mark Duncan at the entrance of 1164.

Thanks for the tour, Mark!