Throughout the years, Bewitched cast members showed their competitive side on the Password and Password Plus game shows. These shows are one of the few outlets fans have to see the real person playing their favorite Bewitched characters. Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead and Paul Lynde all played the game. Here is a list of cast member appearances.


The CBS Password (1961 - 1967)

Air Date

Guest Stars Notes
December 1966 Elizabeth Montgomery and Jim Backus (Gilligan's Island) Backus was best known for his role as the millionaire on GI. However, he was also in the movie Johnny Cool, which is the set where EM met Bill Asher.
April 1967

Agnes Moorehead and Barry Nelson (Hudson's Bay and To Tell the Truth panelist)


This episode was filmed three weeks prior to Elizabeth's appearance with Martin Landau because Ludden says to EM that "Your grandmother, err mother, was on the show three weeks ago." and EM says "Ohhhh, she's not going to like that you said that!"
May 1967 Elizabeth Montgomery and Martin Landau (Mission: Impossible) Familiar Frocks: Elizabeth wears the sleeveless mock turtleneck shift with white background and lime green paisley prints from #77 in one show from this week. In another show, she wears the wild psychedelic print dress worn in #s 108, 109, 110, & 126. Ludden had her describe all the colors to the audience since a lot of people still had b/w TV sets. Another show from that week features the paisley dress with 3/4 sleeves she wears in #106.


The ABC Password (1971 - 1975)

Elizabeth Montgomery and Host Allen Ludden
on the First Password Show on ABC

Air Date

Guest Stars Notes
Week beginning April 5, 1971 Elizabeth Montgomery and Bill Bixby (The Courtship of Eddie's Father) Elizabeth was the very first celebrity guest to appear on ABC's version of Password. She went on to be one of the best players on the show.
Week beginning Sept. 13, 1971 Elizabeth Montgomery and Chad Everett (Medical Center)  
Week beginning Nov. 29, 1971 Elizabeth Montgomery and Peter Lawford (The Doris Day Show) Lawford guest starred as Serena's wealthy love interest on Bewitched in 245, which aired on Jan. 22, 1972.
Week beginning Feb. 7, 1972 Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett Burnett played Elizabeth's funny friend in the movie Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed in 1963. Before that she appeared on The Gary Moore Show with Marion Lorne.
Weeks of March 20 and March 27, 1972 Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett "Tournament of Champions" weeks
Week of July 17, 1972

Paul Lynde and Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery and Paul Lynde
with Host Allen Ludden on Password

A post-Bewitched reunion for Samantha and Uncle Arthur.
Week of September 11, 1972 Paul Lynde and Elizabeth Allen After Bewitched, Bill Asher directed several episodes of The Paul Lynde Show starring Lynde and Elizabeth Allen.
Week of September 12, 1972 Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett  
Week of October 2, 1972 Elizabeth Montgomery and Richard Long (The Big Valley)  
Week of December 4, 1972 Elizabeth Montgomery and Bert Convy (future host of Super Password) Convy guest starred as Paul Revere on Bewitched in 206, which aired on Oct. 29, 1970.
Week of December 11, 1972 Paul Lynde and Sally Struthers (All In the Family)  
Week of January 22, 1973 Elizabeth Montgomery and Bert Convy  
Week of February 26, 1973 Paul Lynde and Sally Struthers (All In the Family)  
Week of April 2, 1973 Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett  
Week of April 9, 1973 Elizabeth Montgomery, Carol Burnett, Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone), and Betty White (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) This was a 4 celebrity charity week. Betty White was married to host Allen Ludden. Elizabeth, Dick York, and Agnes Moorehead all starred in an episode of The Twilight Zone prior to Bewitched.
Week of June 4, 1973 June Lockhart (Lassie and Lost In Space) and Dick Sargent Lockhart guest starred as Marshall's mother on Bewitched in 6, which aired Oct. 22, 1964.
Week of June 11, 1973 Elizabeth Montgomery, Jim Backus and wife Henny, Carolyn Jones, James Shigera, Tom Kennedy, Betty White, Dick Gautier, Wayne Rogers, George Eckstein, Dave Madden (Partridge Family), and Joanne Meredith A celebrity charity week. Dave Madden guest starred as an automotive designer on Bewitched in 93, which aired on Jan. 19, 1967.
Week of November 19, 1973 Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth (Falcon Crest) Foxworth went on to become Elizabeth's fourth and final husband.
Week of January 7, 1974 Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett Versus Carl Reiner and Robert Foxworth A four celebrity charity week.
Week of April 22, 1974 Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett The third annual contest week.
Weeks of July 15, 1974 and July 22, 1974 Allen Ludden and Elizabeth Montgomery Monty Hall (Let's Make a Deal) guest hosts so Allen can play with the BEST Password player!
Week of July 29, 1974 Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth Versus Dyan Cannon and Carl Reiner A four celebrity charity week.


Password Plus (1979 - 1982)

Air Date

Guest Stars Notes
Week of Jan. 8, 1979 Elizabeth Montgomery and Robert Foxworth The dynamic duo kick-off a new version of Password.
Week of Feb. 26, 1979 Elizabeth Montgomery and Bert Convy  
Week of July 30, 1979 Elizabeth Montgomery and Wesley Eure (Land of the Lost)  


Other Bewitched Cast Game Show Appearances

 Agnes Moorehead was a guest on the unsold pilot Talking Pictures with Allen Ludden in February 1968.

 Agnes Moorehead was the mystery guest on What's My Line? with Larry Blyden in the Fall of 1973.

 Dick Sargent was a guest on Tattletales in the 1970s. says that he appeared "with Fanny Flagg ...Apparently they were dating at the time." This information is not accurate.

 Dick Sargent was on an ALL-STAR week of Super Password with Sally Struthers, Brenda Vaccaro, and Art Mettrano, playing for charity in 1986.


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  Photo of Elizabeth and Allen Ludden on Password courtesy of Tom McCartney from TV Game Shows! A Behind the Screen Look at the Stars, the Prizes, the Hosts, and the Scandals by Maxene Fabe (1979).

ABC promotional photoand additional appearance information courtesy of the Tom McCartney collection.

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