by Ronny G and Wizzy

Nestled in the quiet suburb of Santa Monica, CA, sits a mirror image of the 1164 Morning Glory Circle facade that we have all come to know from Bewitched. Unlike the 1164 facade, which is located miles away on the Warner Bros. Ranch, this is a fully functioning home that was built prior to the facade, which became popular to the TV viewing public since episode #2, "Be It Ever So Mortgaged," aired in 1964.

This house is believed to be the one spotted in the 1959 movie Gidget. The city assessor's web site indicates that the house is 2,378 sq. feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is unclear if the house was built in 1947 or 1951. This could be the year of start and completion on the original structure.

A Flip in Their Zap

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The Mirror Image House is on a Corner Lot



The Front Landscaping Features a Brick Walkway
and Two Trees (No Weeping Willow)


The Structure is Opposite that of the Bewitched House


Ronny G Plays Gladys Kravitz, But No Answer


The Side of the House Almost Reaches the Sidewalk


The Fenced-in Yard with a Pool


The Side Entrance of the House


The Garage Is Attached to the Back of the House

Thanks to Adam of 1164 Morning Glory Circle for being the first to find this house! Click here to pop over to his site and view more pictures and descriptions.