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1164 Morning Glory Circle

The first Bewitched web site on the net, Adam is still going strong.

Drop into for fantastic 3-D renderings, bloopers, video, and an inside look at the Warner Bros. Ranch, where Bewitched was filmed. Pop in and poke around you're sure to find interesting surprises relating to the most magical house on Morning Glory Circle.




Zap across the atmospheric continuum and visit Milo, one of Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre's most generous contributors, at the The Dick York Appreciation Page.

Please pop over and check it out, but leave your mother-in-law at home!



Font Diner

Cruise into the Font Diner for fantastic retro fonts. Many of the groovy fonts we use here on Bewitched @ Harpies Bizarre came from them!



Mischa Hof's
Bewitched Web Site

Visit Mischa Hof's Bewitched Web Site for his own version of the Bewitched font and clever graphics.



Blink into JeannieBottles for I Dream of Jeannie prop reproductions, or snap into Harpies Bizarre's Mona Sammy page for more information on Bewitched inspired paintings!



The Bewitched Artist

Filled with artwork by the tremendously talented Ross, you'll find yourself drawn to The Bewitched Artist. Find wallpaper, paintings, photos and more.



The Bewitched Collector

Click through Mark's virtual Bewitched collection at He has many rare photographs from the show categorized by season. Groovy!




Created by Arfies, BeBay is a safe haven where fans can buy, sell, trade, or simply chat about merchandise related to Bewitched.



Bob Bergen

Zonk yourself on over to Bob Bergen's Website. In addition to being the voice of some well known cartoon characters (Porky, Sylvester, Jr., Marvin the Martian), he's also friends with Bewitched alum Alice Ghostley and is a fan of the show!



The Bewitched Bed & Breakfast

Finally, there is a getaway for the Bewitched lover. The new Bewitched Bed & Breakfast is a recently renovated bungalow with 1960s kitschy decor in the common areas and rooms named after characters from the show. If you are planning a trip to Delaware, do plan on popping in to this groovy Rehoboth Beach retreat.



The Erin Murphy Website

Let actress Erin Murphy bewitch you with her personal Erin Murphy Website. You can find her biography, past and present photos, video clips, and learn more about her current TV hosting projects.

  Now read ERIN's BLOG!



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