'Twas the night before Halloween
And all who were chic
Were sipping champagne
Arthur:  And been stoned for a week!

The witches and warlocks
In Rome by the score
With their ladies attired
In their best by Dior
Arthur:  Checking their warts as they came through the door!

And the odd little mortals
All snug in their beds
While visions of trick-or-treat
Danced in their heads.

Our children were practicing
Spells and their chants...
Arthur:  And even the poltergeists pulled off their pants!

Hear Endora recite this poem!  1 minute / 254 KB
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  Endora recited this poem at her gala Halloween bash at 1164 Morning Glory Circle in episode # 81, Twitch or Treat. As you may recall, her brother Arthur interrupted her throughout the reading until she finally zapped him into a fountain. Unfortunately, we never got to learn what happened to the witch children after they learned their spells and chants. This poem, as well as the entire episode, was written by the team of Robert Riley Crutcher and James Henerson.