It's fun to hunt for "Easter Eggs" hidden on a set. Much like developers hide their name in the code of an application or give a funny suggestion in a spelling check, Easter Eggs are often used by set designers and directors to make a statement or for amusement.


 # 10 - When Samantha opens the refrigerator, Endora is hiding inside trying to warn her that Maurice is coming to visit. She is sitting on a stick of "Albain Butter." Dick Albain was the Special Effects guy for Bewitched and managed to sneak his own name into this set design.

  # 62 - Darrin hears on TV that Tabitha was asked to appear on the TV show Hollywood Palace. Samantha says that Tabitha was asked to MC, but turned it down. This aired in March of 1966, and Elizabeth Montgomery MC'ed the show in October of that same year. She also wore many of the outfits from Bewitched as illustrated on The Frock is Familiar.

 # 146 - Bewitched director Bill Asher (the former Mr. Elizabeth Montgomery) made a cameo-type egg by appearing as an impatient driver in the episode "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall." Asher is the angry driver who is tired of waiting on Darrin, who is busy looking in the mirror, and says "Let's go, gorgeous!"

 # 174 - When Samantha calls Darrin from Shea Stadium, there is a heart next to the phone with BA + EM (Bill Asher and Elizabeth Montgomery) mixed in with other graffiti.

   Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: On this show, Sabrina has an Ashmont St. sign on the wall. This is an obvious tribute to Bill Asher and Elizabeth Montgomery's production company, Ashmont, which is listed in the credits during the 8th season of Bewitched.