By Paul

The introduction of Maurice as Samantha’s father could be considered a stroke of production genius. Maurice was portrayed as a very powerful Warlock, imbued with a monumental ego, a pompous attitude, and the idea that he was the world's greatest Shakespearean actor. Maurice did have at least one redeeming feature. After his initial explosive reaction to Samantha’s mortal marriage, he seemed to accept it better than Endora ever did. The notion of calling him a “Dandy” refers to the impeccable attire that he always wore. In his first two appearances he wore a tuxedo. After that he was generally seen in a cut-away coat with gray vest and striped ascot [his “first costume”] or in a full formal white tie and tails [his “second costume”]. His accessories varied from episode to episode, but his attire was generally based on one of the two costumes.

Another item to be noted were his entrances and exits. Flamboyant to the extreme, they were practically a trademark. Maurice appeared in a total of 12 episodes. In one episode in each of the first three seasons, none in the fourth, two episodes in the fifth, four in the sixth, none in the seventh, and in three episodes in the eighth and final season.


Maurice makes his first appearance in # 10, a black and white episode. He arrives in a chauffeured limousine (which remains at the curb), wearing a dark homburg hat, a dark topcoat, and a dark flower in the lapel. Under the topcoat is a dark tuxedo with a black tie and white shirt. He wears a white scarf and carries a pair of white gloves. In the colorized version, the dark clothing is shown as black, and the flower is shown to be red. The shirt, scarf, and gloves are white. This is the only episode in which he wears a topcoat. After he arrives at the front door, the limousine disappears at his command.
Maurice’s next appearance is in # 40, also a black and white episode. He again arrives in a limousine, wearing a dark homburg hat and cape, with dark tie and tuxedo. The lining to the cape is white, as are his shirt and gloves. The colorized version shows the dark clothing to be black. The gloves are gray, the lining of the cape is an off-white, and the shirt is white. These first two appearances are the only times he arrives in a standard limousine and makes an entrance at the front door.

Maurice’s next appearance is in # 77, where he appears in a blast of howling wind, thunder and lightning. He wears a black cape with a red lining, and a black top hat. He wears full formal white bow tie and tails [black cut-away coat], white shirt with studs, and carries a gold-headed cane.

Maurice is not seen again until # 167, when he comes through a hole in the living room wall, riding in a chauffeured antique touring car with a driver named Macbeth. He wears three different costumes in this episode. The first, in the Teaser, is a black formal cut-away with white bow tie and shirt with studs. He wears a black cape with a red lining and a gray fur collar. He carries gray gloves and a silver-headed cane. The car disappears at his command.


The second costume is seen in Act One. It is a dark blue-gray [or black] formal cut-away worn with a pearl gray vest and blue and gray striped ascot with a stickpin. The white shirt has a wing collar. He carries a gray homburg and a cane for his departure.

His third appearance is in the Trailer, where he is shown wearing a black formal cut-away coat with white bow tie and shirt.

Maurice again appears in the next episode, # 168. He wears the same outfit as seen in Act One of # 167, complete with gray homburg and cane.

In # 175, Maurice wears two different outfits. In the early part of the episode, he wears his black formal cut-away coat with white shirt, bow tie, and gloves. He carries a gold-headed cane.


Later in the episode, he wears the same style cut-away coat, but with a pearl gray vest, blue and gray ascot, and white wing collar shirt. He has a gray top-hat and gray gloves.

In # 176, his costume is the same as the second one seen in # 175. His entrance is in a cloud of smoke.

In # 180, Maurice pops-in very quietly so as not to disturb the baby. He wears what has become one of his two standard costumes, the dark cut-away coat, blue and gray ascot, and gray vest, top hat, and gloves. His cane appears to have a silver head. The white shirt has a wing collar.

In # 181, Maurice makes another quiet entrance. In the Teaser of this episode, he makes his only break from formal attire, first appearing in a blue and white patterned smoking jacket, white shirt [open at the collar], black scarf with stickpin, and black trousers.


In Act One, he changes to his second ”standard” costume of dark cut-away coat, black cape with red lining, white “boiled front” shirt with studs. He has a black top hat and silver-headed cane. His gloves are white, as is his bow tie. His exit is grand, including howling wind, thunder and lightning.

Maurice makes his first appearance in # 234 by arriving in an antique four door touring car, driving through the living room front wall. He wears his usual “first costume” outfit, the cut-away coat with the blue and gray ascot. He has no lines in the Teaser.


His second appearance is through the Paris hotel window in a cloud of black smoke. The complete “first costume” outfit can be seen plainly here.

In the Trailer, he again changes to his “second costume” of white tie and tails, complete with the red lined cape.

In # 237, Maurice again makes his entrance through the living room front wall in the same car he used in # 234. This time he has a driver named Yorick [played by the ever-present extra Gerald York]. The car pops out on his command. Maurice wears the black costume of a medieval Danish prince, complete with white collar, large feathered black hat, long necklace with a huge pendant, and a sword.


He quickly changes to his “first costume” of black cut-away and ascot. In Act One, he appears in his shirt sleeves, pulling on his coat, still the “first costume.”

In the Trailer, he uses a variation of his first and second costumes, adding the red lined black cape and gray top hat of the "first costume," the only time he adds a cape to the "first costume."

Maurice makes a different entrance in # 242. He arrives through the front living room wall, riding in a sedan chair carried by four girls in harem costumes. He wears a silver turban and a red cape with black collar and lining. He carries an oboe type horn.

When he removes the turban and cape, he is dressed in his “second costume” of white tie and tails.


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