By Paul

"Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay. Emergency! Come right away!" That was Samantha's famous call for her family witch doctor, which was used whenever some strange symptom of an unearthly disease appeared at the Stephens home. Sometimes Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox) showed up before the call was finished, sometimes he sent his nurse, and other times it took the good doctor awhile to get there. While Dr. Bombay was noted for chasing his nurses, providing dubious cures, and cracking corny jokes, his most entertaining aspect was his many costumes and get-ups that he appeared in when summoned.

In the 18 episodes in which he appeared, Dr. Bombay showed up in 29 different costumes. They are:


# 107 - Appears well dressed with vest, but not formal attire.
# 107 - Appears in his bathrobe because he was preparing for his bath.
# 107 - Appears in a towel because he was taking his bath when summoned.
# 107 - Appears in a lab coat with a hookah as he muses over a potion.
# 113 - Appears In a roman toga because he had been at a reenactment of the burning of Rome.
# 116 - Appears in formal dress with a top hat.
# 118 - Appears in his Doctor's uniform.
# 118 - Appears in a wet suit because he was in a dolphin race.
# 152 - Appears in a jockey outfit because he was in an ostrich race.
# 152 - Appears in a swim suit (with a number) because he was in a surfing contest with no surf board.
# 152 - Appears in diving gear, he was trying to find peace on the ocean floor, and got into a shark fight.
# 158 - Appears in hiking gear because he was climbing Mt. Everest.
# 174 - Appears in surgeon's blue scrubs.
# 174 - Appears in mountain climbing gear again.
# 186 - Appears in a dressing gown.
# 186 - Appears in a football uniform for tennis game because it involves tackling his new nurse.
# 190 - Appears in a formal tuxedo.
# 193 - Appears in Antarctic expedition gear.
# 195 - Appears in a matador costume with his "atmospheric oscillator."
# 200 - Appears in a neat suit with a vest.
# 212 - Appears in a football uniform because he was tackling his nurse.
# 212 - Appears in a Liberace costume with a candelabra to operate (play) his hexometer.
# 221 - Appears in a clown costume because he was "clowning around" with his nurse.
# 221 - Appears in a white hunter outfit.
# 225 - Appears in a dressing gown for playing golf because he was playing a round with his nurse.
# 237 - Appears in an isolation suit.
# 244 - Appears in formal dress with a white tie and top hat again.
# 253 - Appears in a football uniform because he was tackling his nurse again.

# 253 - Appears in athletic club sweats because he was wrestling to pin his nurse.

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