The August 8, 2002 episode of The Rerun Show featured a parody of the classic Bewitched episode #58, "Divided, He Falls." In this skit, a camped-up and dragged-out version of Endora splits Darrin into two. The fun-loving party Darrin is a watoosie-dancing black man, and the work Darrin is a freakishly bizarre-expressioned white man. Of course, both Darrins were played by Dick York in the original script. Using two actors who looked so different was a clever take on some familiar scenes. The parody showed the characters as never being without a cocktail in hand, and played off of Darrin and Samantha's exaggerated reactions. Special mention goes to the opening of the skit, which showed Samantha walk out on a blue screen and "twitch up" the 1164 set, which did not look half bad. The foyer featured the familiar door, wallpaper, and Girl with a Broom print, but the dining room portion of the set had the buffet and pass-thru switched around and the railings of the stairs were off slightly in the style and color. It would have been cool if the real show used this technique to introduce the new sets in Season 7 with Elizabeth Montgomery redecorating with the shag carpet and new Kitchen. Another funny bit in this skit was the appearance of a make-up lady popping in with a bucket of blue eyeshadow for Endora, who then proceeded to check herself in the mirror.

Here are some scenes from the show:

Here is a gallery from the August 20, 2002 episode, which features a takeoff on #178, "A Bunny for Tabitha." This episode seemed to work better because the actual script was racier to begin with and the actor playing Uncle Arthur (he played Endora last time) really nailed Paul Lynde's voice.